SP151 Chapter 7

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  1. interpersonal communication
    • communication between two people
    • simultaneous
    • mutual influence
    • managing relationships
  2. impersonal communication
    • people as objects
    • roles rather than people
  3. relationship
    ongoing connection with another person
  4. relationship of circumstance
  5. relationship of choice
    intentionally developed
  6. attraction
    • motivational state
    • causes one to think/ feel/ and behave ++ toward another
  7. interpersonal attraction
    when people become conscious of attraction
  8. short-term initial attraction
    potential for developing an interpersonal relationship w/ someone
  9. long-term maintenance
    good feelings that keep the relationship up
  10. similarity
    likeness of characteristics, values, attitudes, interests, personality
  11. physical attraction
    body appeal
  12. sexual attraction
    want to have sex
  13. matching hypothesis
    match same level of physical attractiveness
  14. proximity
    being close = likelihood of relationship
  15. complementarity
  16. inclusion
    need to be involved in each other's activities
  17. control
    need to take control or willingness to accept others' decisons
  18. affection
    • need to be live and accepted
    • giving love and acceptance
  19. immediacy
    non verbal cues that communicate feelings of liking
  20. uncertaincy-reduction theory
    • inert motivation to increase predictability by reducing the unkonwn in one's circumstances
    • -passive: observation
    • -active: questions
    • -interactive: 3rd party opinion
  21. conversational narcissim
  22. self absorbed communicator style
  23. self-disclosure
    giving up info about yourself
  24. reciprocity
    sharing info about oneself with another with expectation that they will do the same
  25. appropriateness
    what's okay to say and what's not
  26. social penetration model
    • information disclosed goes from superficial to intimate
    • -breadth: variety
    • -depth: significance
  27. Johari Window
    • model reflecting different stages of
    • relationship development
    • degrees of self awareness
    • others' perceptions
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