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  1. To A and his heirs.
    To A.
    • Fee Simple Absolute
    • Devisable, descendible, alienable
  2. To A and the heirs of his body.
    • Fee Tale.
    • Lasts only so long as there are lineal blood decendants.
    • FI: Reversion, Remainder
  3. To A so long as...
    To A until...
    To A while...
    • Fee Simple Determinable
    • Alienable, Devisable, Descendible, subject to condition
    • FI: Possibility of Reverter held by the grantor
  4. To A, but if X event happens, grantor reserves the right to reenter and retake.
    • Fee Simple Subject to Condition Subsequent.
    • Alienable, Devisable, Descendible, subject ot condition
    • FI: Right of Reentry/Power of Termination
  5. To A, but if X occurs, then to B.
    • Fee Simple Subject To an Executory Limitation
    • Alienable, devisable, descendible, subject to condition.
    • FI: Execturoy Interest (third party)
  6. To A for life.
    • Life Estate
    • Alienable, devisable and descendible if pur autre vie.
    • FI: Reversion or Remainder
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