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  1. Ahogada torta
    • face down
    • guajillo red sauce
    • sauce can be on side if preferred
  2. yucatan chicken
    • spicy
    • roasted longer ticket time
  3. chipotle prawns are?
  4. Flan is?
    which means?
    Baked, which is traditional, so texture is denser
  5. mole negro
    • Oaxacan mole negro, except traditional and complex version
    • bitter and semi-sweet.
    • not a simple chocolate sauce
  6. baja tacos
    can be prepped either ? or ?
    Why can't it be grilled?
    • batter dipped/fried or seared
    • delicate nature of fish
  7. Can carne asada be well done? Rare?
    Yes. But when past med rare, very tough. Can do, but it will be tough like meat gum (extremely chewy). Same w rare.
  8. Achiote means?
    Blend of Yucatan spices. Annatto seeds are component responsible for distinct color. Ours has Mexican oregano, chipotle, and pineapple juice
  9. Picadillo
    • Like meat hash, another pop Latin American dish.
    • Ours- ground pork, raisins, chile powder, cinnamon.
  10. Masa
    Spanish for dough. Dried cornmeal, so our tortillas gluten free.
  11. Mole
    • traditional Mexican sauce, roasted pepper base, variety of other ingredients. Ours is Oaxacan Mole Negro, w ancho and guajillo chiles, plantains, chocolate, peanuts, sesame, almonds, garlic. Also has bread as binder, so not gluten free.
    • -WTF did gluten ever do to anybody?
  12. What are some items brought in directly from Mexico?
    Chapulines (grasshoppers), clayudas, mole base, oaxacan cheese, costeno chiles.
  13. 5 ingredients that go into our mole negro?
    ancho chiles, guajillo chiles, peanuts, almonds, bread, plantains, sesame, garlic, chocolate
  14. Mad Hatcher, Carlton farms, Painted Hills Ranch, Rancho Gordo, Quilceda?...
    no hormones or ABs, free range, and humane animal tx.
  15. MH Chicken
    Ephrate, WA, just west of Gorge
  16. Carlton Farms
    Carlton, OR, SW of Portland
  17. Painted Hills Ranch
    Fossil, OR, east or Portland in central OR
  18. Rancho Gordo Beans
    Napa CA
  19. Quilceda Farms
    Marysville WA, 40 m N of Sea
  20. Long ticket times?
    Yucatan Chix, Chile relleno, Churros
  21. Flour tortillas?
    No, but ours our hand made, using masa flour. Corn based
  22. Crickets? Really? Where do they come from and how are they prepped?
    No, grasshoppers. Brought up in Oaxaca. Toasted in a pan w chile and lime
  23. Cheeses
    differences? pasteurized?
    Asadero- Mexican semi firm mild and tangy cow's milk cheese that we combine w Jack in the Queso Fundido. Good melting cheese. Pasteurized.
  24. Oaxacan
    semi-soft, like mozz. Stretched by hand, then rolled into a ball like yarn. Unpasteurized.
  25. Cotija
    Hard. Cow's milk. Aged, sim in text to parm but simpler salty flavor. Pasteurized.
  26. Is tora bread gluten free?
  27. Handmade tortillas?
  28. Clayudas?
    no. flour in corn in them
  29. Spicy?
    Pequin Jalepeno, chipotle, habenero, serrano, costeno
  30. not spicy?
    Guajillo, Poblano
  31. Fresh peppers?
    • Jalepeno, Habenero, Poblano, Serrano
    • the rest? dried.
    • just hot peppers, son
  32. What is chipotle dried w?
    smoked jalepeno
  33. What is guajillo dried w?
    mirasol chile
  34. Blanco (joven)

    Put in what before bottling?
    • blanco- white, joven- young
    • unaged tequilas unaged, right from still.

    Stainless steel barrels, several months but that doesn't affect flavor
  35. Reposado

    min 2 mos, less than 1 yr
  36. anejo

    at least one year, less than 3
  37. extra anejo
    min 3 years in oak barrels.
  38. tequila is aged in?
    oak barrels. Barrels can be new, or used whiskey, bourbon, sherry, port, or wine barrels
  39. tequila
    • t- blue agave. State of jalisco, or a small part of 4 other states
    • vs
    • maguey plant, another kind of agave. Mostly in Oaxaca
    • vs
    • Sotol, made from Desert Spoon plant- not agave. Mostly in Chihuahua
  40. Pisco from?
    Cachaca from?
    not mexican
    grape brandy mostly from Peru and Chile

    sugarcane, mostly from Brazil
  41. Why does drink list have just teq?
    Focus just on Latin spirits to compliment food and environment. We can sub another kind of liquor, also sub teq w something else if pref.
  42. Marg mix?
    fresh lime, lem, oj, and simple
  43. agua fresca?
    NA refreshment made w water, sugar, and fruits or cereal grains
  44. Horchata? Dairy? Refills?
    agua fresca w rice, water, cinnamon, vanilla. Condensed milk in it. Free refills
  45. Which are not made in house? Which are?
    Mole bitters, passionfruit puree

    jale teq, hib gren, hab teq, kah, horchata, van teq, poq punch.
  46. Papio chard
    mellow round bodied easy drinking
  47. alianca vinho verde
    effervescent, lt bodied, clean n dry
  48. vega murillo
    bright, lt bodied, dry
  49. caymus condundrum
    complex, full bodied, juicy
  50. papio merlot
    mellow, round and smooth, soft tannins and fruit
  51. Iuvene Rioja
    light and vibrant, fruit forward, dry
  52. Villa montefiori cab
    powerful, bright, red fruit, med body, tannin
  53. Jubileo zin
    intense, rich berry layers, zesty acidic finish (tannic)
  54. William Hill Cab
    supple, dark fruit, soft tannin, earthy body
  55. Rose- chono-
    dry, floral, notes of ripe ras
  56. take out?
    Yes, lunch counter/day, hosts/night
  57. how late for food?
    1am, 7 days/week
  58. Before?
    • 100 years ago, auto dealership.
    • Was part of orig REI space. Just now, office space for bldg owner
  59. Owners?
    James Weimann, Deming Maclise, Rich, Courtney, Dustin Matt
  60. James and Deming opened
  61. When did it open?
    Mar 28, 2011
  62. Tiles from
    Puebla, Mex
  63. Cool light fixt, metal work?
    Most mex in orig- some were brought in and some salv in US on West Coast
  64. Name?
    Inspired by sign salvaged from restaurant on Gwood ave in 70s and 80s
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