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  1. Teres Minor Origin
    superior part of the lateral scapula
  2. Teres Minor Insertion
    greater tuberosity on the inferior facet
  3. Teres Minor Innervation
    Axillary Nerve
  4. Teres Minor action
    lateral rotation
  5. Infraspinatus Origin
    Infraspinous fossa
  6. Infraspinatus insertion
    greater tuberosity on the medial facet
  7. Infraspinatus Innervation
    Suprascapular Nerve
  8. Infraspinatus Action
    lateral rotation
  9. Serratus Anterior Origin
    Upper 8 ribs
  10. Serratus Anterior Insertion
    anterior surface of the medial border of the scapula
  11. Serratus Anterior Innervation
    Long thoracic nerve
  12. Serratus Anterior Action
    protraction and upward rotation of the scapula
  13. Supraspinatus Action
    Abduction and Stabilizes the humerus position
  14. Triangular Interval Boundaries
    • Lateral: lateral head of the triceps
    • medial: long head of the triceps
    • Superior: teres major
  15. Triangular Interval Contents
    • Radial Nerve
    • Profundu Brachial Artery
  16. Supraspinatus Origin
    Supraspinous Fossa
  17. Supraspinatus Insertion
    greater tuberosity on the superior facet
  18. Supraspinatus Innervation
    Suprascapular Nerve
  19. Triangular Space Boundaries
    • Superior: Teres Minor
    • Inferior: Teres Major
    • Lateral: Long head of the triceps
  20. Triangular Space Contents
    Circumflex Scapular Artery
  21. Quadrangular Space boundaries
    • Superior: Teres Minor
    • Inferior: Terse Major
    • Lateral: humerus
    • Medial: long head of the triceps
  22. Quadrangular Space Contents
    • Axillary Nerve
    • Posterior Circumflex Humeral Artery
  23. Suprascapular Nerve and Artery
    • join near scapular notch
    • nerve passes through notch near suprascapular ligament
    • artery enters posterior by passing superficial to suprascapular ligament
  24. Clavicle function
    • transmit force from appendicular skeleton to axial
    • muscle attachment
    • Allow free motion of upper limb
  25. Suprascapular Artery Supplies:
    • Supraspinous fossa, infraspinous fossa
    • Anastomoses with circumflex scapular artery and dorsal scapular artery
  26. What is the spiral groove on the humerus
    sulcus for the radial nerve
  27. What arch is formed by the acromion
    subacromial arch
  28. What is the spot between the manubrium and body of the sternum called
    Angle of Louie
  29. What is the triangle made up of the clavicle, deltoid and pectoralis major called
    clavipectoral triangle or deltopectoral triangle
  30. Axilla Boundaries
    • Medial: serratus anterior
    • Anterior: pectoralis major and minor
    • Posterior: latissimus dorsi, subscapularis, teres major
    • Lateral: humerus, coracobrachailis, long head of biceps
    • Apex: clavicle, superior border of scapula, ist rib
    • Base: axillary fascia
  31. Axilla distribution
    • Superiorly: cervical axillary canal
    • Posteriorly: quadrangular space
    • Anteriorly: claviopectoral triangle
    • Inf/ Lat: base of axilla
    • Inf/ Med: along thoracic wall
  32. Where does the axillary artery become the axillary artery?
    after the 1st rib and before teres major
  33. What is the axillary artery before and after?
    • Before: subclavian
    • After: Brachial
  34. Teres Major Origin
    dorsal surface of inferior angle of scapula
  35. Teres major insertion
    medial lip of intertubercle groove
  36. Teres Major Innervation
    Lower Subscapular Nerve
  37. Teres major Action
    • Extension
    • Medial Rotation
    • Adduction
  38. Deltoid Origin
    lateral third of clavicle, acromion, spine of scapula
  39. Deltoid Insertion
    Deltoid Tuberosity
  40. Deltoid Innervation
    Axillary Nerve
  41. Deltoid Action
    flexion, extension, abduction, internal rotation, external rotation
  42. Pectoralis Major Origin
    clavicle sternum, aponeurosis of external oblique
  43. pectoralis Major insertion
    lateral lip of intertubercle groove
  44. Pectoralis Major Action
    • Adduction
    • Medial Rotation
  45. Pectoralis Major Innervation
    Medial and Lateral Pectoral Nerve
  46. Pectoralis Minor Origin
    Ribs 3-5
  47. Pectoralis Minor Insertion
    Coracoid Process
  48. Pectoralis Minor action
    stabilizes scapula against thoracic wall
  49. Pectoralis Minor Innervation
    Medial Pectoral Nerve
  50. Subclavius Origin
    1st rib and costal cartilage
  51. Subclavius Insertion
    inferior surface of middle 1/3 of clavicle
  52. Subclavius Innervation
    Nerve to subclavius
  53. Subclavius Action
    Anchors and depresses clavicle
  54. Subscapularis Action
    Internal Rotation
  55. Subscapularis Innervation
    Lower and Upper Subscapular Nerves
  56. Subscapularis Origin
    Scapular Fossa
  57. Subscapularis Insertion
    Lesser tuberosity
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