SP151 Chapter 10

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  1. functional approach
    in order to achieve a goal, certain communication functions need to happen
  2. viligant thinker
    sensitive to process, changes, goals, options, positives, negatives
  3. structure
    way group or team discussion is organized
  4. interaction
    give-and-take responsiveness
  5. reflective thinking
    problem solving based on scientific method
  6. criteria
    standards for acceptable solution
  7. force field analysis techniques
    driving/ restraining forces
  8. trait approach to leadership
    characteristics and qualities make good leader
  9. functional apprach to leadership
    task and process roles = good leader
  10. styles approach to leadership
    • 3 methods:
    • 1) authoritarian
    • 2) democratic
    • 3) laissez-faire
  11. situational approach
    depends on queality, nature, task..
  12. transformational leaderhsip approach
    shapes vision of group
  13. monochronic
    • one thing at a time
    • deadlines
  14. polychronic
    • many things at once
    • relationships over work and deadlines
  15. quorum
    minimun # people present to do business
  16. metadiscussion
    discussion about all past discussions
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