GRE 700+

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  1. abeyance
    temporary supression or suspension
  2. abject
    miserable, pitiful
  3. abjure
    to reject, abandon formally
  4. ablution
    act of cleansing
  5. abnegate
    to deny, renounce
  6. abrogate
    to abolish or invalidate by authority
  7. abstemious
    moderate in appetite
  8. abut
    to touch, to be in contact with
  9. accede
    to express approval; agree to
  10. accretion
    growth in size or increase in amount
  11. acidulous
    sour in taste or manner
  12. adumbrate
    to sketch, outline in a shadowy way
  13. adventitious
  14. aerie
    nook or nest built high in the air
  15. alacrity
    cheerful willingness, eagerness; speed
  16. amortize
    to diminish by installment payments
  17. analgesia
    a lessening of pain
  18. anathema
    ban, cur, something shunned or disliked
  19. ancillary
    accessory, subordinate; helping
  20. anodyne
    something that calms or soothes pain
  21. antedate
    dated prior to the actual occurrence
  22. antepenultimate
    third from last
  23. apace
    done quickly
  24. aperture
    an opening or hole
  25. aphasia
    inability to speak or use words
  26. aphelion
    point in a planet's orbit that is farthest from the sun
  27. aphorism
    old saying or short pithy statement
  28. apocryphal
    not genuine; fictional
  29. apostate
    one who renounces a religious faith
  30. apostrophe
    a speech to the reader or someone not present
  31. apothegm
    a short, instructive saying
  32. apotheosis
    glorification, glorified ideal
  33. append
    to attach
  34. arable
    suitable for cultivation
  35. arcane
    secret, obscure, known only to a few
  36. arduous
    extremely difficult, laborious
  37. arraign
    to call to court to answer a charge
  38. arrogate
    to demand; claim arrogantly
  39. ascetic
    self-denying, abstinent, austere
  40. askance
  41. asperity
    harshness, roughness
  42. aspersion
    false rumor, damaging report, slander
  43. assay
    to analyze or estimate
  44. assiduous
    diligent, persistent, hardworking
  45. assonance
    resemblence in sound, especially in vowel sounds; partial rhyme
  46. astringent
    harsh, severe, stern
  47. asunder
    into different parts
  48. augury
    prophecy, prediction of events
  49. august
    dignified, awe-inspiring, venerable
  50. auspicious
    having favorable prospects, promising
  51. autocrat
  52. auxiliary
    supplementary, reserve
  53. aver
    to declare to be true, affirm
  54. axiom
    premise, postulate, self-evident truth
  55. bacchanalian
    drunkenly festive
  56. bane
    something causing ruin, death or destruction
  57. bay
    to bark, especially in a deep, prolonged way
  58. beatific
    appearing to be saintly; angelic
  59. beguile
    to deceive, mislead; charm
  60. beleaguer
    to harass, plague
  61. belie
    to misrepresent; expose as false
  62. bellicose
    warlike, aggressive
  63. benighted
  64. benison
  65. betoken
    to indicate, signify; give evidence of
  66. bevy (n)
  67. bifurcate
    divide into two parts
  68. bilious
  69. bilk
    to cheat, defraud
  70. billet
    board and lodging for troops
  71. blanch
    to pale; take the color out of
  72. bonanza
    an extremely large amount; something profitable
  73. brigand
    bandit; outlaw
  74. bromide
    a dull, commonplace person or idea
  75. burgeon
    to sprout or flourish
  76. bursar
  77. byway
    back road
  78. cabal
    a secret group seeking to overturn something
  79. cadence
    rhythmic flow of poetry; marching beat
  80. callow
    immature, lacking sophistication
  81. calumny
    false and malicious accusation, misrepresentation, slander
  82. canard
    a lie
  83. candor
    honesty of expression
  84. canny
    smart, founded on common sense
  85. canvass
    to examine thoroughly; conduct a poll
  86. capacious
    large, roomy; extensive
  87. capitulate
    to submit completely, surrender
  88. carom
    to strike and rebound
  89. carp
    to find fault, complain constantly
  90. categorical
    absolute, without exception
  91. catholic
    universal; broad and comprehensive
  92. cavalcade
    a procession
  93. cavil
    to raise trivial objections
  94. celerity
    quick moving or acting
  95. chary
    watchful, cautious, extremely shy
  96. chattel
    a piece of personal property
  97. chimerical
    fanciful, imaginary, visionary; impossible

    wildly fanciful, highly unrealistic
  98. circumlocution
    roundabout, lengthy way of saying something
  99. circumspect
    cautious, wary
  100. cistern
    tank for rainwater
  101. cognate
    related, similar, akin
  102. cognomen
    family name; any name, especially a nickname
  103. collate
    to arrange in an order
  104. collateral
  105. colloquy
    dialog or conversation, conference
  106. collusion
    collaboration, complicity, conspiracy
  107. commensurate
  108. commute
    to change a penalty to a less severe one
  109. compendious
    summarizing completely and briefly
  110. compunction
    feeling of uneasiness caused by guilt or regret
  111. compunctious
    feeling guilty or having misgivings
  112. concatenate
    linked together
  113. conciliatory
    overcoming distrust or hostility
  114. conflagration
    big, destructive fire
  115. confluence
    meeting place; meeting of two streams
  116. congenial
    similar in tastes or habits
  117. congenital
    existing since birth
  118. conjugal
    pertaining to marriage
  119. consanguineous
    of the same origin; related by blood
  120. consign
    to commit, entrust
  121. construe
    to explain or interpret
  122. contravene
    to contradict, deny; act contrary to
  123. contumacious
  124. convalescence
    gradual recovery after an illness
  125. convivial
    sociable; fond of eating, drinking, and people
  126. coquette
    woman who flirts
  127. corrugate
    to mold in a shape with parallel grooves and ridges
  128. cosmopolitan
    sophisticated, free from local prejudices
  129. cosset
    to pamper, treat with great care
  130. countermand
    to annul, cancel, make a contrary order
  131. countervail
    to counteract, exert force against
  132. cupidity
  133. curmudgeon
    cranky person
  134. decamp
    to leave suddenly
  135. deciduous
    losing leaves in the fall; short-lived, temporary
  136. declivity
    downward slope
  137. delineation
    depiction, representation
  138. deluge
    to submerge, overwhelm
  139. demagogue
    leader or rabble-rouser who usually uses or appeals to emotion or prejudice
  140. demur
    to express doubts or objections
  141. denude
    to make bare, uncover, undress
  142. descry
    to discover or reveal
  143. desultory
    at random, rambling, unmethodical
  144. diaphanous
    allowing light to show through; delicate
  145. didactic
    excessively instructive
  146. diffidence
    shyness, lack of confidence
  147. diffract
    to cause to separate into parts, especially light
  148. diluvial
    relating to a flood
  149. disabuse
    to free from a misconception
  150. discomfit
    to cause perplexity and embarassment
  151. discrete
    distinct, separate
  152. disgorge
    to vomit, discharge violently
  153. dissipate
    to scatter; to pursue pleasure to excess
  154. dissuade
    to persuade someone to alter original intentions; to persuade (someone) not to take a particular course of action.
  155. distaff
    the female branch of a family
  156. distend
    to swell, inflate, bloat;

    to cause (something) to swell by stretching it from inside
  157. diurnal
  158. doctrinaire
    rigidly devoted to theories
  159. dolor
  160. dotage
    senile condition, mental decline
  161. dotard
    senile old person
  162. doughtry
  163. conscript
    to enlise (someone) compulsively
  164. dross
    waste produced during metal smelting; garbage
  165. dudgeon
    angry indignation
  166. dulcet
    pleasant sounding, soothing to the ear
  167. duress
    threat of force or intimidation; imprisonment
  168. dyspeptic
    suffering from indigestion; gloomy and irritable
  169. ebullient
    exhilerated, full of enthusiasm and high spirits
  170. eddy
    air or wind current
  171. edifice
  172. edify
    to instruct morally and spiritually
  173. efface
    to erase or make illegible
  174. effervescent
    bubbly, lively
  175. effigy
    stuffed doll, likeness of a person
  176. effluvia
    outpouring of gases or vapors
  177. effrontery
    impudent boldness; audacity
  178. egress
  179. embroil
    to involve in; cause to fall into disorder
  180. emend
    to correct a text
  181. emollient
    having soothing qualities, esp. for skin
  182. encomium
    warm praise
  183. endogamous
    marrying within a specific group due to law or custom
  184. enervate
    to weaken, sap strength from
  185. ensconce
    to settle comfortably into a place
  186. entomologist
    scientist who studies insects
  187. epicure
    person with refined taste in food and wine
  188. epithet
    an abusive word or phrase
  189. epoch
    a period of time in history or a person's life; typically marked by notable events or particular characteristics
  190. epochal
    very significant or influential; defining an epoch or time period
  191. equanimity
    calmness, composure
  192. ersatz
  193. eschew
    to abstain from, avoid
  194. esurient
    hungry, needy
  195. eurythmics
    act of harmonious bodily movement
  196. evince
    to show clearly, display, signify
  197. excoriate
    to denounce
  198. execrable
    utterly detestable
  199. exhort
    to urge or incite by strong appeals
  200. exigent
    urgent; excessively demanding
  201. expatiate
    to wander; to discuss or describe at length
  202. expedient
    convenient, efficient, practical
  203. expiate
    to atone for, make amends for
  204. exponent
    one who champions or advocates
  205. expurgate
    to censor
  206. extenuate
    to lessen the seriousness, strength or effect of
  207. extrapolate
    to estimate
  208. facile
    very easy
  209. facility
    aptitude, ease in doing something
  210. fastidious
    careful with details
  211. fatuous
    stupid; foolishly self-satisfied
  212. fealty
    intense loyalty
  213. feckless
    ineffective, careless, irresponsible
  214. fecund
    fertile, fruitful, productive
  215. felicitous
    suitable, appropriate; well-spoken
  216. felicity
    feeling great happiness
  217. fell
    to chop, cut down
  218. fetid
    foul-smelling, putrid
  219. fey
    otherworldly; doomed
  220. filial
    appropriate for a child
  221. fitful
    intermittent, irregular
  222. florid
    gaudy, extremely ornate; ruddy, flushed
  223. fodder
    raw material; feed for animals
  224. foliate
    to grow, sprout leaves
  225. foment
    to arouse or incite
  226. forensic
    relating to legal proceedings; relating to debates
  227. forensics
    study of argumentation and debate
  228. forfend
    to prevent
  229. forswear
    to repudiate, renounce; disclaim, reject
  230. fortnight
    two weeks
  231. founder
    to fall helplessly; sink
  232. fractious
    unruly, rebellious
  233. frenetic
    wildly frantic, frenzied, hectic
  234. frond
  235. fulminate
    to explode with anger
  236. fulsome
    excessive, overdone; sickeningly abundant
  237. gainsay
    to deny
  238. gallant
    a very fashionable young man
  239. gambol
    to dance or skip around playfully
  240. gauche
    crude, socially awkward
  241. gaucherie
    a tactless or awkward act
  242. gnostic
    having to do with knowledge
  243. grandiloquence
    pompous talk; fancy but meaningless language
  244. gratis
  245. gratuitous
    unnecessary and unjustified
  246. gustatory
    relating to sense of taste
  247. hackneyed
    worn out by overuse
  248. hamlet
    small village
  249. hapless
    unfortunate, having bad luck
  250. harangue
    a pompous speech
  251. harbinger
    precursor, sign of something to come
  252. hector
    a bully, braggart
  253. hegemony
    leadership, domination, usually by a country
  254. hermetic
    tightly sealed
  255. hew
    to cut with an ax
  256. hidebound
    excessively rigid; dry and stiff
  257. hinterland
  258. hoary
    very old; whitish or gray from age
  259. holistic
    emphasizing importance of the whole and interdependence of its parts
  260. homonym
    word identical in pronunciation, but different in meaning
  261. hutch
    pen or coop for animals; shack, shanty
  262. idiosyncrasy
    peculiarity of temperment; eccentricity
  263. ignominious
    disgraceful and dishonorable
  264. ilk
    type or kind
  265. illustrious
    famous, renowned
  266. imbue
    to infuse; dye, wet, moisten
  267. immure
    to imprison
  268. immutable
    unchangeable, invariable
  269. impecunious
    poor, having no money
  270. imperious
    arrogantly self-assured, domineering, overbearing
  271. impetuous
    quick to act without thinking
  272. impolitic
  273. importune
    to repeatedly ask, beg
  274. imprecation
  275. impregnable
    totally safe from attack; able to resist defeat
  276. impugn
    to call into question, to attack verbally
  277. incandescent
    shining brightly
  278. incarnadine
    blood-red in color
  279. incendiary
    combustible, flammable, burning easily
  280. imchoate
    just begun; disorganized
  281. incipient
    beginning to exist or appear; in an initial stage
  282. incisive
    perceptive, penetrating
  283. incongruous
    incompatible, not harmonious
  284. incorrigible
    incapable of being corrected
  285. inculcate
    to teach, impress in the mind
  286. incumbent
    required, obligatory
  287. incursion
    sudden invasion
  288. indelible
    permanent, not erasable
  289. indigent
    very poor
  290. indolent
    habitually lazy, idle
  291. induct
    to place ceremoniously in office
  292. inexorable
    inflexible, unyielding
  293. ingenuous
    straightforward, open; naive and unsophisticated
  294. ingrate
    ungrateful person
  295. ingress
  296. iniquity
    sin, evil act
  297. inquest
    investigation; court or legal proceeding
  298. insoluble
    not able to be solved or explained
  299. insolvent
    bankrupt, unable to pay one's debts
  300. insular
    isolated, detached, uncultured
  301. inter
    to bury
  302. interdict
    to forbid, prohibit
  303. interlocutor
    someone taking part in a dialog
  304. internecine
    deadly to both sides
  305. interpolate
    to insert; change by adding new words of material
  306. interregnum
    interval between reigns
  307. interstice
    a space between things
  308. intramural
    with an institution like a school
  309. intrepid
  310. inundate
    to cover with water; overwhelm
  311. inure
    to harden; accustom; become used to
  312. invective
    verbal abuse
  313. inveigh
    to protest strongly
  314. investiture
    ceremony conferring authority
  315. invidious
    likely to provoke ill will, offensive
  316. iridescent
    showing many colors
  317. itinerant
    wandering from place to place; unsettled
  318. jettison
    to cast off, throw cargo overboard
  319. jibe
    to shift suddenly from one side to the other
  320. jingoism
    belligerent support of one's country
  321. juggernaut
    huge force destroying everything in its path
  322. jurisprudence
    philosophy of law
  323. keynote
    note or tone on which a musical key is founded; main idea of a speech, program, etc.
  324. kinetic
    relating to motion; characterized by movement
  325. kismet
  326. knell
    sound of a funeral bell; omen of death or failure
  327. lachrymose
  328. lambaste
    disapprove angrily
  329. lapidary
    relating to precious stones
  330. larder
    place where food is stored
  331. largess
    place where food is stored
  332. larynx
    organ containing vocal cords
  333. lascivious
    lewd, lustful
  334. latitude
    freedom of action or choice
  335. leery
  336. legerdemain
    trickery; slight of hand
  337. lexicon
    dictionary, list of words
  338. libidinous
  339. licentious
    immoral; unrestrained by society
  340. lien
    right to possess and sell the property of a debtor
  341. limpid
    clear and simple; serene; transparent
  342. liniment
    medicinal liquid used externally to ease pain
  343. lionize
    to treat as a celebrity
  344. lissome
    easily flexed, limber, agile
  345. livid
    discolored from a bruise; reddened with anger
  346. lugubrious
    sorrowful, mournful
  347. lurid
    harshly shocking, sensational; glowing
  348. lyrical
    expressing feeling
  349. machination
    plot or scheme
  350. macrobiotics
    art of prolonging life by special diet of organic, nonmeat substances
  351. macrocosm
    system regarded as an entity with subsystems
  352. maelstrom
    whirlpool, turmoil; agitated state of mind
  353. magnanimous
    generous, noble in spirit
  354. magnate
    powerful or influential person
  355. mainstay
    chief support
  356. malapropism
    humorous misuse of a word
  357. malediction
  358. malefactor
    evil-doer; culprit
  359. malinger
    to evade responsibility by pretending to be ill
  360. manifest
  361. manifold
    diverse, varied, comprised of many parts
  362. manumission
    release from slavery
  363. martial
    warlike, pertaining to the military
  364. martinet
    strict disciplinarian, one who rigidly follows rules
  365. matriculate
    to enroll as a member of a college or university
  366. maudlin
    overly sentimental
  367. mawkish
    sickeningly sentimental
  368. megalomania
    mental state with delusions of wealth and power
  369. mendacious
  370. mendacity
    a lie, falsehood
  371. mendicant
    a beggar
  372. mercenary
    motivated only by greed
  373. mercurial
    quick, shrewd, and unpredictable
  374. meretricious
    gaudy, falsely attractive
  375. militate
    to operate against, work against
  376. minatory
    meancing, threatening
  377. miscreant
    one who behaves criminally
  378. missive
    note or letter
  379. mnemonic
    relating to memory; designed to assist memory
  380. montage
    composite picture
  381. moot
    debatable; previously decided
  382. mordacious
    caustic, biting
  383. mordant
  384. morbiund
    dying, decaying
  385. mote
    small particle, speck
  386. munificent
  387. mutability
  388. myopic
    nearsighted; lack of imagination, foresight, or intellectual insight
  389. nadir
    lowest point
  390. nasceng
    coming into existence
  391. negligible
    not worth considering
  392. neologism
    new word or expression
  393. neonate
    newborn child
  394. neophyte
    novice, beginner
  395. nicety
    elegant or delicate feature; minute distinction
  396. niggling
    trifle, petty
  397. noisome
    stinking, putrid
  398. non sequitur
    conclusion not following from apparent evidence
  399. novitiate
    period of being a beginner or novice
  400. numismatics
    coin collecting
  401. nuptial
    relating to marriage
  402. obdurate
  403. obeisance
    a show of respect or submission
  404. obfuscate
    to confuse, obscure
  405. objurgate
  406. oblique
    indirect, evasive; misleading, devious
  407. obloquy
    abusive language; ill repute
  408. obsequious
    overly submissive, brownnosing
  409. obsequy
    funeral ceremony
  410. obstinate
  411. obstreperous
    troublesome, boisterous, unruly
  412. obstrusive
    pushy, too conspicuous
  413. obviate
    to make unnecessary; to anticipate and prevent
  414. officious
    too helpful, meddlesome
  415. ontology
    theory about the nature of existence
  416. opalescent
    iridescent, displaying colors
  417. opprobrious
    disgraceful, contemptuous
  418. ornithologist
    scientist who studies birds
  419. orotund
  420. ossify
    to turn to bone; to become rigid
  421. ostensible
  422. ouster
    expulsion, ejection
  423. overweening
  424. paean
    a song of praise or thanksgiving
  425. palaver
    idle talk
  426. paleontology
    study of past geographical eras through fossil remains
  427. palisade
    fence made up of stakes
  428. pall (n)
    covering that darkens or obscures; coffin
  429. pall (v)
    to lose strength or interest
  430. palliate
    to make less serious, ease
  431. paltry
    pitifully small or worthless
  432. panacea
  433. panache
    flamboyance, verve
  434. panegyric
    elaborate praise; formal hymn of praise
  435. panoply
    impressive array
  436. pariah
  437. parity
  438. parry
    to ward off or deflect
  439. pastiche
    piece of literature or music imitating other works
  440. pathogenic
    causing disease
  441. pathos
    pity, compassion
  442. patrician
  443. patrimony
    inheritance or heritage derived from one's father
  444. paucity
    scarcity, lack
  445. peccadillo
    minor sin or offense
  446. peculation
    theft of money or goods
  447. pedagogue
  448. pedant
    one who pays undue attention to book learning an who displays learning ostentatiously
  449. pejorative
    having bad connotations; disparaging
  450. pellucid
    transparent, translucent; easily understood
  451. penchant
  452. penitent
    expressing sorrow for sins or offenses; repentant
  453. penultimate
    next to last
  454. penumbra
    partial shadow
  455. penury
    extreme poverty
  456. perambulate
    walk about
  457. perennial
    present through the years; persistent
  458. peremptory
    imperative; dictatorial
  459. perfidious
    faithless, disloyal, untrustworthy
  460. perihelion
    point in orbit nearest to the sun
  461. peripatetic
    moving from place to place
  462. periphrastic
    containing too many words
  463. perspicacious
    shrewd, astute, keen-witted
  464. pert
    lively and bold
  465. pertinacious
    persistent, stubborn
  466. perusal
    close examination
  467. pettish
  468. phalanx
    massed group of soldiers, people, or things
  469. philology
    study of words
  470. phlegm
    coldness or indifference
  471. phlegmatic
    calm in temperament; sluggish
  472. picayune
    petty, of little value
  473. pillory
    ridicule and abuse
  474. pique
    fleeting feeling of hurt pride
  475. pittance
    meager amount or wage
  476. plangent
    loud sound; wailing sound
  477. plaudit
  478. ply
    to use diligently; to engage; to join together
  479. pneumatic
    relating to air; worked by compressed air
  480. polemic
    controversy, argument; verbal attack
  481. polyglot
    speaker of many languages
  482. portent
  483. posterity
    future generations; all of a person's descendants
  484. potable
  485. potentate
    monarch or ruler with great power
  486. precipitate (adj)
    sudden and unexpected
  487. precipitate (v)
    to throw down from a height
  488. precipitous
    hasty, quickly, with too little caution
  489. precocious
    unusually advanced at an early age
  490. preeminent
    celebrated, distinguished
  491. prepossessing
    attractive, engaging, appealing
  492. presage
    to foretell, indicate in advance
  493. prescient
    having foresight
  494. prestidigitation
    sleight of hand
  495. prevaricate
    to lie, evade the truth
  496. primeval
    ancient, primitive
  497. primordial
    original existing from the beginning
  498. privation
    lack of usual necessities or comforts
  499. probity
    honesty, high-mindedness
  500. prodigious
    vast, enormous, extraordinary
  501. profligate
    corrupt, degenerate
  502. profundity
    great depth
  503. progenitor
    originator, forefather, ancestor in a direct line
  504. progeny
    offspring, children
  505. prognosticate
    to predict
  506. prolix
    tedious; wordy
  507. promontory
    piece of land or rock higher than its surroundings
  508. promulgate
    to make known publicly
  509. propinquity
  510. propitiate
    to win over, appease
  511. propitious
    favorable, advantageous
  512. prosaic
    relating to prose; dull, commonplace
  513. proscribe
    to condemn; to forbid, outlaw
  514. protean
    readily assuming different forms or characters
  515. protestation
  516. provident
    prudent, frugal; making or indicative of timely preparation for the future
  517. proxy
    power to act as a substitute for another
  518. prurient
    lustful, exhibiting lewd desires
  519. pugilism
  520. pulchritude
  521. punctilious
    careful in observing rules or ceremony
  522. pusillanimous
  523. quaff
    to drink heavily
  524. quagmire
    marsh, difficult situation
  525. querulous
    inclined to complain, irritable
  526. quiescence
    inactivity, stillness
  527. quiescent
    inactive, at rest
  528. quixotic
    overly idealistic, impractical
  529. quotidian
    occurring daily; commonplace
  530. raconteur
    witty, skillful storyteller
  531. raillery
    lighthearted jesting
  532. rapacious
    greedy; predatory
  533. rapprochement
    having a coridal relationship
  534. rarefy
    to make thinner, purer, or more refined
  535. ratiocination
    methodical, logical reasoning
  536. rebarbative
    irritating, repellent
  537. recalcitrant
    resisting authority or control
  538. recidivism
    tendency to repeat previous behavior
  539. recondite
    relating to obscure learning; known only to a few
  540. recreant
    disloyal; cowardly
  541. refectory
    room where meals are served
  542. refractory
    obstinately resistant
  543. regimen
    government rule; systematic plan
  544. remit
    to send (usually money) as payment
  545. remonstrate
    to protest or object
  546. remuneration
    pay or reward for work, trouble, etc.
  547. renascent
    reborn, coming into being again
  548. renegade
    traitor, person abandoning a cause
  549. renitent
    resisting pressure, obstinate
  550. repast
    meal or mealtime
  551. replete
    abundantly supplied
  552. reprehend
    to criticize
  553. reprise
    repetition, esp. of a piece of music
  554. reprove
    to criticize or correct
  555. repulse
    to repel, fend off
  556. requiem
    hymn or religious service for the dead
  557. requite
    to return or repay
  558. rescind
    to repeal, cancel
  559. restive
    impatient, uneasy, restless
  560. retinue
    group of attendants with an important person
  561. retrench
    to regroup, reorganize
  562. retroactive
    applying to an earlier time
  563. retrograde
    having a backward motion or direction
  564. revile
    to criticize with harsh language, verbally abuse
  565. ribald
    humorous in a vulgar way
  566. riposte
    a retort
  567. rostrum
    stage for public speaking
  568. saccharine
    excessively sweet or sentimental
  569. sacrosanct
    extremely scared; beyond criticism
  570. salacious
  571. salient
    prominent or conspicuous
  572. salubrious
  573. sanguine
    ruddy; cheerfully optimistic
  574. sapient
  575. sardonic
    cynical, scornfully mocking
  576. savant
    learned person
  577. scabrous
    dealing with indecent things
  578. scintilla
    very small amount
  579. scion
    descendent, child
  580. scurrilous
    vulgar, low, indecent
  581. secant
    straight line intersecting a curve at two points
  582. sectarian
    narrow-minded; relating to a group or sect
  583. sedentary
    inactive, stationary; sluggish
  584. sedition
    behavior prompting rebellion
  585. seismology
    science of earthquakes
  586. seminal
    relating to the beginning or seeds of something
  587. senescent
    aging, growing old
  588. sententious
    having a moralizing tone
  589. seraphic
    angelic, pure, sublime
  590. serendipity
    habit of making fortunate discoveries by chance
  591. sidle
    to cause to turn sideways; to move along one side
  592. simian
    apelike; relating to apes
  593. sinecure
    well-paying job that requires little or no work
  594. slake
    to calm down or moderate
  595. slipshod
    careless, hasty
  596. sluggard
    lazy, inactive person
  597. smelt
    to melt medal in order to refine it
  598. sobriquet
  599. solarium
    room or glassed-in area exposed to the sun
  600. solecism
    grammatical mistake
  601. solicitous
    concerned, attentive; eager
  602. soliloquy
    literary or dramatic speech by one character, not addressed to others; as when speaking one's thought's aloud
  603. solipsism
    belief that the self is the only reality
  604. somnolent
    drowsy, sleepy; inducing sleep
  605. specious
    deceptively attractive
  606. sportive
    frolicsome, playful
  607. spurious
    lacking authenticity; counterfeit, false
  608. spurn
    to reject or refuse contemptuously; to scorn
  609. staid
    self-restrained to the point of dullness
  610. stand
    a group of trees
  611. steadfast
    immovable; resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering
  612. stentorian
    extremely loud
  613. stint (v)
    to be sparing or frugal
  614. stockade
    enclosed area forming defensive wall
  615. striate
    striped, grooved
  616. stricture
    something that restrains; negative criticism
  617. stultify
    to impair or reduce to uselessness
  618. subjugate
    to conquer, subdue; enslave
  619. sublimate
    to repress impulses
  620. subterfuge
    trick or tactic used to avoid something
  621. subterranean
    hidden; secret
  622. sufferable
  623. superannuated
    too old, obsolete, outdated
  624. supercilious
    arrogant, haughty, overbearing, condescending
  625. supererogatory
  626. supplicant
    one who asks humbly and earnestly
  627. surfeit
    excessive amount
  628. surreptitious
    characterized by secrecy
  629. sybarite
    person devoted to pleasure and luxury
  630. sycophant
    self-serving flatterer, yes-man
  631. syncopation
    temporary irregularity in musical rhythm
  632. tableau
    vivid description, striking incident or scene
  633. tangential
    digressing, diverting
  634. taxonomy
    science of classification
  635. temerity
  636. tenacious
    stubborn, holding firm
  637. tendentious
  638. tensile
    capable of withstanding physical stress
  639. thrall
    a person in servitude, enslaved
  640. threnody
    a sad poem or song
  641. timorous
    timid, shy, full of apprehension
  642. toady
    flatterer, hanger-on, yes-man
  643. topography
    art of making maps or charts
  644. torpid
    lethargic; unable to move; dormant
  645. torrid
    burning hot; passionate
  646. torsion
    act of twisting and turning
  647. trammel
    to impede or hamper
  648. translation
    a change from one state to another
  649. travesty
    a false, absurd, or distorted representation of something; parody, exaggerated imitation, caricature
  650. trenchant
    acute, sharp, incisive; forceful, effective
  651. truculent
    savage and cruel; fierce; ready to fight
  652. tryst
    agreement between lovers to meet; rendezvous
  653. turbid
    muddled; unclear
  654. turgid
    swollen, bloated
  655. turpitude
    inherent violeness, foulness, depravity
  656. tyro
    beginner, novice
  657. ubiquitous
    being everywhere simultaneously
  658. umbrage
    offense, resentment
  659. unconscionable
    not right or reasonable; unscrupulous; shockingly unfair or unjust
  660. unctuous
    greasy, oily; smug and falsely ernest
  661. unfrock
    to strip of priestly duties
  662. unimpeachable
    not able to be doubted, questioned, or criticized; entirely trustworthy
  663. unscrupulous
  664. unstinting
  665. untoward
    unexpected and inappropriate or inconvenient not favorable; unruly
  666. variegated
    marked with different colors; varied
  667. vaunted
    boasted about, bragged about
  668. venal
    willing to do wrong for money
  669. vendetta
    prolonged fued marked by bitter hostility
  670. verdant
    green with vegetation; inexperienced
  671. verdure
    fresh, rich vegetation
  672. verisimilitude
    quality of appearing true or real
  673. vernal
    related to spring
  674. verve
    energy, vitality
  675. viaduct
    series of elevated arches used to cross a valley
  676. vicissitude
    change or variation; ups and downs
  677. vignette
    decorative design
  678. vim
    energy, enthusiasm
  679. virile
    manly, having qualities of an adult male
  680. vitiate
    reduce in value or effectiveness
  681. vituperate
    to abuse verbally
  682. vociferous
    loud, vocal and noisy
  683. voluble
    speaking much and easily; talkative; glib
  684. voracious
    `having a great appetite
  685. waspish
    rude, behaving badly
  686. welter
    a confused mass; a jumble
  687. windfall
    sudden, unexpected good fortune
  688. winsome
    charming, happily engaged
  689. wizened
    withered, shriveled, wrinkled
  690. wraith
    a ghost
  691. xenophobia
    fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers
  692. yoke (v)
    to join together
  693. zephyr
    gentle breeze
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