Chp 10

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  1. Her classic book, Caregiver, Caretaker (1992), a nurse that describes a concept she calls "the chase"
    Caryn Summers
  2. Caregivers find themselves unable to provide the quality of care that is desirable is
  3. A guiding principle of nurses' work
    Nurse self care
  4. A biorhythm that determines human responses to the environment - refers to attention span in relation to presence or absence of daylight
  5. Includes INcreased heart and breathing rates, increased BP, peripheral blood vessel constriction, muscle tension, gastric hyper acidity, release of adrenaline is
    Sympathetic system response
  6. DEcreases in heart and respiratory rates, dilation of peripheral blood vessels, muscle relaxtion, lower BP, and Increased flow of endorphins is
    Parasympathetic system response
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