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  1. acquired immunity
    production of antibodies and lymphocytes after exposure to an antigen
  2. adenoids
    mass of lymphatic tissue in the nasopharynx
  3. axillary nodes
    lymph nodes in the armpit
  4. B cell
    lymphocyte that originates in the bone marrow and transforms into a plasma cell to secrete antibodies
  5. cervical nodes
    lymph nodes in the neck region
  6. complement system
    proteins in the blood that help antibodies and T cells kill their target
  7. cytokines
    proteins that aid and regulate the immune response (interferons, interleukins)
  8. cytotoxic T cell
    T lymphocyte that directly kills foreign cells
  9. dendritic cell
    specialized macrophage that digests foreign cells and helps B and T cells to mark antigens for destruction
  10. helper T cell
    lymphocyte that aids B cells and cytotoxic T cells in recognizing antigens and stimulating antibody production
  11. immunotherapy
    use of immune cells, antibodies, or vaccines to treat or prevent disease
  12. inguinal nodes
    lymph nodes in the groin region
  13. interferons
    proteins secreted by T cells to aid and regulate the immune response
  14. interleukins
    proteins that stimulate the growth of B and T lymphocytes
  15. mediastinal nodes
    lymph nodes in the area between the lungs in the thoracic cavity
  16. natural immunity
    protection that an individual inherits to fight infection
  17. suppressor T cell
    lymphocyte that inhibits the activity of B and T lymphocytes
  18. T cell
    originates in the bone marrow, but matures in the thymus gland; destroys antigens
  19. right lymphatic duct
    large duct in chest that receives lymph from the upper body
  20. thoracic duct
    large duct in chest that receives lymph from lower body
  21. vaccination
    exposure to a foreign protein that provokes an immune response.
  22. lymphoma
    malignant tumor of lymph nodes and lymph tissue

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