Bio 004, College of the Desert

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  1. List the major difference between ionic and covalent bonds.
    • Ionic: Steals e-
    • Covalent: share e-
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    What information can be obtained from this element?
    Protons, Electrons, neutrons, mass, and chemical name.
  3. List two kinds of physical changes that indicate a chemical reaction has taken place.
    • 1. Color
    • 2. Parcipitate (or bubbles)
    • 3. Heat (given off or obsorbed)
  4. List two differences between saturated and unsaturated fats.
    • Saturated: 1. solid at room temp. 2. as many H as possable. 3.all single bonds
    • Unsaturated: 1. liquid at room temp. 2. not as many H's as possable 3. at least one double bond.
  5. How do carbohydrates differ from lipids?
    Carbohydrates are different by: having more oxygen and water soluble.
  6. Explain why the name amino acid is an appropriate one for building blocks of protein molecules/
    Protein has amino groups and carboxylic acid groups which are needed to make proteins.
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