Putting on Sterile Surgical Gloves

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    • prepare a large clean dry area for opening the package of gloves.
    • either open the outer glove package and trhen perform a surgical scrub or perform a surgical scrub and ask someone else to open the package of gloves for you
    • open the inner glove wrapper
    • exposing the cuffed gloves with the palms up
  1. .
    • pick up the first glove by the cuff
    • touching only the insdie portion fo the cuff (the inside is the side that will be touching your skin when the globe is on)
    • while holding the cuff in one hand
    • slip your other hand into the gloves
    • point the fingers of the glove toward the floow till keep the fingers open
    • be careful no to touch anything
    • hold the gloves above your waist level
    • pick up the second glove by sliding the gingers of the gloves hand under the cuff of the second glove
    • be careful not to contaminate the gloves hand with the unglove hand as the secong glove is being put on
  2. put the second glove on the ungloved hand by maintaining a steady pull through the cuff
  3. if the first glove is not fitted correctly
    wait to make any adjustment
    until the secong glove is on
    then use the sterile fingers of one glove to adjust the sterile portion of the other glove

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Putting on Sterile Surgical Gloves
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Putting Sterile Surgical Gloves

Putting on Sterile Surgical Gloves
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