Fire I & II (4)

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  1. A water soluble flammable liquid such as alcohol, acetone, ester, and ketone
    Polar Solvent
  2. Chipping or pitting of concrete or masonry surfaces
  3. Building types
    Buildings with structural members made of noncombustible materials that have a specified fire restistance
    Types I (fire resistive)
  4. Building types
    Buildings with structural memebers made of noncombustible materials without fire resistance
    Type II (noncombustible)
  5. Building types
    Buildings with the exterior walls made of noncombustible or limited - combustible materials, but interior floors and walls made of combustible materials
    Type III (ordinary)
  6. Building types
    Buildings constructed with noncombustible ot limited - combustible exterior walls, and interior walls and floors made of large - dimension combustible materials
    Type IV (heavy timber)
  7. Building types
    Buildings with exterior walls, interior walls, floors, and roof structures made of wood
    Type V (wood frame)
  8. In the Incident Management System (IMS) a division is:
    A geographic location or designation
  9. A system used by fire departments to report and maintain computerized records of fires and other fire department incidents in a uniform manner
    National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS)
  10. The most common type of foam proportioner used in the fire service
    In-line eductor
  11. The elements needed to produce quaility fire fighting foam
    • Mechanical aeration
    • Air
    • Water
    • Concentrate
  12. Foam acts a as separtation agent by
    • Smoothering
    • Cooling
    • Separating
  13. The type of construction that has the greatest resistance to structural damage by fire
    Fire Resistant (type I)
  14. Fire fighters should know that fire in Type V construction presents what kind of problems
    High potentional for fire extension within the building
  15. A wall used to divide 2 adjacent structures and also could be used as a fire wall
    Party wall
  16. What kind of heat energy is the heat of compression
  17. Ignition temperature is the minimum temperature required to:
    heat a fuel to begin self-sustained combustion independent of the heating source
  18. Smoke detectors work primarily on the principles of:
    Photoelectricity and Ionization
  19. Failure to open a dry-barrel hydrant fully will result in a reduced amount of available water and will contribute to:
    Ground erosion
  20. The two divisions of lighting equipment
    Fixed and Portable
  21. A control valve that is mounted on a post case with a small window reading either "open" or "shut"
    Post indicator valve (PIV)
  22. Masonry load-bearing walls are most commonlt found in what type of construction
    Type III (Ordinary)
  23. In a water supply system, the size of the water mains from the largest to the smallest are
    • Primary
    • Secondary
    • Distributor
  24. Two types of glass a passenger vehicle has
    Tempered and Laminated
  25. The type of glass that is hardened glass designed to shatter into small pieces
  26. When coordinating an interior fire attack on a Class A fire, what should be considered
    • Ventilation
    • Rapid Intervention Team location
    • Rescue problems
  27. RECEO
    Rescue, Exposures, Confinement, Extinguishment, and Overhaul
  28. If there is adequate ventilation, steam from a water fog will _________ the toxic gases present
  29. If smoke is removed from a burning building by controlling heat currents. What type of ventillation is being performed
    • Water-fog
    • Negative pressure
    • Positive presuure
  30. The most effective type of foam for use on polar solvents is:
  31. Firefighting foam solution is what percent water
    94 to 99.9
  32. Status reports should be made 10 minutes into the incident and at ______ minutes intervals thereafter until the incident is under control
    10 -15
  33. Who initiates the IMS
    The first unit on the scene
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