Immunology CH1

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  1. Nonspecific Immune elements
    Mononuclear phagocytes
  2. Cooperative interaction
    Specific cellualr elements, cell products, and non lymphoid elements
  3. Lymphocytes
    Both Type B and T
  4. Immune Systen
    Can prtoect against or can be manipulated to treat disease
  5. Autoimmune Disorder
    A condition in which the body's own tissue are attacked as if they are foreign.
  6. The first line of defense in protecting the body from infection includes:
    • Unbroken skin
    • Normal Micorbial Flora
    • Secreations such as mucous
  7. Natural Immunity is characterized as being:
    Innate or inborn
  8. What are the components of the cellular Natural Immune System?
    • Mast Cells
    • Nuetrophils
    • Macrophages
  9. What are the components of the Humoral Natural Immune System?
    • Complement
    • Lysozyme
    • Interferon
  10. What is another term for Adaptive Immunity?
    Acquired Immunity
  11. Humoral components of the Adaptive Immune system include:
  12. Active natural immunity
    • Mode of acquistion: Infection
    • Antibody produced by host
    • Long duration of response
  13. Active Artifical immunity
    • Mode of Acquistion by vaccination
    • Antibody produced by host
    • Long duration of response
  14. Passive Natural Immunity
    • Mode of Acquisition by Transfer in vivo or colostrum
    • No Antibody produced by host
    • Short Duration
  15. Passive Artifical Immunity
    • Mode of Acquisition by infustion of serum or plasma
    • No Antibody produced
    • Short duration
  16. Immediate hypersensitivity consists of reactions primarily mediated by what class of immunoglobulins?
  17. The most Immediate and server manifestation of immedaite hypersensitivity reaction is what?
  18. Delayed Hpersensitivity reaction is refered to as what?
    Cell Mediated Immunity
  19. Immunology
    the study of molecules, cells, organbs and systems resposible for recognition and disposal or non-self material
  20. What is the function of the immune system?
    To recognize self from non-self and defend the body against non-self.
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