Care of Patients with Repro Disorders Part 1

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  1. What has a section removed from it for a vasectomy?
    Vas Deferens
  2. Where is the sperm stored?
  3. What is the cordlike excretory duct of the semen in the testicle?
  4. What is it called when the prepuce constricts, and if not cared for properly, can adhere, requiring intervention such as circumcision?
  5. What is the skin covering the glans penis, which is sometimes removed (circumcision)?
  6. What is the area on a female called that has hair growth in the genital area?
    Mons Pubis
  7. What engorges with blood on a female when sexually aroused?
  8. What is a person called when they have sexual organs of both genders?
  9. In relation to gender, what is established at conception (DNA), and is further influenced at puberty and by hormones?
    Biological Identity
  10. In relation to gender, what is a sense of masculinity/feminism, and is influenced by social expectations and behaviors?
    Gender Identity
  11. In relation to gender, what is a clear and persistent erotic desire for a specific gender?
    Sexual Orientation
  12. What are three requirements when gathering a patients history?
    • Privacy (try to get EVERYONE else out of the room regardless of who they are, promotes honesty)
    • Trust (confidentiality)
    • Comfort
  13. How can you wash off syphilis?
    Soap and water
  14. If pregnant with syphilis, how old is the fetus when treated?
    18 months, after that, it’s in the fetus’s blood stream
  15. T/F Syphilis is often associated with other STDs.
  16. How is syphilis diagnosed?
    • Culture if recently acquired-Venereal disease research lab test (VDRL)
    • Blood test if had for while-Rapid plasma regain test
  17. Syphilis is caused by what, and what type of pathogen is it?
    • T. Pallidum
    • Bacteria
  18. How is syphilis transmitted?
    • Sexual intercourse during 1st two stages
    • Lesions
    • Needles
    • Mother to fetus
  19. List the stages of Syphilis in the correct order and give a brief description of each
    • Primary
    • Secondary
    • Latent
    • Tertiary
  20. What is present during the Primary stage of syphilis?
    Chancre (ulcers in genital area, usually only 1-3, painless)
  21. What are chancres?
    Ulcers in genital area, usually only 1-3, painless
  22. What is present during the Secondary stage of syphilis?
    • Skin rashes-can be throughout whole body, but concentrated on palms and soles of feet
    • Patchy hair loss
    • Enlarged lymph nodes
    • Fatigue
    • Lesions those are moist, raised, and gray to pink on genital/perirectal
  23. What symptoms are present during the Latent stage of syphilis?
    None, patient is asymptomatic during this stage
  24. What is present during the Tertiary stage of syphilis?
    • Lesions in any organ
    • Dementia
    • Pain, and loss of sensation in the legs
    • Attacks brain and heart
  25. What is the Ping-Pong effect?
    Re-exposure after treatment due to not treating partner for STD
  26. What is the treatment for gonorrhea?
    One time treatment of 1 gram rocephin IM, and 1 gram zithromax PO
  27. What pathogen is gonorrhea caused by?
    N. gonorrhoea
  28. How is gonorrhea diagnosed?
  29. What are the S&S of gonorrhea with men and women?
    • Men: resembles UTI
    • Females: vaginal discharge
    • Both: can have eye infections, nausea and vomiting
  30. What could you educate a patient about regarding gonorrhea?
    • Wear loose and absorbent under garments
    • Good hygiene
    • Sitz bath (decreases lower abd discomfort and dysuria)
  31. What is the most commonly occurring STD in the US?
  32. What is the most common communicable disease in the US?
  33. What is the 3rd most frequently reported communicable disease in the US?
  34. What type of med is used for Chlamydia?
  35. How is Chlamydia diagnosed?
    Culture and direct fluorescent antibody test (DFA)
  36. What are some S&S of Chlamydia?
    • Can be asymptomatic
    • Females: vaginal itching, burning, irregular bleeding
    • Males: burning urination
  37. How can Chlamydia lead to sterility?
    • It can scar fallopian tubes, which can lead to ectopic pregnancies
    • Need to remove fallopian tube and possibly ovaries due to damage
  38. Trichomoniasis is caused by what pathogen and what type is it?
    • T. Vaginalis
    • Protozoan
  39. What kind of environment does Trichomoniasis thrive in and how can the vagina become more susceptible to it?
    • Alkalinic
    • Vagina is acidic, though semen, douching, oral contraceptives and some antibiotics reduce acidity, making it more alkalinic
  40. What are some S&S of Trichomoniasis?
    • Most are aysmptomatic
    • Famales: vaginal itching, discharge (frothy, profuse, gray, green or yellow and smells)
    • Males: purulent discharge, itching, dysuria (burning sensation)
  41. How Trichomoniasis treated and what are some things to teach about the treatment?
    • Flagile
    • Urine turns dark brown
  42. How is Trichomoniasis diagnosed?
    Microscopic exam of discharge aka ‘wet prep’
  43. What are some S&S of Candidiasis? (aka yeast infection)
    • Females: cottage cheese like discharge, itchy, inflamed vulva
    • Males: purulent discharge, exudates
    • Systemic S&S: chills, fever, general malaise
  44. How is Candidiasis treated? (aka yeast infection)
    • Diflucan (one pill)
    • Nystatin
    • “Yogurt Therapy”
  45. What are some S&S of Genital Herpes 1 and 2? (HSV)
    • Fluid filled vesicles, eventually turning to red ulcers with halo
    • Possible to get into exposed cuts and become systemic
    • 1st time, get flu-like S&S then outbreaks
  46. When is Genital Herpes 1 and 2 (HSV) contagious?
    • 12-24 hrs prior to tingling which happens before outbreak
    • Can also transfer to fetus if delivered vaginally (can get into lungs and/or eyes)
  47. Prevention of Genital Herpes 1 and 2 (HSV) requires what type of condom?
  48. How is Genital Herpes 1 and 2 (HSV) treated?
    • Acyclovir to inhibit viral replication
    • Pain control, usually lydocain (topical) or codeine (PO), or aspirin (PO)
  49. What are some NI that can be done r/t Genital Herpes 1 and 2 (HSV)?
    • Educate to wear loose under garments
    • Sites sensitive to heat
    • Nutrition
    • Sitz Bath-soothes area and reduces inflammation
    • Hygiene-keep area clean and dry
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