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  1. scientific method: QHPPCRAESC
    • questioning
    • hypothesizing
    • predicting
    • planning
    • conducting
    • recording
    • analyzing
    • evaluating
    • synthesizing
    • communicating
  2. Inference
    tentative conclusion based on logic and REASONING
  3. Hypothesis
    tentative answer or an UNTESTED explanation
  4. Whats the difference between inference and hypothesis?
    Inference is a conclusion based on reasoning, hypothesis is an answer that can be tested
  5. Law:
    • What?
    • General statement based on extensive observational data about what has happened
  6. Theory:
    • Why?
    • explanation of observation of a law
  7. Similarities between law and theory
    both can be proven true/false
  8. Whats the difference between theory and law?
    a law is based on observations, a theory explains the observation
  9. Variable
    any condition that could change in an investigation
  10. Observations
    evidence gained by five senses, recording results/data
  11. Whats the difference between variables and observations?
    Variables are found during the investigation, it could change. Observations are evidence that can be sensed.
  12. Correlation Study (causation relation)
    scientific inquiry that indicates a RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN VARIABLE without purposefully changing or controlling any of the variables
  13. Positive Correlation Study
    one goes up, so does the other
  14. Negative Correlation Study
    one goes up, the other does not
  15. Observational Study
    scientific inquiry made through observations - dont touch, by watching, without 'interfering'
  16. Conducting Experiment (not a causation relation)
    doing something that cause something else to happen - touch, independent & dependent variable
  17. Dependent Variable
    variable that DEPENDS on another variable
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