Short Story Terms

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  1. mood
    feeling created in a piece of writing
  2. irony
    the opposite of what you expect
  3. theme
    central message in a piece of writing
  4. inference
    conclusion drawn from evidence or reasoning
  5. symbolism
    anything that stands for something else
  6. setting
    time and place of the action
  7. gothic
    of or relating to a literary style characterized by gloom
  8. foreshadowing
    clues that suggest events that have yet to occur.
  9. simile
    figure of speech that compares two apparently dissimilar items using the words like or as
  10. plot
    equence of events in a literary work. It involves characters and a centralconflict
  11. exposition
    intro to setting, characters, and situation.
  12. rising action
    actions leading to the turning point
  13. climax
    high point of interest or suspense
  14. falling action
    actions leading to the resolution
  15. resolution
    problem solved
  16. literal
    to take literally
  17. figurative
    language not supposed to be taken literally
  18. internal conflict
    conflict with yourself
  19. external conflict
    • a struggle between the protagonistand another character a
    • gainst nature or someoutside force
  20. point of view
    point the story is told from
  21. first person
    "I" or "we" serves as the narrator of a piece writing
  22. third person
    which the narrator knows only the thoughts and feelings of a single character, while other characters are presented only externally
  23. omniscient
    narrator knows the thoughts and feelings of all of the characters in the story, as opposed to third person limited, which adheres closely to one character's perspective.
  24. idiom
    the language, dialect, or style of speaking peculiar to a people or the constructions or expressions of one language whose structure is not matched in another language
  25. dialect
    the language of a particular district, class, or group of persons
  26. sequence
    actions in order
  27. motivation
    reason that explains why a character behaves in a certain way.
  28. static character
    minor characters in a work of fiction who do not undergo substantial change or growth in the course of a story
  29. dynamic character
    A character who undergoes an important and basic change in personality or outlook.
  30. characterization
    The personality a character displays; also, the means by which an author reveals that personality
  31. direct chara.
    the narrator or a character in the story tells us what we need to know about a character
  32. indirect chara.
    find out about characters indirectly through thoughts, comments, or actions of the characters
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