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  1. How long does the virus shed after lesions appear?
    up to 3 weeks
  2. How soon after infection do lesions appear?
    2-3 days after infection
  3. What is the difference between HSV1 and HSV2?
    HSV1=oral, HSV2=genital, although 2 is being seen orally with oral sex
  4. Which type of HSV infection is the most severe?
    primary infection
  5. Shallow painful ulcers with erythematous border
  6. HSV S&Sx
    • Flu-like syndrome
    • Burning/tingling/pain
    • painful/tender vesicles
  7. How long does it take for a primary infection to clear up?
    1 week
  8. Where does HSV hide?
  9. What are sx of recurrent dz?
    burning/tingling/pain, painful tender vesicles that last 2-5 days
  10. How is HSV dx?
    Giant cells on a Tzanck smear, PCR, or IgG titers (IgM is not that reliable!)
  11. How do you tx an initial outbreak?
    Acyclovir or Valacylovir x 7-14 days
  12. How do you tx outbreaks?
    Acyclovir and Valacylovir x 2/3d, but you have to tx within hours of feeling a tingling sensation
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