Musculoskeletal System: Symptomatic Terms

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  1. arthralgia
    joint pain
  2. atrophy
    shrinking of tissue such as muscle
  3. crepitation
    grating sound made by movement of some joints or broken bones
  4. crepitus
    gratig sound made by movment of some joints or broken bones
  5. exostosis
    a projection arising from a bone that develops from cartilage
  6. flaccid
    flabby, relaxed, or having defective or asent muscle tone
  7. hypertrophy
    increase in the size of tissue such as muscle
  8. hypotonia
    reduced muscle tone or tension
  9. myalgia
    muscle pain
  10. myodynia
    muscle pain
  11. ostealgia
    bone pain
  12. osteodynia
    bone pain
  13. rigor or rigidity
    stiffness; stiff muscle
  14. spasm
    drawing in; involuntary contraction of muscle
  15. spastic
    uncontrolled contractions of skeletal musces causing stiff and awkward movements
  16. tetany
    tension; prolonged, continuous muscle contraction
  17. tremor
    shaking; rhythmic muscular movement
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