Bev A chapter 7-14

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  1. aspiration
    withdrawing fluid from a body cavity using suction
  2. cyanosis
    bluish tint to skin due to lack of oxygen
  3. epistaxis
  4. hemoptysis
    coughing up blood
  5. patent
    open or unblocked
  6. percussion
    tap with fingertips
  7. phlegm
  8. rales
    cracking sound when breathing in sign of fluid in airways
  9. rhonchi
  10. sputum
    mucus coughed up
  11. stidor
    harsh, high pitch sound when breathing in sign of obstruction in bronchus or larynx
  12. anerexia
    loss of appetite
  13. constipation
    unable to or infrequent defecation
  14. emesis
  15. jaundice
    yellow tint to skin
  16. nausea
    the urge to vomit
  17. polyp
    small tumor
  18. pyrosis
  19. calculus
    stone formed within an organ
  20. catheter
    flexible tube inserted into the body
  21. diuresis
    increased formation and secretion of urine
  22. frequency
    greater then normal urge to urinate
  23. hesitancy
    decrease in force of urine
  24. micturition
    another term for urnination
  25. stricture
    abnormal norrowing of a passageway
  26. urgency
    feeling the need to urinate immediatley
  27. urinary incontinence
    involuntary release of urine
  28. unrinary retention
    inability to fully empty the bladder
  29. voiding
    another term for urination
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