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  1. Pesos, dollars, yen
  2. banks where different currencies are exachanged
    foreign exchange market
  3. products the united states sells to mexico, japan, and other countries
  4. products the u.s. buys from mexico or japan
  5. conflict over global ompetition
    trade disputes
  6. pactice of putting limits on foreighn trade to protect business at home
  7. tax placed on imports to increase their price int he domestic market
  8. belief that there should be no limits on trade
    free trade
  9. when a goverment stops imports or exports of a product
  10. trade alliance between the united states, canada
  11. a group that a product is marketed to, such a s teenagers
    target market
  12. product, place, price, and prootion
    marketing mix
  13. making contomers aware of aproduct
  14. building consumer loyalty through good consumer realtions
    relationship marketing
  15. gathering and studying infor about consumers
    market research
  16. invovles one or more intermediaries
    indirect distribution
  17. free advertising for aproduct, like a news story
  18. the particular tway a product is directd to sonsumers
    channel distrubititon
  19. a go=between
  20. supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores
  21. the number of people who read a magazine or newspaper
  22. posters on the isdes of the buses
    transit advertising
  23. internet ads
    cyber ads
  24. means of communication such as radio, magazines, and the internet
    mass media
  25. includes newpaper and magazines, but not tv
    print media
  26. hired to put together advertising packages
    ad agencies
  27. advertising in phone books
    directory advertising
  28. outdoor advertising
  29. the most expensive form of advertising
    TV ads
  30. live internet show
  31. fee creditors charge for using their money
  32. used by buisnesses to buy goods or pay salaries
    commercial credit
  33. type of charge account that is paid monthly
    revolving charge
  34. offered to people in a certain field, such as teachers
    credit union loan
  35. required for a mortgage loan
  36. card that can be used at different places, such as mastercared and visa
    multipurpose credit cards
  37. lean provoided in exchange for an item
    pawnshop loan.
  38. not permitted in some states
    payday loan
  39. measure of you ability and willingness to repay loans
    credit rating
  40. usually for one year or less
    short-term loan
  41. people who can testify to you reliability
    credit references
  42. how much you have beyond what you owe, like cash, and savings
  43. the most you can charge on a credit card
    credit limit
  44. interest that changes
    variable rate
  45. should be no more than 20 percent of your income
    credit burden
  46. form required to get a credit card or loan
    credit application
  47. explains how interest will be charge on a an account
    security agreement
  48. factors that determine credi worthiness
    5 c's of credit
  49. a loan not backed by collateral
    unsecured loan
  50. interest taht remains the same
    fixed rate
  51. a road map for using your money
  52. allowance, wages, tips, and interest earned on savings
  53. earning after deductions
    net pay
  54. regualr expenses
    fixed expenses
  55. deductions from earning
  56. another word for expenses
  57. protects you against unexpected expenses
  58. spending more than you earn
    budget variance
  59. earnings before you deductions
    gross pay
  60. expenses that fluctuate
    variable expenses
  61. money take out of your checking account
  62. checking account for married couples
    joint account
  63. bank's way to verify you identity
    signature card
  64. line of credit for cecks you account can't cover
    overdraft protetionism
  65. order for a bank not to cash a check
    stop payment
  66. takes money directly from your checking account
    debit card
  67. the party to whom a chek is written
  68. signature on the back of a check
  69. check you have written that's been cashed
    canceled check
  70. check you've written that hasn't been cashed
    outstanding check
  71. earned ont he principal only
    simple interest
  72. interest earned on interest
    compound interest
  73. a tye of traditional savings account
    statement savings account
  74. insures savings accounts
  75. ability to quickly turn an investment into cash
  76. a cost interest on savings
    income tax
  77. put off spending to save money
    opportunity cost
  78. when cd funds become avalible
    maturity date
  79. a kind of pool of money
    money market fund
  80. money set aside for future use
  81. putting money into stocks
  82. share of ownership in company
  83. the return on an investment
  84. profit made selling stock
    capital gain
  85. marketplace to buy and sell stocks
    stock exchange
  86. the dow jones industrial average
    stock index
  87. stock in new companies
    speculative stock
  88. buying stock on the internet
    day trading
  89. how easily an investment can be turned into cash
  90. the costs of goods increases more than the value of stocks
    inflation risk
  91. amount of interest earned on a bond
    coupon rate
  92. long term property loan
    home mortgage
  93. property used to make money on
    income property
  94. issued by the federal goverment
    treasuary bonds
  95. issued by local government
    muncipal bonds
  96. land and anything attached to it
    real estate
  97. the highest bond rating
  98. the lowest bond rating
  99. disadvantage of owning a home
    property taxes
  100. advantage of owning a home
    tax breaks
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