Integumentary System: Anatomical Terms

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  1. epithelium
    cells covering external and internal surfaces of the body
  2. epidermis
    thin, cellular outer layer of the skin

    • Composed of:
    • - squamous cell layer
    • - basal layer
  3. squamous cell layer
    flat, scale-like epithelial cells comprising the outermost layers of the epidermis
  4. basal layer
    deepest region of the epidermis

    • Found in basal layer:
    • - melanocyte
    • - melanin
  5. melanocyte
    a cell that gives color to the skin
  6. melanin
    dark brown to black pigment contained in melanocytes
  7. dermis
    dense, fibrous connective tissue layer of the skin, aka corium
  8. sebaceous glands
    oil glands in the skin
  9. sebum
    oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands
  10. sudoriferous glands
    sweat glands
  11. subcutaneous tissue
    connective and adipose tissue layer just under the dermis
  12. collagen
    protein substance found in skin and connective tissue
  13. hair
    outgrowth of the skin composed of keratin
  14. nail
    outgrowth of the skin attached to the distal end of each finger and toe, composed of keratin
  15. keratin
    hard protein material found in epidermis, hair and nails
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