AC130u Flaps

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  1. what do the flaps do to the aerodynamics of the plane?
    increase wing area and alter airfoil section to increase lift
  2. how long does it take to extend the flaps?
    8-15 sec
  3. how long does it take to retract the flaps
    10-15 sec
  4. what are the parts th operate the flaps?
    • reversible hydraulic motor
    • a cam-actuated microswitch follow-up mechanism
    • torque tubes
    • gearbox
    • drivescrew assy
  5. list the order of oprations for the flaps.
    • 1. pilot moves flap lever
    • 2. wires connected from flap lever to flap control unit
    • 3. flap contorl unit send elec signal to flap selector valve
    • 4. Hydro fluid passes from the Emerg flap break valve through the flap selector valve to the flap motor
    • 5. flap motor turns the gear box
    • 6. gearbox turns the flap torque shaft
    • 7. torque shaft moves the gear box
    • 8. gearbox rotates the ball bering drive screws to lower or raise the flaps.
  6. what holds the flaps in place
    a disc type spring loaded flap break
  7. how is the flap break engaged and released
    • engaged- hydro fluid removed
    • released- hyrdo fluid added
    if the outboard flap fails, it is possible the it may contact the aileron and restrict movement.
    What are your emergancy steps?
    • if the plane is controlable, no attempt should be made to move the flaps.
    • if not, return the in incriments of 10% to the last position before failure
  9. what two systems could cause failure of the wing flaps
    • elecetrical control ayatem
    • hydraulic system
  10. what is the order of preferance for the alternant methods of moving the flaps
    • a. overriding the flap selector valve located on the utility hydro panel (electric control failure)
    • b. mechanical operation of the flaps (loss of hydrualic pressure)
  11. what are the steps for manually moving the flaps
    1. --12.
    • 1. pull wing flap control circut breaker
    • 2. place flaps in desired position
    • 3. turn off no1,2 engine-driven hydro pumps and suction boost pump. deplete utility system hydro pressure
    • 4. engage handcrank on input shaft
    • 5. firmly hold handcrank to prevent movement
    • 6. remove input shaft pin
    • 7. engage manual extention system
    • 8. move flaps to desired position
    • 9. replace input shaft pin
    • 10 remove and stow handcrank
    • 11. leave manual shift handle out
    • 12. when avail, return utility hydro pressure.
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