Bible Exam

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  1. Shows rebellions of the generation
    that they left Egypt
  2. They turned away from
    God 8 times
  3. Israelites rejected God’s plan to give them the
    promised land
  4. They refused to obediently follow God
    into the land He had brought them to
  5. He condemned them to spend the rest of their
    lives in the wilderness
  6. wrote numbers
  7. Start:
    Israel’s Journey from Egypt to the Promised Land
  8. written:
    1446-1406 BC
  9. message:
    God replaces the rebelling exodus generation with a new generation
  10. First generation in the wilderness
    • Preparations for entering the Promised Land
    • Rebellions of first generation
  11. Rebellions of first generation
    • Rebellion over hardship
    • Rebellion over food
    • Rebellion of Aaron and Miriam over Moses’ authority
    • Climactic rebellion over Canaan
    • Rebellion of Korah over Aaron’s priesthood
    • Rebellion of Moses at Meribah
    • Rebellion over food
    • Balaam and Balak
    • Final rebellion of generation in idolatry
  12. Second generation at the border of the Promised Land
    • Preparations for entering the Promised Land
    • Encouragement for the second generation
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