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  1. Description
    antihypoglycemic agent agent, gastrointestinal motility ihibitor.
  2. Actions
    Glucagon induces liver glycogen breakdown, releasing glucose from the liver. Blood glucose concentration rises witin 10 minutes of injection, maximal concentrations are attained at approx 30 min. after injection. Hepatic stores of glycogen are necessary for glucagon to produce an hypoglycemic effect.
  3. Indications
    • Used to treat severe hypoglycemic reactions.
    • **Depletes glycogen stores** Patient should be given supplemental carbohydrates as soon as he/she awakens and is able to swallow.
  4. Contrainindications
    Patients with known sensitivity; Pheochromocytoma-tumor of the adrenal gland; Insulinoma-benign insulin secreting tumor.
  5. Dosage and Administration
    • Glucagon should be reconstituted with 1 ml Sterile Water for Injection, USP.
    • Inject the sterile Water into the vial and roll the vial gently until the powder is fluid should be clear and of water-like consistency.
    • For the treatment of hypoglycemia in adults and children weighing 55lb (25kg) or greater: 1-2 mg IM,
    • For pediactric patients weighing less than 55 lb (25kg) or younger than 6 years old:0.5-1 mg IM
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