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  1.  {Open, black screen}
  2. {Start nature sound effects}
  3. {Cue Castle screen}
  4. {Fade to black}
  5. {Cue lion roar in the background, calling the animals to gather
    to Pride Rock for the Ceremony.}
  7. [ MS: Male Singer
    • BS: Background Singer
    • FS: Female Singer (lead) ]
  8. {Sunrise on African grassland (lightly treed), in time with
    opening chant to The Circle of Life}
  9. MS: Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba [Here comes a lion, Father]
  10. BS: Sithi uhm ingonyama [Oh yes, it's a lion]
  11. {Various shots of animals raising their heads at the sunrise:
    rhinos, antelope, a cheetah, meerkats, storks...}
  12. MS: Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba [Here comes a lion, Father]
  13. BS: Sithi uhhmm ingonyama [Oh yes, it's a lion]
  14. Ingonyama
  15. MS: Siyo Nqoba [We're going to conquer]
  16. BS: Ingonyama
    • Ingonyama nengw' enamabala [A lion and a leopard come to this open place]
    • {repeats 5}
  17. Ingonyama nengw' enamabala (Se-to-kwa!)
    • Ingonyama nengw' enamabala (Asana)
    • {repeats 1}
  18. {The Circle of Life ground forms in the BS's and holds its
    • pattern for eight bars. It is a non-chordal BS part. The
    • progressions are in the medium ranges of the strings.
    • Various pans and camera views of African animals, all
    • moving. Coinciding with the FS pickup in the eighth bar,
    • we first view the giraffes, panning to a long shot of all
    • the animals in their procession}
  19. [The Circle of life text]
  20. FS: From the day we arrive on the planet
    • And, blinking, step into the sun
    • There's more to see than can ever be seen
    • More to do than can ever be done
  21. {Camera is panning and jumping to elephants, zebras, ants,
    birds, storks, etc... }
  22. There's far too much to take in here
    • More to find than can ever be found
    • But the sun rolling high
    • Through the sapphire sky
    • Keeps great and small on the endless round
  23. {When the "The Circle of Life" is mentioned the long-
    • distance pan centers on Pride Rock where all the animals
    • are gathering. Mufasa is on Pride Rock. Long camera arc to
    • Mufasa and Zazu.}
  24. It's the Circle of Life
    And it moves us all
  25. {Zazu bows to Mufasa, who smiles and nods at him}
  26. Through despair and hope
    Through faith and love
  27. {Appearance of Rafiki, the mandrill. He passes between
    • ranks of animals, who bow to him; he then climbs Pride Rock
    • to where Mufasa is standing.}
  28. Till we find our place
    On the path unwinding
  29. {Rafiki and Mufasa embrace.}
  30. In the Circle
    The Circle of Life
  31. {Decrescendo in BS. FS drops out. Pan Flute takes simple
  32. {Mufasa leads Rafiki over to Sarabi, who is holding Simba}
  33. {Rafiki puts the juice and sand he collects on Simba's
    • brow-- a ceremonial crown. He then picks Simba up and
    • ascends to the point of Pride Rock. Mufasa and Sarabi
    • follow. With a crescendo in the music and a restatement of
    • the refrain, Rafiki holds Simba up for the crowd to view.}
  34. FS: It's The Circle of Life
  35. {The crowd starts howling, stamping, etc... }
  36. And it moves us all
    • Through despair and hope
    • Through faith and love
  37. {The clouds part and a sunbeam highlights Rafiki and Simba
    on Pride Rock.}
  38. Till we find our place
  39. {The crowd bows down, one by one.}
  40. On the path unwinding
  41. {Camera slowly zooms out to a striking panoramic view
    of the Presentation.}
  42. In the Circle
    The Circle of Life
  43. {Bass drum hit (fff) and immediate switch to black screen
    with title "The Lion King" in blood-red caps.}
  44. [Mouse / Challenge Scene]
  45. {Cue mouse sounds}
  46. {Visual fade into mouse in cave}
  47. {Mouse comes out and starts preening in the light. Begins
    • sniffing. Becomes frightened. Suddenly a large lion paw
    • swoops down and catches him.}
  48. {Cue the Scar theme (dissonant, slow, reed theme). Fade in
    slowly and up full during speech}
  49. {Camera switch to Scar holding the squeaking and
    • struggling mouse in his paw. He talks to it while playing
    • with it}
  50. Scar: Life's not fair, is it? You see I -- well, I... shall
    • never be King. {exhale lightly} And you... shall never
    • see the light of another day. {closed-mouth laughter.
    • Starts to place the mouse on his extended tongue} ...
    • Adieu... {quiet laugh}
  51. Zazu : {Interrupting} Didn't your mother ever tell you not
    to play with your food?
  52. Scar: {Light sigh. The mouse is under his paw.} What do you want?
  53. Zazu: I'm here to announce that King Mufasa is on his way. {bows}
    • ...So you'd better have a good excuse for missing the
    • ceremony this morning.
  54. {The mouse runs away from Scar}
  55. Scar: Oh now look, Zazu; you've made me lose my lunch.
  56. Zazu: Hah! You'll lose more than that when the King gets
    • through with you. He's as mad as a hippo with a
    • hernia.
  57. Scar: Oooh... I quiver with FEAR.
  58. {On "FEAR" Scar crouches down and is baring his teeth at
  59. Zazu: {Very concerned} Now Scar, don't look at me that
    way... HELP!
  60. {Scar quickly pounces on the bird, catching him in his mouth.}
  61. Mufasa: {Almost immediately and off-camera} Scar! ...
  62. Scar: {Mouth full} Mm-hmm?
  63. Mufasa: Drop him.
  64. Zazu: {Speaking from Scar's mouth} Impeccable timing, your
  65. {Scar spits the bird out, covered with saliva}
  66. Zazu: {Slimed} Eyyccch.
  67. Scar: {Sarcastically overjoyed} Why! If it isn't my big
    • brother descending from on high to mingle with the
    • commoners.
  68. Mufasa: Sarabi and I didn't see you at the presentation of
  69. Scar: {Faking astonishment} That was today? Oh, I feel
    simply awful.
  70. {He turns and start scraping his claws on the rock wall.
    Zazu cringes at the sound.}
  71. Scar: {Admiring his claws} ...Must have slipped my mind.
  72. Zazu: Yes, well, as slippery as your mind is, as the king's
    brother, you should have been first in line!
  73. {Scar clicks his teeth at Zazu, who has flown near his
    • face. Zazu takes cover behind Mufasa's foreleg. Scar bends
    • down to speak to him.}
  74. Scar: Well, I was first in line... until the little hairball
    was born.
  75. Mufasa: {Lowering his head and meeting Scar eye to eye}
    That "hairball" is my son... and your future king.
  76. Scar: Ohh, I shall practice my curtsy.
  77. {Scar turns away and starts to exit}
  78. Mufasa: {Warning} Don't turn your back on me, Scar.
  79. Scar: {Looking back} Oh, no, Mufasa. Perhaps YOU shouldn't
    turn YOUR back on me.
  80. Mufasa: {Roars and literally jumps in front of Scar, baring
    his teeth for the first time} Is that a challenge?
  81. Scar: Temper, temper. I wouldn't dream of challenging you.
  82. Zazu: Pity! Why not?
  83. Scar: {Looking at Zazu} Well, as far as brains go, I got
    • the lion's share. But, when it comes to brute strength
    • {looking at Mufasa} ...I'm afraid I'm at the shallow end
    • of the gene pool.
  84. {Exit Scar}
  85. Zazu: {Deep sigh} There's one in every family, sire... Two
    • in mine, actually. {perches on Mufasa's shoulder} And
    • they always manage to ruin special occasions.
  86. Mufasa: What am I going to do with him?
  87. Zazu: He'd make a very handsome throw rug.
  88. Mufasa: {Chiding} Zazu!
  89. Zazu: And just think! Whenever he gets dirty, you could
    take him out and BEAT him.
  90. {They exit, chuckling. Pan out into open savannah.}
  91. [Painting Scene]
  92. {Rise in music-- "This Land" track-- with theme stated in
    • African flute, it broadens eventually with chorus and full
    • orchestra. We see a rainstorm gently crossing the savannah.
    • Multiplane camera approach to Rafiki's baobab tree. Camera
    • switch to inside the tree. Rafiki is doing hand paintings on
    • the wall. We see he is completing a lion cub.}
  93. Rafiki: {Mutters to himself, in which the word "Simba" can be
    • heard} Hmmm... Ah heh heh heh heh heh... {completing the
    • ceremonial crown in the painting} Simba.
  94. {Horns and brass close theme in a stately manner with a
    • decrescendo. Fade to black keeping the painting of the cub
    • as a crossover to the fade in of Pride Rock in early
    • morning}
  95. [The Sunrise / Pouncing Scene]
  96. {Simba is seen coming out on the rock. He runs back into
    • the cave and leaps over several of the lionesses, accidentally
    • jumping on a few.}
  97. Simba: Dad! Daad! Come on, Dad, we gotta go. Wake up!
  98. Random Lioness: Oomph!
  99. Simba: Sorry! ...Oop.
  100. {Simba starts to wake Mufasa}
  101. Simba: Dad? Daad. Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad--
  102. Sarabi: {Over Simba's endless noise of "Dad"s, sleepily}
    Your son... is awake...
  103. Mufasa: {Also sleepily} Before sunrise, he's YOUR son.
  104. Simba: Dad? Daad! Come on, Dad! {tugs at Mufasa's ear.} Daa-- Whoa!
  105. {He loses his grip on Mufasa's ear, and slips and crashes into
    • something off camera. He then comes running back on screen and
    • butts Mufasa. Mufasa sleepily eyes his son.}
  106. Simba: You promised!
  107. Mufasa: {Seeing his son's impatience} Okay, okay. I'm up.
    I'm up.
  108. Simba: Yeah!
  109. {Mufasa yawns a well-recorded lion yawn. Mufasa and Sarabi
    • follow Simba up to the top of Pride Rock. Simba rubs up
    • against Sarabi; she nudges him ahead and stays behind. Departing
    • shot of her, with a loving expression. The sunrise illuminates the
    • top of Pride Rock impressively. Both Simba and Mufasa are on the
    • point. Cue music.}
  110. Mufasa: Look, Simba. Everything the light touches is our
  111. Simba: Wow.
  112. {The camera revolves around them, during Mufasa's speech, from a reverse
    view to a frontal shot.}
  113. Mufasa: A king's time as ruler rises and falls like the
    • sun. One day, Simba, the sun will set on my time here,
    • and will rise with you as the new king.
  114. Simba: And this will all be mine?
  115. Mufasa: Everything.
  116. Simba: Everything the light touches. {Simba looks all
    • around. He views the rip-rap canyon to the north} What
    • about that shadowy place?
  117. Mufasa: That's beyond our borders. You must never go there,
  118. Simba: But I thought a king can do whatever he wants.
  119. Mufasa: Oh, there's more to being king than... getting your
    way all the time.
  120. {Mufasa starts back down the rock}
  121. Simba: {Awed} There's more?
  122. Mufasa: {Chuckles} Simba...
  123. {Camera switch. Mufasa and Simba are out walking on the
  124. Mufasa: Everything you see exists together, in a delicate
    • balance. As king, you need to understand that balance,
    • and respect all the creatures-- from the crawling ant
    • to the leaping antelope.
  125. Simba: But, Dad, don't we eat the antelope?
  126. Mufasa: Yes, Simba, but let me explain. When we die, our
    • bodies become the grass. And the antelope eat the
    • grass. And so we are all connected in the great Circle
    • of Life.
  127. Zazu: {Lights on a nearby rock} Good morning, sire!
  128. Mufasa: Good morning, Zazu.
  129. Zazu: Checking in... with the morning report.
  130. Mufasa: Fire away.
  131. Zazu: Well! The buzz from the bees is that the leopards
    are in a bit of a spot...
  132. {Zazu's speech will continue through without stop. Simba's
    and Mufasa's conversation is the focus.}
  133. Mufasa: {Distracted} Oh, really?
  134. {Simba, uninterested in Zazu, pounces at a grasshopper and
  135. Zazu: {Continuing, not noticing Mufasa's lack of
    • enthusiasm} ... And the baboons are going ape over
    • this. Of course, the giraffes are acting like they're
    • above it all...
  136. Mufasa: {To Simba} What are you doing, son?
  137. Simba: {Disappointedly looking in his empty paws} Pouncing.
  138. Mufasa: Let an old pro show you how it's done.
  139. Zazu: ...The tick birds are pecking on the elephants. I
    told the elephants to forget it, but they can't...
  140. Mufasa: Zazu, would you turn around?
  141. Zazu: Yes, sire. {Continuing immediately} The cheetahs are
    hard up, but I always say ...
  142. Mufasa: {Whispering} Stay low to the ground.
  143. Zazu: Cheetahs never prosper...
  144. Simba: {Whispering} Okay, stay low to the ground, right... yeah...
  145. Zazu: {Realizing something is amiss} What going on?
  146. Mufasa: A pouncing lesson.
  147. Zazu: Oh very good. Pouncing. {Realizing} Pouncing!?!
    Oh no, sire, you can't be serious...
  148. {Mufasa motions for Zazu to turn back around.}
  149. Zazu: Oh... this is so humiliating.
  150. Mufasa: {Still whispering} Try not to make a sound.
  151. Zazu: What are you telling him, Mufasa? {Looking around
    • uneasily-- Simba and Mufasa seem to have disappeared.}
    • Mufasa? Simba?
  152. {Simba does a full pounce leaving Zazu stunned on the
  153. Mufasa: Ha ha ha ha ha. That's very good. Ha ha ha...
  154. {A gopher emerges under Zazu.}
  155. Gopher: Zazu!
  156. Zazu: {Exasperated} Yes?
  157. Gopher: {Saluting} Sir. News from the underground.
  158. Mufasa: {To Simba} Now, this time--
  159. Zazu: {Interrupting and with urgency} Sire! Hyenas! In
    the Pride Lands!
  160. Mufasa: {Serious now} Zazu, take Simba home.
  161. Simba: Oh, Dad, can't I come?
  162. Mufasa: {Curtly} No, son.
  163. {Mufasa heads off at a full gallop}
  164. Simba: I never get to go anywhere.
  165. Zazu: Oh, young master, one day you will be king; then you
    • can chase those slobbering mangy stupid poachers from
    • dawn until dusk.
  166. {They head off. Camera pulls back to wide view of
  167. [Scar Tricks Simba Scene]
  168. {Camera change to Scar on his overhanging rock ledge.
    We see Scar pace once and kick an old bone off the edge.}
  169. {Enter Simba}
  170. Simba: Hey Uncle Scar! Guess what!
  171. Scar: I despise guessing games.
  172. Simba: I'm going to be king of Pride Rock.
  173. Scar: {Sarcastically} Oh goody.
  174. Simba: {Looking out over the edge of the rock} My dad just
    • showed me the whole kingdom; {greedily} and I'm going
    • to rule it all. Heh heh.
  175. Scar: Yes. Well... forgive me for not leaping for joy.
    Bad back, you know.
  176. {Scar flops down on his side.}
  177. Simba: Hey, Uncle Scar? When I'm king, what will that make
  178. Scar: A monkey's uncle.
  179. Simba: Heh heh. You're so weird.
  180. Scar: You have NO idea. ...So, your father showed you the
    whole kingdom, did he?
  181. Simba: Everything.
  182. Scar: He didn't show you what's beyond that rise at the
    northern border...?
  183. Simba: {Disappointed} Well, no... he said I can't go there.
  184. Scar: And he's absolutely right. It's far too dangerous.
    Only the bravest lions go there.
  185. Simba: Well, I'm brave! What's out th--
  186. Scar: {Interrupting} No, I'm sorry, Simba, I just can't
    tell you.
  187. Simba: Why not?
  188. Scar: Simba, Simba, I'm only looking out for the well-
    being of my favorite nephew.
  189. {Scar rubs and pats Simba's head}
  190. Simba: {Snorts sarcastically} Yeah, right, I'm your only nephew.
  191. Scar: All the more reason for me to be protective... An
    • elephant graveyard is no place for a young prince...
    • {faking surprise} Oops!
  192. Simba: {Enthusiastic} An elephant what? Whoa.
  193. Scar: {Faking dismay} Oh dear, I've said too much... Well, I
    • suppose you'd have found sooner or later, you being SO
    • clever and all... {pulling Simba near} Oh, just do me
    • one favor-- promise me you'll never visit that dreadful
    • place.
  194. Simba: {Thinks} No problem.
  195. Scar: There's a good lad. You run along now and have
    fun. And remember... it's our little secret.
  196. {Simba leaves the rock, Scar walks away with an evil smile.
    Menacing music.}
  197. [Bath Scene - Intro to Water Hole Scene]
  198. {Simba is running down the slope of the bottom part of
    • Pride Rock. He runs down towards two lionesses (Sarabi
    • and Sarafina). Sarafina is giving Nala a bath. Music is
    • light, almost jazzy. Pan flute lead.}
  199. Simba: Hey, Nala.
  200. Nala: Hi, Simba.
  201. Simba: Come on. I just heard about this great place.
  202. Nala: {Through clenched teeth} Simba! I'm kind of in the
    middle of a bath.
  203. Sarabi: And it's time for yours.
  204. {Simba tries (too late) to escape; Sarabi bends
    • down and grabs him. She proceeds to give the struggling
    • cub a bath.}
  205. Simba: Mom! ...Mom. You're messing up my mane.
  206. {Sarabi smiles.}
  207. Simba: Okay, okay, I'm clean. Can we go now?
  208. Nala: So where are we going? It better not be anyplace
  209. Simba: No. It's really cool.
  210. Sarabi: So where is this "really cool" place?
  211. Simba: Oh. {thinks} Uh... around the water hole.
  212. Nala: The water hole? What's so great about the water
  213. Simba: {Whisper} I'll SHOW you when we GET there.
  214. Nala: {Whisper} Oh. {Normal} Uh... Mom, can I go with
  215. Sarafina: Hmm... What do you think, Sarabi?
  216. Sarabi: Well...
  217. Nala and Simba: {through broad, forced grins} Pleeeease?
  218. Sarabi: It's all right with me...
  219. {Nala and Simba are overjoyed}
    • Nala: All right!
    • Simba: Yeah!
  220. Sarabi: ...As long as Zazu goes with you.
  221. {Simba and Nala stop dead in their celebration}
  222. Simba: No. Not Zazu.
  223. [Water Hole Scene]
  224. {Camera is at a ground angle slightly behind the cubs
    • walking towards the water hole. Zazu is visible in the sky
    • overhead.}
  225. Zazu: Step lively. The sooner we get to the water hole,
    the sooner we can leave.
  226. {Camera angle changes to the cubs from an immediate real
  227. Nala: {Whisper} So where we really going?
  228. Simba: {Whisper} An elephant graveyard.
  229. Nala: Wow!
  230. Simba: {Whisper} Shhh! Zazu.
  231. Nala: {Whisper} Right. So how are we gonna ditch the dodo?
  232. {Camera switch to just above Zazu. We hear the cubs
    whispering back and forth below}
  233. Simba: {Whispering} Oh, I know how we can--
  234. Zazu: {Flying down} Oh, just look at you two. Little seeds
    • of romance blossoming in the savannah. Your parents
    • will be thrilled... {He lands in front of them} ...what
    • with your being betrothed and all.
  235. Simba: Be-what?
  236. Zazu: Betrothed. Intended. Affianced.
  237. Nala: Meaning...?
  238. Zazu: {As though holding on to his coat lapels} One day,
    you two are going to be married!
  239. Simba: Yuck!
    Nala: Ewww.
  240. Simba: I can't marry her. She's my friend.
  241. Nala: Yeah. It'd be too weird.
  242. Zazu: Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but you two turtle-
    doves have no choice. It's a tradition...
  243. {Simba mimics Zazu during these last words}
  244. Zazu: ...going back generations.
  245. Simba: Well, when I'm king, that'll be the first thing to go.
  246. Zazu: Not so long as I'm around.
  247. {Start fading in intro to "I Just Can't Wait to Be King"}
  248. Simba: Well, in that case, you're fired.
  249. Zazu: Hmmm... Nice try, but only the king can do that. {Pokes
    Simba's nose}
  250. Nala: Well, he's the future king.
  251. Simba: Yeah. {Thumping Zazu's chest} So you have to do
    what I tell you.
  252. Zazu: Not yet I don't. And with an attitude like that, I'm
    • afraid you're shaping up to be a pretty pathetic king
    • indeed.
  253. Simba: Hmph. Not the way I see it.
  254. {Full song, colors change to wild pop-African. Background
    abruptly becomes surreal, brightly-colored cartoon style.}
  255. Simba: I'm gonna be a mighty king
    So enemies beware!
  256. Zazu: Well, I've never seen a king of beasts
  257. {Plucks Simba's hair where mane would be}
  258. With quite so little hair
  259. {Simba gets a mane of leaves}
  260. Simba: I'm gonna be the mane event
    Like no king was before
  261. {Climbs a log}
  262. I'm brushing up on looking down
    I'm working on my ROAR
  263. {On "ROAR" he shouts at Zazu, startling him backwards into
    a puddle}
  264. Zazu: {Drying on what appears to be a hanging towel}
    Thus far, a rather uninspiring thing
  265. {Camera pulls back; reveals the "towel" as the ear of a red
    • elephant which hits Zazu with its trunk as with a golf club,
    • sending him skipping like a stone across a shallow pool of
    • water; the cubs follow immediately.}
  266. Simba: Oh, I just can't wait to be king!
  267. Zazu: {Speaking} You've rather a long way to go, young master,
    if you think...
  268. {For this verse Zazu is making quick spoken-part replies
    • to each line. Simba and Nala are on each side of Zazu; as
    • he turns to talk to one, the other makes faces at him.}
  269. Simba: No one saying do this
  270. {Zazu: Now when I said that, I--}
  271. Nala: No one saying be there
  272. {Zazu: What I meant was...}
  273. Simba: No one saying stop that
  274. {Zazu: Look, what you don't realize...}
  275. Simba and Nala: No one saying see here
  276. {Zazu: Now see here!}
  277. Simba: Free to run around all day
  278. {Simba and Nala are now riding ostriches}
  279. {Zazu: Well, that's definitely out...}
  280. Simba: Free to do it all my way!
  281. Zazu: {Flying ahead of the cubs, looking back to speak to them
    • and so not paying attention ahead}
    • I think it's time that you and I
    • Arranged a heart to heart
  282. {Flies into a rhino}
  283. Simba: Kings don't need advice
    From little hornbills for a start
  284. {Lights on a branch}
  285. Zazu: If this is where the monarchy is headed
    • Count me out!
    • Out of service, out of Africa
    • I wouldn't hang about... aagh!
  286. {The camera pulls back to reveal Zazu has lighted on a log
    • being washed towards a waterfall. It disappears over the
    • edge. Zazu yells in surprise, but quickly reappears flying
    • towards and through the camera.}
  287. This child is getting wildly out of wing
  288. Simba: Oh, I just can't wait to be king!
  289. {The cubs trot up a corridor of zebras standing at attention;
    • when Zazu follows, they all turn and raise their tails; Zazu
    • covers himself with a wing.}
  290. {Nala and Simba dance about under a moving herd of elephants
    • while the African flute leads a short instrumental sequence.
    • Zazu flies overhead, looking for them. Simba ends up standing
    • on a giraffe's head.}
  291. Everybody look left {Zazu squawks as the herd tramples him}
    Everybody look right
  292. {Simba hops up a ladder of giraffe heads}
  293. Everywhere you look I'm
  294. {Sliding down a giraffe's neck into theatrical pose}
  295. Standing in the spotlight!
  296. Zazu: {Speaking, but in strict time} Not yet!
  297. Chorus: Let every creature go for broke and sing
    • Let's hear it in the herd and on the wing
    • It's gonna be King Simba's finest fling
  298. {The Chorus of hippos, anteaters, antelopes, giraffes, etc.
    forms a pyramid with the cubs on top}
  299. Simba & Chorus: Oh I just can't wait to be king!
    • Oh I just can't wait to be king!
    • Oh I just can't waaaaaait ... to be king!
  300. {The pyramid topples leaving the rhino sitting on Zazu}
  301. Zazu: {Muffled} I beg your pardon, madam, but... GET OFF! ...
    Simba? Nala?
  302. [Elephant Graveyard - Hyena Scene]
  303. {Camera change to Simba and Nala making their way away
    from Zazu. They are laughing.}
  304. Simba: All right, it worked!
  305. Nala: We lost 'im.
  306. Simba: {Arrogantly} I... am a genius.
  307. Nala: Hey, Genius, it was my idea.
  308. Simba: Yeah, but I pulled it off.
  309. Nala: With me!
  310. Simba: Oh yeah? ...Rrarr!
  311. {Simba jumps at Nala; they tussle quickly. Nala ends on
    • top and pins Simba with her forepaws, producing a
    • resounding thump.}
  312. Nala: Ha. Pinned ya.
  313. Simba: {Annoyed} Hey, lemme up.
  314. {Nala turns away smiling. Simba looks at her and jumps at her
    • again. They tussle, rolling down a short hill. She pins him
    • again in the same position with another thump.}
  315. Nala: Pinned ya again.
  316. {A geyser makes a loud noise nearby, ejecting steam.
    • The camera pulls back to a view of the surroundings that
    • the cubs have just noticed. Mostly in grays, we see a dark
    • craggy vale filled with skeletons of elephants. Eerie
    • music.}
  317. Simba: This is it. We made it.
  318. {They look over the edge of the ledge they are on. A large
    • bull elephant skull is nearby. The camera follows to survey the
    • entire bleak view.}
  319. Simba and Nala: Whoa!
  320. Nala: It's really creepy.
  321. Simba: Yeah... Isn't it great?
  322. Nala: {Relishing her naughtiness} We could get in big
  323. Simba: {Enjoying it also} I know, huh.
  324. Nala: {Looking at the skull} I wonder if its brains are
    still in there.
  325. Simba: {Walking towards the skull} There's only one way to
    know. Come on. Let's go check it out.
  326. {Simba walks towards the mouth of the skull. Zazu flaps
    • suddenly up in front of them, emitting a sharp squawk of
    • "Wrong!" and giving the audience a start.}
  327. Zazu: The only checking out you will do will be to check
    out of here.
  328. Simba: Aw, man.
  329. Zazu: We're way beyond the boundary of the Pride Lands.
  330. Simba: Huh. Look. Banana Beak is scared. Heh.
  331. Zazu: {Poking Simba in the nose} That's Mr. Banana Beak to you,
    fuzzy. And right now we are all in very real danger.
  332. {Simba has moved nearer to the entrance of the skull}
  333. Simba: Danger? Hah! I walk on the wild side. I laugh in
    the face of danger. Ha ha ha ha!
  334. {Following Simba's confident laughter we hear more
    • laughing from inside the skull. Simba runs back and hides
    • behind Nala and Zazu. Three hyenas emerge from the skull's
    • eyes and mouth.}
  335. Shenzi: Well, well, well, Banzai. What have we got here?
  336. Banzai: Hmm. I don't know, Shenzi. Uh... what do you think,
  337. Ed: {Crazy laughter}
  338. {They circle around the cubs and Zazu.}
  339. Banzai: Yeah, just what I was thinking. A trio of
  340. Zazu: And quite by accident, let me assure you. A simple
    navigational error. Eh heh heh...
  341. Shenzi: Whoa, whoa, wait wait wait... I know you.
    • {peering close into the camera} You're Mufasa's
    • little stooge.
  342. Zazu: I, madam, am the king's majordomo.
  343. Banzai: {Looking at Simba} And that would make you...?
  344. Simba: The future king.
  345. Shenzi: Do you know what we do to kings who step out of
    their kingdom?
  346. Simba: Puh. You can't do anything to me.
  347. Zazu: Uhh... technically, they can. We are on their land.
  348. Simba: But Zazu, you told me they're nothing but
    slobbering mangy stupid poachers.
  349. Zazu: {Aside, surreptitiously, to Simba} Ix-nay on the
  350. Banzai: Who you callin' "oopid-stay?!?"
  351. Zazu: {Harried} My, my, my. Look at the sun. {starts to
    try to hasten the cubs away} It's time to go!
  352. Shenzi: What's the hurry? We'd looove you to stick around
    for dinner.
  353. Banzai: Yeaaaah! We could have whatever's... "lion" around! {In
    the background} Get it? Lion around! {laughs}
  354. Shenzi: Oh wait, wait, wait. I got one, I got one. Make
    mine a "cub" sandwich. Whatcha think?
  355. {Peals of uncontrollable laughter. Ed jumps up and starts
    gesticulating and jabbering.}
  356. Shenzi: What? Ed? What is it?
  357. Banzai: {Looking where Ed is pointing} Hey, did we order
    this dinner to go?
  358. Shenzi: No. Why?
  359. Banzai: 'Cause there it goes!
  360. {Camera view to the cubs running off; they stop after a
    • bit. Quick camera jump showing Zazu being caught in
    • mid-flight.}
  361. Nala: Did we lose 'em?
  362. Simba: I think so. Where's Zazu?
  363. {Camera switch. The hyenas have Zazu near a steam vent.
    Banzai is holding the bird.}
  364. Banzai: The little majordomo bird hippity-hopped all the
    • way to the birdie-boiler. {He walks Zazu to the vent
    • and stuffs him into it, plugging it up.}
  365. Zazu: Oh no. Not the birdie-boiler. {It shoots him off in
    a puff of steam}
  366. {The hyenas start laughing hysterically}
  367. Simba: {Now near the hyenas} Hey! Why don't you pick on
    somebody your own size?
  368. Shenzi: Like... you?
  369. Simba: Oops.
  370. {The hyenas start chasing the cubs. They dart around behind
    them and poke their heads through an active methane vent.}
  371. Shenzi, Banzai, Ed: BOO! {laughter}
  372. {The hyenas chase the cubs up and over the skull and the cubs
    • slip away by sliding down the spine. They shoot off the end of the
    • spine and land on a hillside of bones.}
  373. Nala: Simba!
  374. {Simba turns around and is horrified to see Nala slipping back down
    the pile.}
  375. Nala: Aaaaiee!
  376. {Simba runs bravely back and claws Shenzi across the cheek, drawing
    • blood and distracting her while Nala escapes. Shenzi becomes enraged;
    • the Hyenas pursue the cubs quickly and corner them in a cave.}
  377. ************** CUT LINES *********************************
    • {For a reason unknown to me, the following line was cut.
    • It appeared on story boards and even in the promotional
    • pamphlet for the movie [as well as on the first series of
    • collector's cards -BT]. It must have been cut fairly late
    • in production.}
  378. Shenzi: Look, boys! A king fit for a meal!
  379. **********************************************************
  380. Banzai: {Entering the cave, taunting} Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.
  381. {Simba tries to roar. He produces a nice medium yowl.}
  382. Shenzi: Oo-hoo... that was it? Hah. Do it again... come on.
  383. {Simba opens his mouth to roar again, but we hear a full-
    grown lion roar.}
  384. Shenzi, Banzai, Ed: Huh?!
  385. {Mufasa charges the hyenas from camera left and knocks them about
    until they are cringing under him.}
  386. Shenzi: Oh, please, please. Uncle. Uncle.
    Banzai: Ow. Ow. Ow.
  387. Mufasa: {Half roar} Silence!
  388. Banzai: Oh, we're gonna shut up right now.
  389. Shenzi: Calm down. We're really sorry.
  390. Mufasa: If you ever come near my son again...
  391. Shenzi: Oh this is... this is your son?!?
  392. Banzai: Oh, your son?
  393. Shenzi: Did you know that?
  394. Banzai: No... me? I-I-I didn't know it. No. Did you?
  395. Shenzi: No! Of course not.
  396. Banzai: No.
  397. Shenzi and Banzai: Ed?
  398. Ed: {Stupidly nods yes}
  399. {Mufasa roars}
  400. Banzai: Toodles!
  401. {With a gunshot sound they disappear. Zazu lights in front of
    • Mufasa, giving him a "that'll show 'em" nod... but then withers
    • under Mufasa's angry glare.}
  402. Simba: {Approaching his father} Dad, I...
  403. Mufasa: You deliberately disobeyed me.
  404. Simba: Dad, I'm... I'm sorry.
  405. Mufasa: {Stern} Let's go home.
  406. {They all start walking out of the Burial Grounds, the
    cubs bent down in shame.}
  407. Nala: {Whispering} I thought you were very brave.
  408. {The camera steadily pans up one of the walls of the cave.
    • It stops on a horrifying image of Scar, standing on a ledge
    • where he had been watching the cubs' near-demise.}
  409. [Disciplinary - Stars Scene]
  410. {Camera switch to out on the savannah. The cubs are still
    • walking in a shamed manner behind Mufasa. Zazu is flying
    • between.}
  411. Mufasa: {Still stern} Zazu?
  412. Zazu: {Flying forward and lighting in front of Mufasa, his
    trepidation showing} Yes, sire?
  413. Mufasa: {Stern} Take Nala home. I've got to teach my son a
  414. {The camera views the cubs. Simba crouches lower in the
    grass as if to hide. Zazu flies back to the cubs.}
  415. Zazu: Come, Nala. Simba... {puts his wings on Simba's
    • shoulders, gives a heavy sigh, and then a reassuring pat}
    • Good luck.
  416. {Zazu and Nala leave. The camera view is of Simba in the
    • foreground with Mufasa facing away from the camera in the
    • background.}
  417. Mufasa: {Calling, still very stern, not looking at Simba}
    Simba! {The word reverberates in the night air.}
  418. {Simba slowly turns and walks towards his father. The
    • camera follows him forward. Ominous yet sad music. Simba
    • steps into a depression. Looking down he sees that his
    • forepaw fits inside just the palmprint of his father's
    • paw. A very tense moment for Simba. It comes across to the
    • audience that his father could easily do much, much more
    • than discipline Simba. [It also comes across that Simba has
    • some rather big shoes to fill, so to speak, and is only now
    • realizing his true position. -BT] Simba is harshly reminded
    • of how small and young he is compared to his father. He looks
    • up and, quite courageously, continues to come forward.}
  419. {Mufasa thinks silently for a few moments, not looking at his
    son. Then, finally, he turns to him.}
  420. Mufasa: Simba, I'm very disappointed in you.
  421. Simba: {Very quietly and sadly} I know.
  422. Mufasa: {Continuing} You could have been killed. You
    • deliberately disobeyed me. And what's worse, you put
    • Nala in danger!
  423. Simba: {Bordering on crying, voice cracks} I was just
    trying to be brave like you.
  424. Mufasa: I'm only brave when I have to be. Simba... being
    brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble.
  425. Simba: But you're not scared of anything.
  426. Mufasa: I was today.
  427. Simba: {Disbelieving} You were?
  428. Mufasa: Yes... {bends down close to Simba} I thought I might lose you.
  429. Simba: Oh. {Lightening slightly} I guess even kings get
    scared, huh?
  430. Mufasa: Mm-hmm.
  431. Simba: {Whispering conspiratorially} But you know what?
  432. Mufasa: {Whispering back} What?
  433. Simba: I think those hyenas were even scareder.
  434. Mufasa: {Gentle laugh} 'Cause nobody messes with your dad.
    Come here, you.
  435. {Mufasa has bent down. He picks Simba up and starts
    giving him a noogie.}
  436. Simba: Oh no, no... Aaagh! Errrggh!
  437. {Music rises as Simba and Mufasa tussle playfully for a
    brief while.}
  438. Simba: Oh, come here... {as Mufasa runs away} Hah! Gotcha!
  439. {They end up with Mufasa laid down and Simba
    on his head}
  440. Simba: Dad?
  441. Mufasa: Hmm?
  442. Simba: We're pals, right?
  443. Mufasa: {Gentle laugh} Right.
  444. Simba: And we'll always be together, right?
  445. Mufasa: {Sitting up, Simba now on his shoulder} Simba... Let
    • me tell you something that my father told me... Look
    • at the stars. The great kings of the past look down on
    • us from those stars.
  446. Simba: {Awed} Really?
  447. Mufasa: Yes... So whenever you feel alone, just remember
    • that those kings will always be there to guide you ...
    • And so will I.
  448. [Be Prepared Scene]
  449. {Camera switch from stars to Hyena cave. As we move into the
    • cave, we first hear Banzai's voice and eventually see
    • Banzai and Ed together with Shenzi to the side.}
  450. Banzai: Man, that lousy Mufasa! I won't be able to sit for
    • a week! {We notice numerous scratches on Banzai's
    • rear}
  451. Ed: {Laughs}
  452. Banzai: It's not funny, Ed.
  453. Ed: {Tries to stop laughing, but bursts out worse}
  454. Banzai: Hey, shut up!
  455. Ed: {Can NOT stop laughing}
  456. {Banzai tackles Ed; they start fighting.}
  457. Shenzi: Will you knock it off!
  458. {Banzai stops. Ed continues, biting himself in the leg.}
  459. Banzai: Well, he started it!
  460. Shenzi: Look at you guys. No wonder we're dangling at the
    bottom of the food chain.
  461. Banzai: {With drool dangling from his mouth} Man, I hate
  462. Shenzi: Shyeah? You know, if it weren't for those lions,
    we'd be runnin' the joint.
  463. Banzai: Yeah. Man, I hate lions.
  464. Shenzi: So pushy.
  465. Banzai: And hairy.
  466. Shenzi: And stinky.
  467. Banzai: And man, are they...
  468. Shenzi and Banzai: UuuugLY! {laughter}
  469. Scar: {From his perch we saw in the Hyena chase} Oh,
    surely we lions are not all THAT bad.
  470. Banzai: Ohh. {relieved from the surprise} Oh, Scar, it's
    just you.
  471. Shenzi: We were afraid it was somebody important.
  472. Banzai: Yeah, you know, like Mufasa.
  473. Shenzi: Yeah.
  474. Scar: I see.
  475. Banzai: Now that's power.
  476. Shenzi: Tell me about it. I just hear that name and
    I shudder.
  477. Banzai: Mufasa.
  478. Shenzi: {Shivering} Ooooh. ... Do it again.
  479. Banzai: Mufasa.
  480. Shenzi: Ooooh!
  481. Banzai: Mufasa. Mufasa! Mufasa!
  482. Shenzi: {Builds up hysterical laughter} ...Oooh! It tingles me.
  483. Scar: I'm surrounded by idiots.
  484. Banzai: Not you, Scar; I mean, you're one of us. I mean,
    you're our pal.
  485. Scar: {Sarcastic} Charmed.
  486. Shenzi: Ohh, I like that. He's not king, but he's still so
  487. Banzai: Yeah. Hey, hey. Did ya bring us anything to eat,
    Scar, old buddy, old pal? Huh? Did-ya-did-ya-did-ya?
  488. Scar: I don't think you really deserve this. {Holds out a
    • zebra haunch.} I practically gift-wrapped those cubs for
    • you. {Drops leg to Hyenas} And you couldn't even
    • dispose of them. {Intro fade-in on Be Prepared}
  489. Shenzi: {Chewing with full mouth} Well, ya know. It wasn't
    exactly like they was alone, Scar.
  490. Banzai: Yeah. What are we supposed to do-- {swallow} kill
  491. Scar: Precisely.
  492. {The three hyenas pause from eating and look up at Scar
  493. {Three-top flutter to coincide with Scar's
    leaps down to the Hyenas.}
  494. ************** CUT LINES *********************************
    • {Due to plot adjustment, the intro lines to the music
    • track Be Prepared were cut. They were originally a
    • monologue of Scar trying to decide on using the Hyenas or
    • not. These were cut presumably to allow for the earlier
    • entrapment of the cubs being credited to Scar. The monologue
    • does, however, appear on the soundtrack.}
  495. Scar: {Spoken over what is now faded intro}
    • I never thought hyenas essential.
    • They're crude and unspeakably plain.
    • But maybe they've a glimmer of potential
    • If allied to my vision and brain.
  496. **********************************************************
  497. {Scar walks calmly through sheets of flame and gas into the
    camera over the opening bit of the song}
  498. Scar: {Full song}
  499. {Scar paces slowly around Ed, who is chewing on the remnants
    of the zebra leg}
  500. I know that your powers of retention
    • Are as wet as a warthog's backside
    • But thick as you are, pay attention
  501. {He angrily swats the bone away; Ed comes to abrupt attention}
  502. My words are a matter of pride
  503. It's clear from your vacant expressions
    The lights are not all on upstairs
  504. {Waving his paw in front of Ed's blank eyes to make his point;
    Ed's tongue lolls out}
  505. But we're talking kings and successions
    Even you can't be caught unawares
  506. {Shenzi and Banzai are laughing on a ledge behind him; on
    • "you," Scar turns and leaps at them, throwing them backward
    • onto a pair of geysers, which then erupt, throwing the two
    • hyenas into the air.}
  507. {In the next verse, Scar is strutting theatrically along a
    ledge which runs around back to the floor.}
  508. So prepare for a chance of a lifetime
    • Be prepared for sensational news
    • A shining new era
    • Is tiptoeing nearer
  509. Shenzi:
    And where do we feature?
  510. Scar: {Grabbing Shenzi's cheek}
    Just listen to teacher
  511. {Shenzi rubs her cheek, which is now bruised red}
  512. I know it sounds sordid
    • But you'll be rewarded
    • When at last I am given my dues
    • And injustice deliciously squared
  513. {Scar leaps up beside Ed, who is again chewing on the bone,
    and here kicks him off the ledge}
  514. Be prepared!
  515. {The three hyenas land in a pile of bones and are submerged;
    • they reappear, each with a different horned skull on his
    • head.}
  516. {Spoken}
  517. Banzai: Yeah, Be prepared. Yeah-heh... we'll be prepared, heh.
    ...For what?
  518. Scar: For the death of the king.
  519. Banzai: Why? Is he sick?
  520. {Scar grabs Banzai by the throat}
  521. Scar: No, fool-- we're going to kill him. Simba too.
  522. {Dropping Banzai back onto the floor}
  523. Shenzi: Great idea! Who needs a king?
  524. Shenzi (and then Banzai): {Sing-song voices, dancing around Banzai}
    No king! No king! la--la-la--la-laa-laa!
  525. Scar: Idiots! There will be a king!
  526. Banzai: Hey, but you said, uh...
  527. Scar: I will be king! ...Stick with me {triumphant, toothy grin}, and
    you'll never go hungry again!
  528. Shenzi and Banzai: Yaay! All right! Long live the king!
  529. {Camera reveals hundreds of more hyenas in the shadows.}
  530. All Hyenas: Long live the king! Long live the king!
  531. {Full song again}
  532. {Scar's army of hyenas is goose-stepping across the floor
    of the cave, now stylized into a Nazi-esque quadrangle}
  533. Hyenas: {In tight, crisp phrasing and diction}
    • It's great that we'll soon be connected.
    • With a king who'll be all-time adored.
  534. Scar:
    • Of course, quid pro quo, you're expected
    • To take certain duties on board
  535. {Motions a slice across the neck}
  536. The future is littered with prizes
    • And though I'm the main addressee
    • The point that I must emphasize is
  537. {Leaps off his rock throne to single out one hapless hyena}
  538. You won't get a sniff without me!
  539. {That hyena slips and falls into a fiery crevice}
  540. {Throughout the next verse, the entire horde of hyenas joins
    • in dancing boisterously, leaping along the tops of rock
    • pillars, shaking animal skeletons in the light, one playing
    • a rib cage/xylophone.}
  541. {The paranthetical parts are the hyenas' counterpoint singing}
  542. So prepare for the coup of the century
    • (Oooh!)
    • Be prepared for the murkiest scam
    • (Oooh... La! La! La!) {rear ends punctuating}
    • Meticulous planning
    • (We'll have food!)
    • Tenacity spanning
    • (Lots of food)
    • Decades of denial
    • (We repeat)
    • Is simply why I'll
    • (Endless meat)
    • Be king undisputed
    • (Aaaaaaah...)
    • Respected, saluted
    • (...aaaaaaah...)
    • And seen for the wonder I am
    • (...aaaaaaah!)
  543. Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared
    • (Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo)
    • Be prepared!
  544. All (Even Ed, who can be heard growling and snarling an
    • approximation of the lines):
    • Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bared
    • Be prepared!
  545. {Close with a fill-in and a fade-out. Scar and the hyenas are
    • laughing evilly. Drum roll rises to a crash coinciding with the
    • panoramic opening of the next scene.}
  546. [Stampede Scene]
  547. {Camera switch to a view of a large canyon. Cloud shadows scroll slowly
    over the landscape.}
  548. Scar: Now you wait here. Your father has a marvelous
    surprise for you.
  549. {Camera switch to bottom of the gully. Scar and Simba are
    near a rock, underneath a small tree.}
  550. Simba: Oooh. What is it?
  551. Scar: If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise, now would
  552. Simba: If you tell me, I'll still act surprised.
  553. Scar: Ho ho ho. You are such a naughty boy.
  554. Simba: Come on, Uncle Scar.
  555. Scar: No-no-no-no-no-no-no. This is just for you and your daddy.
    You know, a sort of... father-son... thing.
  556. {Through Simba's expression, we see that he resents Scar's dismissive
    attitude, but soon shrugs it off.}
  557. Scar: Well! I'd better go get him.
  558. Simba: I'll go with you.
  559. Scar: {Loud, snapping tone} No! {regaining composure} Heh heh heh.
    • No. Just stay on this rock. You wouldn't want to end up in
    • another mess like you did with the hyenas...
  560. Simba: {Shocked} You know about that?
  561. Scar: Simba, everybody knows about that.
  562. Simba: {Meek and embarrassed} Really?
  563. Scar: Oh, yes. Lucky Daddy was there to save you, eh? {clearly
    • enjoying himself; he puts a paw on Simba's shoulder} Oh...
    • and just between us, you might want to work on that little
    • roar of yours. Hmm?
  564. {Scar starts to pull away}
  565. Simba: Oh... Okay...
  566. {Scar pats Simba roughly on the head, then moves off.}
  567. Simba: Hey, Uncle Scar, will I like the surprise?
  568. Scar: {Turning back over his shoulder} Simba, it's to DIE for.
  569. {The camera slowly pans up the side of the gorge away from
    • Scar and Simba. After a distance of rock, we reach the
    • edge and view on the plain a very large herd of
    • wildebeest; the size of the herd comes across with a striking
    • computer-generated parallax pan. The camera then focuses in on the
    • hyenas (Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed), who are waiting off of the edge
    • of the herd, hidden under a rock arch.}
  570. Banzai: {Stomach growls}
  571. Shenzi: Shut up.
  572. Banzai: I can't help it. I'm so hungry... {jumping up} I
    gotta have a wildebeest!
  573. Shenzi: Stay put.
  574. Banzai: Well... can't I just pick off one of the little sick ones?
  575. Shenzi: No! We wait for the signal from Scar.
  576. {Camera switch to Scar mounting a rock in view of the hyenas}
  577. Shenzi: There he is... {making an evil, almost humorous face}
    let's go.
  578. {Camera switch back to Simba}
  579. Simba: Little roar. Puh!
  580. {A lizard walks past Simba. He growls at it.}
  581. Simba: Rarrr!
  582. {The lizard has no reaction to this first attempt. Simba then
    jumps down and tries again.}
  583. Simba: Rrrraowr-nh!
  584. {For the third attempt, Simba moves closer again and inhales
  585. Simba: RAOWR!
  586. {The lizard skitters off screen. Simba's roar echoes around the canyon.
    • Shot of Simba lifting his ears to relish the echo. The echo is
    • soon eclipsed, however, by a low rumble. Simba looks
    • down and sees pebbles jumping. Cue the very sinister "To Die For"
    • music. We see the herd coming over the lip of the gorge. Dramatic
    • multi-layer camera pull up to Simba's terrified face. Simba takes
    • off in front of the herd.}
  587. {Cut to the rim of the gorge, where the Hyenas are seen chasing
    • the wildebeest herd, nipping at their heels to drive them over
    • the edge. Camera switch to Mufasa and Zazu a short distance from
    • the canyon.}
  588. Zazu: Oh look, sire; the herd is on the move.
  589. Mufasa: Odd...
  590. {Scar runs up, out of breath}
  591. Scar: Mufasa. Quick. Stampede. In the gorge. Simba's down
  592. Mufasa: Simba?
  593. {Camera switch to Simba. He is running and climbs up a
    • dead tree. Zazu flies ahead of Mufasa and Scar, down into
    • the canyon. He spots Simba.}
  594. Simba: {Clinging precariously to a tree} Zazu! Help me!!
  595. Zazu: Your father is on the way! Hold on!
  596. Simba: {Losing grip} Hurry!
  597. {Mufasa and Scar are on the lower ledges of the gorge.
    Zazu flies back to Mufasa and points out where Simba is.}
  598. Zazu: There! There! On that tree!
  599. Mufasa: Hold on, Simba!
  600. {In the gully, a wildebeest rams the tree Simba's on,
    nearly breaking it.}
  601. Simba: Ahhhh!
  602. {Mufasa runs out into the herd, joining the stampede.}
  603. Zazu: Oh Scar, this is awful. What will we do? What will
    • we do? Hah ... I'll go back for help, that's what I'll
    • do, I'll go back for he--oomph!
  604. {Scar backhands Zazu into a rock wall, knocking him out.
    • Scar then follows Mufasa's progress from the lip of the
    • gorge, his shadow cast mysteriously from the bottom of the
    • gully {!}. Mufasa runs with the herd till slightly past the
    • tree. He whips around the front of some wildebeest and
    • runs into the herd towards Simba's tree. He gets rammed
    • head-first once, throwing him to the ground. A wildebeest
    • hits Simba's tree, throwing Simba into the air. Mufasa gets
    • up in time to catch Simba in the air with his mouth. He
    • gets hit again and accidentally throws Simba. Simba dodges
    • a few oncoming wildebeest. Mufasa runs by with the herd
    • and grabs Simba. He jumps up to a near rock ledge and sets
    • Simba down, but is immediately struck by a wildebeest and
    • carried off into the stampede.}
  605. Simba: DAD!
  606. {Simba watches in horror as he cannot find his father in
    • the swirling mass of wildebeest below him. At the last
    • second, Mufasa leaps out of the herd and starts to climb
    • with great difficulty up the sheer rock slope. Simba
    • turns and starts to climb up to the top of the gorge. Out
    • of Simba's sight, Mufasa reaches a point right below a
    • ledge where he can't climb due to the steepness. His claws are
    • scraping and his back paws have no traction. Above him on
    • the ledge is Scar.}
  607. Mufasa: Scar! Broth-- {slips, barely hangs on} Brother! Help me!
  608. {Scar looks disdainfully down, and then suddenly latches
    • onto Mufasa's forepaws with claws extended. Mufasa roars,
    • primarily from the sudden pain of Scar's claws, but no doubt also
    • due to the sudden flash of realization. His expression slowly
    • changes to one of horror as he recognizes Scar's intent.}
  609. Scar: {Slowly and evilly} Long live the king.
  610. {Scar throws his brother backwards. Mufasa free-falls,
    • back first. The camera follows Mufasa down from under him,
    • then from above him, showing the stampede raging below.}
  611. Mufasa: Aaaaaaahh!
  612. {Camera suddenly focuses in on Simba, who is watching his
    • father hit the ground. No sound effects of the hit. No
    • view of it either. Mufasa and Simba's screams mingle.}
  613. Simba: Nooooooo!
  614. {The herd passes. Everything is clouded by dust. Simba
    • bounds to the canyon floor. Mufasa is nowhere to be
    • seen.}
  615. Simba: {Cough} Dad!!
  616. {We hear a sound}
  617. Simba: {Quietly} Dad?
  618. {We see a stray wildebeest run past, the source of the
    • sound. The wildebeest curves around a log further down the
    • gully. Under the log is Mufasa, laying on his side. He is
    • not moving or breathing. Simba approaches the body. Sad
    • musical theme. Again we notice how small Simba really is.}
  619. Simba: {Hopefully} Dad? ...Dad, come on. {He rubs up
    • against Mufasa's cheek. The head merely rolls back in
    • place after the rub} You gotta get up. {He places both
    • forepaws on his father's cheek and pushes} Dad. We gotta go
    • home. {He tugs at Mufasa's ear. Again the head limply
    • moves back in place. Simba runs off a bit, obviously
    • very scared.} HEEEEELP! Somebody! {His voice reverberates
    • hollowly off the sides of the gorge.} Anybody... help.
  620. {He cries. Simba turns back to the body. He nuzzles up under the
    limp paw so that his father is embracing him. Pause for effect.}
  621. {Where the music would resolve, we hit a minor chord as
    the image of Scar advancing appears through the dust.}
  622. Scar: Simba. ...What have you done?
  623. Simba: {Jumps back, crying} There were wildebeests and he
    • tried to save me... it was an accident, I... I didn't
    • mean for it to happen.
  624. Scar: {Embracing Simba, yet still distant} Of course, of
    • course you didn't. No one... ever means {pulls Simba
    • closer; Simba hides his face on Scar's foreleg} for
    • these things to happen. ...But the king IS dead. {looking
    • with mock regret at Simba) And if it weren't for you, he'd
    • still be alive. {Simba is crushed, believing his guilt.
    • Another thought "occurs" to Scar.} Oh! What will your
    • mother think?
  625. Simba: {Sniffing} What am I gonna do?
  626. Scar: Run away, Simba. Run... Run away and never return.
  627. {Simba runs off blindly, obviously broken. Slight pause,
    • for the audience to catch its emotional breath. Music ends.
    • The three hyenas appear behind Scar.}
  628. Scar: Kill him.
  629. {The hyenas take off after him; Scar stands motionless.
    • Simba is chased up the entire length of the gully. He
    • reaches the lip only to see a sheer drop on the other
    • side. Having no choice he jumps and tumbles down into a
    • patch of briars below. The hyenas pursue the entire way.
    • When the are running down towards the briars, Banzai sees
    • them and recoils.
  630. Banzai: Whoa!!
  631. {After skidding extensively, Banzai manages to stop just above
    • the brambles. He heaves a sigh of relief. Then Shenzi and Ed run
    • into him, propelling him into the bushes.}
  632. Banzai: Yeow! {Jumping back out of the bushes}
  633. {Shenzi and Ed are laughing}
  634. Shenzi: {Seeing Simba emerge from the far side of the
    briars into the desert} Hey-- There he goes! There he goes!
  635. Banzai: {Removing thorns} So go get 'im.
  636. Shenzi: There ain't no way I'm going in there. What, you
    • want me to come out there looking like you? Cactus
    • Butt?
  637. Banzai: {Spitting out thorns into Ed's laughing face; Ed
    lets out a small yelp of pain} We gotta finish the job.
  638. Shenzi: Well, he's as good as dead out there anyway. And
    IF he comes back, we'll kill him.
  639. Banzai: {Shouting} Yeah! you hear that? If you ever come
    back, we'll kill ya!!!
  640. {"Kill ya" echoes off as we see Simba still running into the
    • desert. The Hyenas make their way off the cliffs back to
    • the Pride Lands.}
  641. [Address and Depaint Scene]
  642. {Camera change to Scar addressing the lionesses by the
    moon on Pride Rock.}
  643. Scar: Mufasa's death was a terrible tragedy; but to lose
    Simba, who had barely begun to live...
  644. {Camera pans around the lionesses. Some of them, with Zazu, are
    • comforting Sarabi, who bends her head in extreme pain. Nala is
    • rubbing against her mother's paw, crying.}
  645. Scar: ...For me it is a deep personal loss. So it is with a
    • heavy heart that I assume the throne. Yet, out of the
    • ashes of this tragedy, we shall rise to greet the
    • dawning of a new era... {The hyenas start emerging, casting
    • eerie green shadows and laughing hollowly}
    • which lion and hyena come together, in a great and
    • glorious future! {Scar ascends Pride Rock as the hyenas
    • appear in full force.}
  646. {The camera pans to Rafiki who is shaking his head in the
    • distance. The scene changes with Rafiki in the same position.
    • He is in his tree house. After wiping away a tear, he
    • reaches up and rubs his hand across the cub painting,
    • smearing it. The camera changes. The painting, smeared, is
    • overlaid on Simba laying out in the hot desert sun.}
  647. [Buzzards - Intro to Hakuna Matata Scene]
  648. {Buzzards are circling the cub's body. One descends, then
    • all. They circle around it. With a blast of music, Timon
    • riding Pumbaa appears and dives into the midst of the
    • buzzards. They slap and kick the buzzards all away.}
  649. Timon: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaahh! Get out! Get out! Get
    outta here! Whoo!
  650. Pumbaa: I love it! Bowling for buzzards!
  651. Timon: {Laughing, dusting himself off} Gets 'em every time.
  652. Pumbaa: {Looking at Simba} Uh-oh. Hey Timon. You better
    come look. I think it's still alive.
  653. Timon: Ewww...
  654. {Timon walks to the front of Simba. He is lying with his
    paw over his face.}
  655. Timon: All righty, what have we got here? {he smells
  656. {He tries to lift Simba's paw. He can't. He gets under it
    • and with a great push gets it above his head. He sees
    • Simba's face.}
  657. Timon: Jeez, it's a lion! {Jumping up on Pumbaa} Run,
    Pumbaa! Move it!
  658. Pumbaa: Hey, Timon. It's just a little lion. Look at him.
    He's so cute, and all alone! Can we keep him?
  659. Timon: {Yelling into Pumbaa's ear, which creates a reverberating
    • effect} Pumbaa, are you nuts? We're talking about a lion.
    • Lions eat guys like us.
  660. Pumbaa: But he's so little.
  661. {He leans over to regard Simba, and accidentally dumps Timon
    from his head.}
  662. Timon: He's gonna get bigger.
  663. Pumbaa: {Seen from Timon's point of view on the ground, with a
    huge nose) Maybe he'll be on our side.
  664. Timon: A--huh! That's the stupidest thing I ever heard. Maybe
    • he'll b-- ...Hey, I got it! What if he's on our side?
    • You know, having a lion around might not be such a bad
    • idea.
  665. Pumbaa: So we keeping 'im?
  666. Timon: Of course. Who's the brains in this outfit?
  667. {Pumbaa scoops Simba up on his tusks}
  668. Pumbaa: Uhhh...
  669. Timon: My point exactly. Jeez, I'm fried. Let's get out of
    here and find some shade.
  670. {Pumbaa trots off with Timon on his back and carrying Simba.}
  671. [Hakuna Matata Scene]
  672. {Camera switch to Pumbaa, Timon, and Simba near a pool of
    • water and oasis. Simba has been laid near the water. Timon
    • splashes some water in Simba's face. Simba stirs.}
  673. Timon: You okay, kid?
  674. Simba: I guess so.
  675. Pumbaa: You nearly died.
  676. Timon: I saved you.
  677. Pumbaa: {Snorts at Timon}
  678. Timon: Well, uh, Pumbaa helped. A little.
  679. Simba: {Dully} Thanks for your help.
  680. {Simba heads off quietly back out towards the desert.}
  681. Timon: Hey, where you going?
  682. Simba: Nowhere.
  683. Timon: {Watching Simba, talking to Pumbaa} Gee. He looks
  684. Pumbaa: I'd say brownish-gold.
  685. Timon: No, no, no, no. I mean he's depressed.
  686. Pumbaa: Oh.
  687. {Pumbaa trots up to Simba}
  688. Pumbaa: Hey kid, what's eatin' ya?
  689. Timon: Nothing; he's at the top of the food chain!
    • Ahhhhhhha ha haaa! The food cha-haain! {Pumbaa and Simba
    • stare at him silently} Ha ha hum... ahem. {Realizing his
    • joke flopped} So, where you from...?
  690. Simba: Who cares? I can't go back.
  691. Timon: Ahh. You're an outcast! That's great, so are we.
  692. Pumbaa: What'cha do, kid?
  693. Simba: Something terrible. But I don't wanna talk about it.
  694. Timon: Good. We don't wanna hear about it.
  695. Pumbaa: {To Timon} Come on, Timon. {To Simba} Anything we
    can do?
  696. Simba: Not unless you can change the past.
  697. Pumbaa: You know, kid, in times like this my buddy Timon
    here says, "You got to put your behind in your past..."
  698. Timon: {Waving arms} No. No. No.
  699. Pumbaa: I mean...
  700. Timon: Amateur. Lie down before you hurt yourself. {to Simba}
    • It's "You got to put your past behind you." Look, kid. Bad
    • things happen, and you can't do anything about it, right?
  701. Simba: Right.
  702. Timon: {Pokes Simba's nose} Wrong! When the world turns its back
    on you, you turn your back on the world.
  703. Simba: Well, that's not what I was taught.
  704. Timon: Then maybe you need a new lesson. Repeat after me.
    {Clears throat} Hakuna Matata.
  705. Simba: {Still lethargic} What?
  706. Pumbaa: Ha-ku-na Ma-ta-ta. It means "No worries."
  707. {Full Song, no fade in except in marimba chords}
  708. Timon:
    • Hakuna Matata!
    • What a wonderful phrase
  709. Pumbaa:
    • Hakuna Matata!
    • Ain't no passing craze
  710. Timon:
    • It means no worries
    • For the rest of your days
  711. {Timon pulls Simba over to a green bush and leans him back on it.}
  712. Both:
    • It's our problem-free
    • Philosophy
  713. Timon: {Filing down one of Simba's claws}
    Hakuna Matata!
  714. {Spoken section over background}
  715. Simba: Hakuna matata?
  716. Pumbaa: Yeah, it's our motto.
  717. Simba: What's a motto?
  718. Timon: Nothing! What's a motto with you? Ahh ha ha ha...
  719. Pumbaa: {Laughing} You know, kid-- These two words will
    solve all your problems.
  720. Timon: That's right! Take Pumbaa for example.
  721. {Back into song}
  722. Timon:
    Why, when he was a young warthog...
  723. Pumbaa: {Italian counter-tenor range}
    When I was a young wart hoooog!
  724. Timon: {Speaking, cleaning ear} Very nice.
  725. Pumbaa: Thanks!
  726. Timon: {Singing}
    • He found his aroma lacked a certain appeal
    • He could clear the savannah after every meal
  727. Pumbaa:
    • I'm a sensitive soul, though I seem thick-skinned
    • And it hurt that my friends never stood downwind
  728. And oh, the shame
    • {Timon: He was ashamed!}
    • Thoughta changin' my name
    • {Oh, what's in a name?}
    • And I got downhearted
    • {How did you feel?}
    • Ev'rytime that I...
  729. Timon: {Speaking} Pumbaa! Not in front of the kids!
  730. Pumbaa: {Speaking} Oh... sorry.
  731. {String pizzicato. Simba looks into the camera, surprised.}
  732. {Simba watches with growing interest as Timon hoists Pumbaa into a
    vine loop above his head, where he begins swinging.}
  733. Pumbaa and Timon:
    • Hakuna Matata!
    • What a wonderful phrase
    • Hakuna Matata!
    • Ain't no passing craze
  734. Simba: {After becoming more and more enthusiastic, he finally
    • joins in singing, a spotlight falling on him.)
    • It means no worries
    • For the rest of your days
  735. Timon: {Not singing, doing a vaudeville knee-slide up to Simba}
    Yeah, sing it, kid!
  736. Simba and Timon:
    • It's our problem-free ...........
    • Pumbaa: {Landing next to them, with a flatulent sound}
    • ..................... philosophy...
  737. All three:
    Hakuna Matata!
  738. {Timon pulls back a fern leaf, revealing a beautiful view
    • of a rift-jungle. Waterfalls and rugged terrain make a
    • beautiful view. Harp runs accentuate the scene.}
  739. Timon: Welcome... to our humble home.
  740. Simba: You live here?
  741. Timon: We live wherever we want.
  742. Pumbaa: Yep. Home is where your rump rests. Heh!
  743. Simba: It's beautiful.
  744. Pumbaa: {Loud raunchy belch} I'm starved.
  745. Simba: I'm so hungry I could eat a whole zebra.
  746. {Timon is rather disturbed by Simba's want for meat-- a little
    bit taken aback and a little bit I-knew-this-would-happen.}
  747. Timon: Eeeahhah. We're fresh out of zebra.
  748. Simba: Any antelope?
  749. Timon: Na ah.
  750. Simba: {A bit desperate} Hippo?
  751. Timon: Nope. Listen, kid; if you live with us, you have to
    • eat like us. Hey, this looks like a good spot to
    • rustle up some grub.
  752. {Timon has stopped in front of a log. Pumbaa forces it up
    with his snout, revealing many insects. Timon picks one up.}
  753. Simba: Eeew. What's that?
  754. Timon: A grub. What's it look like?
  755. Simba: Eeew. Gross.
  756. Timon: {Eating, mouth full} Mmmm. Tastes like chicken.
  757. {Pumbaa slurps up a large worm from the ground. Both
    Timon and Pumbaa are feasting on bugs by now.}
  758. Pumbaa: {Slurping} Slimy, yet satisfying.
  759. Timon: {Grabbing a bug} These are rare delicacies. Mmmm.
    {Crunches} Piquant, with a very pleasant crunch.
  760. Pumbaa: You'll learn to love 'em.
  761. Timon: I'm telling you, kid, this is the great life. No
    • rules. No responsibilities. {pokes his hand into a knothole--
    • many bugs scramble out} Oooh! The little cream-filled kind.
    • {munch} And best of all, no worries.
  762. {Timon has been collecting bugs on a leaf. He offers it to
    Simba. Simba picks out a grub.}
  763. Timon: Well, kid?
  764. Simba: Oh well-- Hakuna Matata. {He eats}
  765. {Sick music}
  766. Simba: {Looking more cheerful} Slimy, yet satisfying.
  767. Timon: That's it!
  768. {The bugs fly off the leaf in a colorful flutter.}
  769. {The scene switches to all three crossing a log, walking
    • and tossing their heads to the music. With a steady build
    • in the music, a change occurs. We see the image of young
    • Simba become an adolescent Simba, with a partial mane. And
    • then again, Simba becomes a full grown adult. While the
    • chanting of the title is happening, the camera is panning at
    • the low level (6" off ground) where all the interaction
    • between Pumbaa, Timon, and Simba as a cub had been
    • occurring. First we see Timon, and then Pumbaa. The camera
    • continues panning at a low angle to where the cub Simba
    • would fit. Instead we see the adult Simba's paw come down.
    • An immediate back up for a full view of a big Simba.}
  770. Pumbaa and Timon: {Chanting to music} Hakuna matata,
    hakuna matata, hakuna matata.
  771. Simba: {Adult voice now.}
    • It means no worries
    • For the rest of your days.
  772. All three:
    • It's our problem-free
    • Philosophy
  773. Simba:
    Hakuna Matata
  774. {All three dive off of the log into a pond. First, Timon
    • jumps in doing a cannonball, and makes a small splash.
    • Then Pumbaa, doing a swan dive, makes a small splash too.
    • Finally Simba swings out on a vine (gripped in his teeth).
    • Before he can dive, the vine breaks under his weight. The
    • resulting splash is big enough to wash Pumbaa and Timon
    • ashore.}
  775. Hakuna Matata
  776. {Simba joins Timon and Pumbaa on shore. The song breaks
    • into gentle jazz voice improvisations on the words "Hakuna
    • Matata." We see a rear view of Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba
    • boogeying off into the forest to the beat of "Hakuna Matata."}
  777. [Zazu Sings Scene]
  778. {The camera switches to a far view of Pride Rock. Almost
    • all of the coloring is in gray. Most of the plants and
    • trees appear to be dead. We can hear Zazu's first line and
    • then the scene switches to a view of Zazu and Scar. Zazu
    • is in a cage made of some animal's ribcage, singing.
    • Scar is laying out on a rock picking his teeth with a
    • bone.}
  779. Zazu:
    • Nobody knows
    • The trouble I've seen
    • Nobody knows
    • My sorrow...
  780. Scar: Oh Zazu, do lighten up. {He tosses the bone at Zazu
    • and it clatters against the cage} Sing something with
    • a little... bounce in it.
  781. Zazu: {Thinks a moment}
    It's a small world after all...
  782. Scar: {Interrupting, almost shouting} No! No. Anything but
  783. Zazu: {Thinks, then holds up a feather as a tune comes to him.}
    • I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts
    • (diddely-dee-dee)
    • There they are a-standing in a row...
  784. {Scar is enjoying this and starts to join in}
  785. Zazu and Scar: Big ones, small ones, some as big as your
  786. Zazu: {While Scar continues} Oh... I would never have had to do
    this for Mufasa.
  787. Scar: {Quick and angry} What? What did you say?
  788. Zazu: Oh, nothing!
  789. Scar: You know the law: Never, ever mention THAT name in
    my presence. I... am... the KING!
  790. {Scar shoves his muzzle between the ribs of Zazu's cage on the
    last line. His breath blows Zazu up against the wall.}
  791. Zazu: Yes, sire. You ARE the king. I... I... Well, I only
    • mentioned it to illustrate the differences in your
    • royal managerial approaches. {Nervous laugh}
  792. Banzai: {Offstage} Hey Boss!
  793. Scar: Oh, what is it this time?
  794. Banzai: We got a bone to pick with you.
  795. Shenzi: {To Banzai} I'll handle this. {To Scar} Scar,
    there's no food, no water...
  796. Banzai: Yeah, it's dinner time, and we ain't got no
    stinkin' entrees.
  797. Scar: {Exasperated} It's the lionesses' job to do the hunting...
    {makes helpless gesture}
  798. Banzai: Yeah, but they won't go hunt.
  799. Scar: Oh... eat Zazu.
  800. Zazu: Oh, you wouldn't want me. I'd be so tough and gamey
    and... eeww...
  801. Scar: Oh, Zazu, don't be ridiculous. All you need is a
    little garnish.
  802. Banzai: {To Shenzi} I thought things were bad under
  803. Scar: {Quick and angry again} What did you say?
  804. Banzai: I said Muf...
  805. {Shenzi is smiling at Scar and thwaps Banzai to remind him.}
  806. Banzai: I said, uh... "Qu� pasa?"
  807. Scar: Good. Now get out.
  808. {The hyenas start out but then pause}
  809. Banzai: Mm... yeah, but-- we're still hungry.
  810. Scar: Out!
  811. {They run off; Ed lets loose a crazy laugh}
  812. [Second Star Scene]
  813. {The camera switches to a view of the jungle. We hear a
    • monstrous belch reverberate across the landscape. The
    • camera switches to Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba lying on their
    • backs looking at the stars.}
  814. Timon: Whoah. Nice one, Simba.
  815. Simba: Thanks. Man, I'm stuffed.
  816. Pumbaa: Me too. I ate like a pig.
  817. Simba: Pumbaa-- you are a pig.
  818. Pumbaa: Oh. Right.
  819. {All three sigh deeply, in unison. Gentle music fades in.}
  820. Pumbaa: Timon?
  821. Timon: Yeah?
  822. Pumbaa: Ever wonder what those sparkly dots are up
  823. Timon: Pumbaa. I don't wonder; I know.
  824. Pumbaa: Oh. What are they?
  825. Timon: They're fireflies. Fireflies that uh... got stuck up
    in that big... bluish-black... thing.
  826. Pumbaa: Oh. Gee. I always thought that they were balls of
    gas burning billions of miles away.
  827. Timon: Pumbaa, wit' you, everything's gas.
  828. Pumbaa: Simba, what do you think?
  829. Simba: Well, I don't know...
  830. Pumbaa: Aw come on. Give, give, give .. Well, come
    • on, Simba, we told you ours... pleeeease?
    • Timon: Come on, come on... give, give..
  831. {Cue "Lea Halalela" theme.}
  832. Simba: {Reluctantly} Well, somebody once told me that the great
    kings of the past are up there, watching over us.
  833. Pumbaa: {Awed, either genuinely or mockingly} Really?
  834. Timon: You mean a bunch of royal dead guys are watching
    us? {tries to keep composure, then...} Pbbb.
  835. {Timon breaks out laughing. Pumbaa joins in. Simba does
  836. Timon: Who told you something like that? What mook made
    that up?
  837. Simba: Yeah. Pretty dumb, huh?
  838. Timon: Aw, you're killing me, Simba.
  839. {The music rises again. Simba looks back up at the stars.
    He quietly gets up and leaves.}
  840. Timon: Was it something I said?
  841. [Discovery Scene]
  842. {The music continues. Simba walks out on a ledge and
    • looks up at the stars. He then collapses to lay on the
    • edge of the ledge. Milkweed floss is stirred into the air
    • by his flop. The camera follows its path. It crosses the
    • desert. Next we see Rafiki's hand snatch some it out of
    • the air. He sniffs it, grunts, and bounds down into his
    • tree. He pours the milkweed into a turtle shell, sifts
    • it around, and then eats from the same kind of fruit he
    • anointed Simba with. Examining the milkweed floss again,
    • realization dawns on his face.}
  843. Rafiki: Simba? He's- he's alive? He he- he's alive! {He laughs}
  844. {Rafiki grabs his staff. Laughing in delight, he picks up some
    paint and puts a mane on the smeared lion image on the wall.}
  845. Rafiki: It is time!
  846. ["In the Jungle" Scene]
  847. {The camera switches to a jungle scene. We hear Pumbaa
    • singing the familiar bass to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".
    • Timon joins in as they walk towards the camera. A Capella.}
  848. Pumbaa: {Singing}
    • Ohi'mbube
    • Ohi'mbube
    • {etc.....}
  849. Timon: {Singing}
    • In the jungle
    • The mighty jungle
    • The lion sleeps tonight.
  850. In the jungle
    The mighty jungle
  851. {Pumbaa turns to follow a bug; he fades out.}
  852. The lion sleeps...
    {Speaking} I can't hear you, buddy, back me up!
  853. {Pumbaa has faded out, having followed the bug stage left. The
    following line is in full and good falsetto.}
  854. A-WEEEE-ee-EE-ee ba-Pum-ba-bum-ba-way
  855. {Realizing Pumbaa is not there}
  856. A-Pumbaa?
  857. {Camera switch to Pumbaa following the bug. He is still
    • humming the bass. He stalks the bug up to a log, theatrically
    • hiding behind a tree. When he tries to jump over the log he gets
    • stuck momentarily and looks back.}
  858. Pumbaa: {Spooked} Timon? {Looks around, then shrugs}
  859. {He jumps over the log. As he views the bug at close range,
    • the camera (at his viewpoint) switches focus from it to a
    • pair of green eyes out in the grass. The camera closes up
    • on a lioness getting ready to jump.}
  860. Pumbaa: YEEEEAAAHHH!
  861. {He runs, with the lioness in hot pursuit. The lioness,
    • with teeth and claws bared, chases Pumbaa around at high
    • speed. Camera switch to Timon.}
  862. Timon: {Hearing the noise of the chase} Pumbaa?
  863. {Pumbaa runs near Timon and gets stuck under the root of a
    tree by trying to squeeze through.}
  864. Timon: Pumbaa! Pumbaa! Hey, what's goin' on?
  865. Pumbaa: SHE'S GONNA EAT ME!
  866. Timon: Huh?
  867. {Timon gets up on the branch and sees the lioness charging
    • at full speed towards them. He gets down and tries to help
    • push Pumbaa out from under the root.}
  868. Timon: {Seeing the lioness} Woah! ... Jeez! Why do I always have
    to save your AAAAAA!
  869. {On the AAAAAA!, Timon sees the lioness was about to
    • close on Pumbaa and he is in the line of attack. At the
    • last minute, Simba bounds over Pumbaa and catches the
    • lioness head on at full force. They start fighting
    • savagely.}
  870. Timon: {To Pumbaa} Don't worry, buddy. I'm here for ya.
    • Everything's gonna be okay. {To Simba} Get her! Bite
    • her head! Go for the jugular. The jugular! {to Pumbaa}
    • See, I told you he'd come in handy.
  871. {The lions tangle for a bit more. The fight becomes a
    • wrestling. The lioness flips Simba and pins him with a
    • loud thump. Simba is startled by this. The lioness is still
    • baring her teeth. Simba, however, is very surprised and
    • no longer threatening.}
  872. Simba: Nala?
  873. {She immediately backs off and looks at Simba, examining him.}
  874. Simba: Is it really you?
  875. Nala: Who are you?
  876. Simba: It's me. Simba.
  877. Nala: Simba? {Pause for realization} Whoah!
  878. {Simba and Nala run together and greet each other. The
    greetings are enthused and run over each other.}
  879. Nala: Well how did you.. where did you come from... it's
    • great to see YOU...
    • Simba: Aaah! How did you... who... wow... this is cool... it's
    • great to see you...
  880. {Camera view of Timon who is completely baffled by this
    sudden change}
  881. Timon: Hey, what's goin' on here?
  882. Simba: {Still to Nala} What are you doing here?
  883. Nala: What do you mean, "What am I doing here?" What are
    you doing here?
  884. Timon: HEY! WHAT'S GOIN' ON HERE!?!?!
  885. Simba: Timon, this is Nala. She's my best friend.
  886. Timon: {Thoroughly confused} Friend?!?
  887. Simba: Yeah. Hey, Pumbaa, come over here.
  888. {Pumbaa gets himself unstuck.}
  889. Simba: Nala, this is Pumbaa. Pumbaa, Nala.
  890. Pumbaa: Pleased to make your acquaintance.
  891. Nala: The pleasure's all mine.
  892. Timon: How do you do.. Whoa! Whoa. Time out.. Lemme get
    • this straight. You know her. She knows you. But she
    • wants to eat him. And everybody's... okay with this?
  893. Simba: Relax, Timon.
  894. Nala: Wait till everybody finds out you've been here all
    this time! And your mother... what will she think?
  895. Simba: {Misunderstanding} She doesn't have to know. Nobody has to know.
  896. Nala: Well, of course they do. Everyone thinks you're dead.
  897. Simba: They do?
  898. Nala: Yeah. Scar told us about the stampede.
  899. Simba: He did? Well... {beginning to see something} what else
    did he tell you?
  900. Nala: What else matters? You're alive. and that means...
    you're the king.
  901. Timon: King? Pbbb. Lady, have you got your lions crossed.
  902. Pumbaa: King? Your Majesty! I gravel at your feet. {Noisily
    kisses Simba's paw}
  903. Simba: Stop it.
  904. Timon: {To Pumbaa} It's not "gravel." It's "grovel." And
    DON'T-- he's not the king. {to Simba} Are ya?
  905. Simba: No.
  906. Nala: Simba?
  907. Simba: No, I'm not the king. Maybe I was gonna be, but...
    that was a long time ago.
  908. Timon: Let me get this straight. You're the king? And you
    never told us?
  909. Simba: Look, I'm still the same guy.
  910. Timon: {Enthusiastic} But with power!
  911. Nala: {Apologetic} Could you guys... excuse us for a few minutes?
  912. Timon: Hey, {taps Pumbaa} whatever she has to say, she can
    say in front of us. Right, Simba?
  913. Simba: Hmm. Maybe you'd better go.
  914. Timon: {Aghast, then resigned} It starts. You think you know a guy...
  915. {Pumbaa and Timon pad off. Pumbaa sighs.}
  916. Simba: Timon and Pumbaa. You learn to love 'em.
  917. {Nala has her head bowed down sadly.}
  918. Simba: What? ...What is it?
  919. Nala: {Quietly} It's like you're back from the dead. You
    • don't know how much this will mean to everyone. {Pained
    • expression} ...What it means to me.
  920. Simba: Hey, it's okay.
  921. Nala: {Rubbing under Simba's chin, purring} I've really
    missed you.
  922. Simba: {Startled by Nala's boldness for an instant, then
    reciprocating} I've missed you too.
  923. ["Can You Feel the Love Tonight" Scene]
  924. {They are rubbing heads. We hear Timon sigh; camera
    switch to show them watching from the bushes.}
  925. Timon: {Heavy sigh} I tell you, Pumbaa, this stinks.
  926. Pumbaa: Oh. Sorry.
  927. Timon: Not you. Them! Him. Her. Alone.
  928. Pumbaa: What's wrong with that?
  929. {Singing}
  930. {Parenthetical part is spoken by Pumbaa.}
  931. Timon:
    • I can see what's happening
    • (What?)
    • And they don't have a clue
    • (Who?)
    • They'll fall in love and here's the bottom line
    • Our trio's down to two.
    • (Oh.)
  932. {In a sarcastic mock-French accent}
  933. Ze sweet caress of twilight
  934. {Back to normal, but still sarcastic}
  935. There's magic everywhere
    • And with all this romantic atmosphere
    • Disaster's in the air
  936. {The scene passes from Timon and Pumbaa to Simba and Nala
    in front of a waterfall.}
  937. FS:
    • Can you feel the love tonight?
    • The peace the evening brings
    • The world, for once, in perfect harmony
    • With all its living things
  938. {After walking around each other, taking in each other's movements,
    they stop to drink at the water.}
  939. Simba:
    • So many things to tell her
    • But how to make her see
    • The truth about my past? Impossible!
    • She'd turn away from me
  940. Nala:
    • He's holding back, he's hiding
    • But what, I can't decide
    • Why won't he be the king I know he is
    • The king I see inside?
  941. {During the Chorus the following occurs: Simba looks at
    • Nala, smiles, and runs off stage. He runs back on stage,
    • grabs a vine in his mouth and splashes into the middle of
    • the pond. Nala looks out over the still water. Suddenly
    • Simba lunges up under her and pulls her in the pond
    • playfully. She immediately comes out dripping and miffed.
    • When Simba comes out, she pushes him back in. The scene
    • switches to them tussling. They end up play fighting.
    • After tumbling down a hillside, Simba ends up pinning
    • Nala for a first. She gives him a tiny lick, resembling a
    • kiss. Simba looks startled and stares at Nala. Close-up
    • of Nala, as she stares back with a seductive smile. Close-up
    • of Simba, whose expression changes from a surprised one to
    • a comprehending one.. The two rub heads (a cat-style kiss)
    • as the last lyrics are sung.}
  942. Chorus:
    • Can you feel the love tonight?
    • The peace the evening brings
    • The world, for once, in perfect harmony
    • With all its living things
  943. Can you feel the love tonight?
    • You needn't look too far
    • Stealing through the night's uncertainties
    • Love is where they are
  944. {Camera switches back to a tearful Timon and Pumbaa.}
  945. Timon:
    • And if he falls in love tonight {Pumbaa sniffs}
    • It can be assumed
  946. {Timon hugs Pumbaa, tearfully.}
  947. Pumbaa:
    His carefree days with us are history
  948. Timon and Pumbaa:
    In short, our pal is doomed
  949. {They let loose crying full force.}
  950. [Hammock Scene]
  951. Simba: Isn't this a great place?
  952. Nala: It is beautiful. But I don't understand something.
    • You've been alive all this time. Why didn't you come
    • back to Pride Rock?
  953. Simba: {Climbing into a "hammock" of hanging vines} Well,
    • I just needed to... get out on my own. Live my own
    • life. And I did. And it's great. {He sounds almost as
    • if trying to convince himself as well as Nala.}
  954. Nala: {Voice catching, as though barely under control} We've
    really needed you at home.
  955. Simba: {Quieter} No one needs me.
  956. Nala: Yes, we do! You're the king.
  957. Simba: Nala, we've been through this. I'm not the king.
    Scar is.
  958. Nala: Simba, he let the hyenas take over the Pride Lands.
  959. Simba: What?
  960. Nala: Everything's destroyed. There's no food. No water.
    • Simba, if you don't do something soon, everyone will
    • starve.
  961. Simba: I can't go back.
  962. Nala: {Louder} Why?
  963. Simba: You wouldn't understand.
  964. Nala: What wouldn't I understand?
  965. Simba: {Hastily} No, no, no. It doesn't matter. Hakuna Matata.
  966. Nala: {Confused} What?
  967. Simba: Hakuna Matata. It's something I learned out here.
    Look, sometimes bad things happen...
  968. Nala: Simba!
  969. Simba: (Continuing, irritated) ...And there's nothing you can do
    about it. So why worry?
  970. {Simba starts away from Nala, walking on a fallen tree. Nala
    trots back up to him.}
  971. Nala: Because it's your responsibility!
  972. Simba: Well, what about you? YOU left.
  973. Nala: I left to find help! And I found YOU. Don't you
    understand? You're our only hope.
  974. Simba: Sorry.
  975. Nala: What's happened to you? You're not the Simba I
  976. Simba: You're right. I'm not. Now are you satisfied?
  977. Nala: No, just disappointed.
  978. Simba: You know, you're starting to sound like my father.
    {Walking away again}
  979. Nala: Good. At least one of us does.
  980. {Simba is obviously cut by the comment about his father;
    he tears into Nala with his words.}
  981. Simba: {Angry} Listen, you think you can just show up and
    • tell me how to live my life? You don't even know what
    • I've been through!
  982. Nala: I would if you would just tell me!
  983. Simba: Forget it!
  984. Nala: Fine!
  985. {Simba walks off. Camera switch to Simba pacing in a field.}
  986. Simba: She's wrong. I can't go back. What would it prove,
    • anyway? It won't change anything. You can't change the
    • past.
  987. {He looks up at the stars.}
  988. You said you'd always be there for me! But you're not.
    And it's because of me. It's my fault. It's my fault.
  989. {He bows his head, choking back tears. The camera backs to
    • a far view and then zooms over to Rafiki in a nearby tree.
    • We hear his chant. Just for fun, I've included its translation.}
  990. Rafiki's Chant: Translation:
  991. Asante sana! [Thank you very much!]
    • Squash banana! [Squash banana!]
    • We we nugu! [You're a BABOON,]
    • Mi mi apana! [And I'm not!]
  992. {Simba seems slightly annoyed by the chant. He moves away.
    • Rafiki, elated by the sight of Simba, follows him.
    • Simba lies down on a log over a pond. A rock disturbs the
    • water; Rafiki, now in a nearby tree, starts his chant again.}
  993. Simba: Come on, will you cut it out?
  994. {Rafiki, laughing, is doing random acrobatics in the trees nearby.}
  995. Rafiki: Can't cut it out. It'll grow right back! {laughs}
  996. {Simba starts walking away. Rafiki follows.}
  997. Simba: Creepy little monkey. Will you stop following me?
    Who are you?
  998. Rafiki: {In front of Simba, then right in his face.} The
    question is: Whooo... are you?
  999. Simba: {Startled, then sighing} I thought I knew. Now I'm not so sure.
  1000. Rafiki: Well, I know who you are. Shh. Come here. It's a
  1001. {He pulls Simba's head over to whisper into his ear. He
    starts his chant into Simba's ear and laughs.}
  1002. Asante sana!
    • Squash banana!
    • We we nugu!
    • Mi mi apana!
  1003. Simba: Enough already. what's that supposed to mean,
  1004. Rafiki: It means you are a baboon-- and I'm not. {laughs}
  1005. Simba: {Moving away} I think... you're a little confused.
  1006. Rafiki: {Magically in front of Simba again} Wrong. I'm not the
    one who's confused; you don't even know who you are.
  1007. Simba: {Irritated, sarcastic} Oh, and I suppose you know?
  1008. Rafiki: Sure do; you're Mufasa's boy.
  1009. {Simba is surprised by this revelation. Rafiki disappears
    off stage right.}
  1010. Bye!
  1011. {Cue music: "Lala" theme.}
  1012. BS: We sangoma ngi velelwe [Oh, spiritual healer, I'm troubled]
    • We baba ngivelelwe [Oh, my father, I'm in pain]
    • We baba ngivelelwe [Oh, my father, I'm in pain]
  1013. Simba: Hey, wait!
  1014. {Simba chases after him. When we catch up. Rafiki is in a
    meditative lotus position on a rock.}
  1015. You knew my father?
  1016. Rafiki: {Monotone} Correction-- I know your father.
  1017. Simba: I hate to tell you this, but... he died. A long time
  1018. {Rafiki leaps off the rock over to a dense jungle-like area.}
  1019. Rafiki: Nope. Wrong again! Ha ha hah! He's alive! And
    • I'll show him to you. You follow old Rafiki, he knows
    • the way. Come on!
  1020. {Rafiki leads Simba through the brush. Simba has trouble
    • keeping up due to his size. The music slips into African
    • chant.}
  1021. Rafiki: Don't dawdle. Hurry up!
  1022. Simba: Hey, whoa. Wait, wait.
  1023. Rafiki: Come on, come on.
  1024. Simba: Would you slow down?
  1025. {Rafiki is seen flitting through the canopy ahead of Simba,
    • laughing hollowly and whooping. Simba struggles to keep up.
    • Suddenly, Rafiki appears with his hand held up right into
    • Simba's face.}
  1026. Rafiki: STOP!
  1027. {Rafiki motions to Simba near some reeds.}
  1028. Shhh.
  1029. {He parts the reeds and points past them with his staff.}
  1030. Look down there.
  1031. {Simba quietly and carefully works his way out. He looks
    • over the edge and sees his reflection in a pool of water
    • He first seems a bit startled, perhaps at his own mature
    • appearance, but then realizes what he's looking at.}
  1032. Simba: {Disappointed sigh} That's not my father. That's just
    my reflection.
  1033. Rafiki: Noo. Look harder.
  1034. {Rafiki motions over the pool. Ripples form, distorting Simba's
    • reflection; they resolve into Mufasa's face. A deep rumbling noise
    • is heard.
  1035. You see, he lives in you.
  1036. {Simba is awestruck. The wind picks up. In the air the
    • huge image of Mufasa is forming from the clouds. He
    • appears to be walking from the stars. The image is ghostly
    • at first, but steadily gains color and coherence.}
  1037. Mufasa: {Quietly at first} Simba . . .
  1038. Simba: Father?
  1039. Mufasa: Simba, you have forgotten me.
  1040. Simba: No. How could I?
  1041. Mufasa: You have forgotten who you are, and so have forgotten
    • me. Look inside yourself, Simba. You are more than what
    • you have become. You must take your place in the
    • Circle of Life.
  1042. Simba: How can I go back? I'm not who I used to be.
  1043. {Shot of cloud-Mufasa, with glowing yellow eyes. He is framed
    in swirling clouds, radiating golden light.}
  1044. Mufasa: Remember who you are. You are my son, and the one
    true king.
  1045. {Close up of Simba's face, bathed in the golden light, showing
    • a mixture of awe, fear, and sadness. The image of Mufasa starts
    • to fade.}
  1046. Remember who you are.
  1047. {Mufasa is disappearing rapidly into clouds. Simba runs into
    the fields trying to keep up with the image.}
  1048. Simba: No. Please! Don't leave me.
    • Mufasa: Remember...
    • Simba: Father!
    • Mufasa: Remember...
    • Simba: Don't leave me.
    • Mufasa: Remember . . .
  1049. {Simba is left out in the fields. There is just a cloud
    • left where his father's image was. The wind tosses the grass
    • restlessly. Rafiki approaches.}
  1050. Rafiki: What was THAT? {laughs} The weather-- Pbbbah!
    Very peculiar. Don't you think?
  1051. Simba: Yeah. Looks like the winds are changing.
  1052. Rafiki: Ahhh. Change is good.
  1053. Simba: Yeah, but it's not easy. I know what I have to do.
    • But, going back means I'll have to face my past. I've
    • been running from it for so long.
  1054. {Rafiki whacks Simba on the head with his staff.}
  1055. Oww! Jeez-- What was that for?
  1056. Rafiki: It doesn't matter; it's in the past! {laughs}
  1057. Simba: {Rubbing head} Yeah, but it still hurts.
  1058. Rafiki: Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it,
    you can either run from it, or... learn from it.
  1059. {He swings at Simba with his staff again. This time Simba
  1060. Hah, you see! So what are you going to do?
  1061. Simba: First, I'm gonna take your stick.
  1062. {Simba tosses Rafiki's staff to the side.}
  1063. Rafiki: No, no, no, no! Not the stick!
  1064. {As Rafiki picks up his staff, Simba starts running off.}
  1065. Hey, where are you going?
  1066. Simba: {Shouting back} I'm going back!
  1067. Rafiki: Good! Go on! Get out of here! {laughs, hoots, n'
    • hollers. As he holds his staff above his head, a few
    • shooting stars zing across the sky. Music rises into
    • celebratory "Busa" theme:}
  1068. BS: Busa le lizwe {I actually hear this line as "This land, invincible."}
    • Busa le lizwe [Rule this land]
    • Busa le lizwe [Rule this land]
    • Busa lomhlaba [Rule this land]
  1069. Sabusa le lizwe [You shall rule this land]
    • Sabusa le lizwe [You shall rule this land]
    • Sabusa le lizwe [You shall rule this land]
    • Busa lomhlaba [Rule this land]
  1070. [Timon and Nala Scene]
  1071. {Camera switch to Timon and Pumbaa sleeping. Timon is
    • curled up on Pumbaa; Pumbaa is lying on his back. Both are
    • snoring. In his snore, Pumbaa occasionally mumbles
    • "Grubs, grubs." Nala approaches and taps Timon with a paw.}
  1072. Nala: Hey. Hey, wake up.
  1073. {Timon wakes up and see a huge lion face in his view. He
    starts screaming and Pumbaa joins in.}
  1074. Nala: It's OK. Whoa, whoa. It's OK. It's ME.
  1075. Timon: Don't ever do that again! Carnivores, oy!
  1076. Nala: Have you guys seen Simba?
  1077. Timon: {Holding a hand to his head} I thought he was with you.
  1078. Nala: He was, but now I can't find him. Where is he?
  1079. {We hear Rafiki's laugh; he's sitting in a tree above them.}
  1080. Rafiki: Ho, ho, ho, ho. You won't find him here. Ha ha.
    The king... has returned.
  1081. Nala: {Quietly} I can't believe it. {louder, amazed} He's
    gone back.
  1082. Timon: Gone back? What do you mean? {Looks where Rafiki
    • was; Rafiki is now gone} Hey! What's goin' on here?
    • Who's the monkey?
  1083. Nala: Simba's gone to challenge Scar.
  1084. Timon: Who?
  1085. Nala: Scar.
  1086. Pumbaa: Who's got a scar?
  1087. Nala: {Shaking head} No, no, no. It's his uncle.
  1088. Timon: The monkey's his uncle?
  1089. Nala: No! Simba's gone back to challenge his uncle to take
    his place as king.
  1090. Timon and Pumbaa: Ohhh.
  1091. [Running Scene]
  1092. {With accompanying music (a restatement of the "Busa" theme),
    • we see a far shot of Simba charging full speed across the
    • desert. A layover is faded in of Simba's feet pounding the sand.}
  1093. [Ledge Scene]
  1094. {Simba slowly crosses the desolated land. He reaches
    • the lip of a cliff and looks out over his former home. Mostly
    • lacking in life, it is painted in grays. Seeing the desolation,
    • a look of determination, even fury, appears on Simba's face.}
  1095. Nala: Simba, wait up! {She trots up next to him on the ledge}
    ...It's awful, isn't it?
  1096. Simba: I didn't want to believe you.
  1097. Nala: What made you come back?
  1098. Simba: I finally got some sense knocked into me. And I've
    • got the bump to prove it. Besides, this is my kingdom.
    • If I don't fight for it, who will?
  1099. Nala: I will.
  1100. Simba: It's gonna be dangerous.
  1101. Nala: {Quoting young Simba} Danger? Ha! I laugh in the
    face of danger. Ha ha ha ha.
  1102. Timon: I see nothing funny about this.
  1103. Simba: Timon? Pumbaa? What are you doing here?
  1104. Pumbaa: {Bowing on one foreleg} At your service, my liege.
  1105. Timon: Uh. We're going to fight your uncle... for this?
  1106. Simba: Yes, Timon; this is my home.
  1107. Timon: Ffh. Talk about your fixer-upper. Well, Simba, if
    it's important to you, {bows} we're with you to the end.
  1108. {Simba smiles appreciatively. Nice scene with the four
    of them on the ledge viewing the work ahead of them.}
  1109. [Hula scene]
  1110. {Camera switches to Simba. Nala, Timon, and Pumbaa
    • sneaking up to the edge of Pride Rock. From behind a log,
    • they observe close up the hordes of hyenas.}
  1111. Timon: Hyenas. I hate hyenas. {To Simba, whispering} So
    what's your plan for gettin' past those guys?
  1112. Simba: Live bait.
  1113. Timon: Good idea. {Realizing} Heeey.
  1114. Simba: Come on, Timon-- you guys have to create a diversion.
  1115. Timon: {Incredulous} What do you want me to do? Dress in drag
    and do the hula?
  1116. {Camera switch to Timon in a hula outfit. The music sung
    • is The Hawaiian War Chant much like the Spike Jones
    • arrangement. Pumbaa is set up like a roast pig, even with
    • an apple in his mouth. Jungle drum riff.}
  1117. Luau!
  1118. If you're hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy meat
    Eat my buddy Pumbaa here because he is a treat
  1119. Come on down and dine
    • On this tasty swine
    • All you have to do is get in line
  1120. {Parenthetical parts are Pumbaa singing; the apple is at his feet.}
  1121. Aaaare you achin'
    • (Yup, yup, yup)
    • Foooor some bacon?
    • (Yup, yup, yup)
    • Heeee's a big pig
    • (Yup, yup)
    • You could be a big pig too.
  1122. Oy!
  1123. {The run off screaming to lead some of the hyenas away.
    Simba and Nala make it by.}
  1124. Simba: Nala, you find my mother and rally the lionesses.
    {determinedly} I'll look for Scar.
  1125. [Confrontation Scene]
  1126. {Simba is making his way up Pride Rock. Scar calling his
    mother causes him to pause and watch.}
  1127. Scar: SARABI!
  1128. {Sarabi ascends Pride Rock. The hyenas snap at her heels.
    She only glares disdainfully at them.}
  1129. Sarabi: Yes, Scar?
  1130. Scar: Where is your hunting party? They're not doing their
  1131. Sarabi: {Calmly} Scar, there is no food. The herds have moved on.
  1132. Scar: No. You're just not looking hard enough.
  1133. Sarabi: It's over. There is nothing left. We have only one
    choice. We must leave Pride Rock.
  1134. Scar: We're not going anywhere.
  1135. Sarabi: Then you have sentenced us to death.
  1136. Scar: Then so be it.
  1137. Sarabi: {Disgusted, amazed} You can't do that.
  1138. Scar: I'm the king. I can do whatever I want.
  1139. Sarabi: If you were half the king Mufasa was you would nev--
  1140. {Scar hits Sarabi, knocking her to the ground.}
  1141. Scar: I'm ten times the king Mufasa was!
  1142. {Simba appears on the ledge, growling loudly. He leaps out
    • and runs to his mother. Scar mistakes Simba as Mufasa
    • and is understandably frightened.}
  1143. Mufasa? No. You're dead.
  1144. {Sarabi awakens at her son's nudge, but mistakes him as
    Mufasa as Scar did.}
  1145. Sarabi: Mufasa?
  1146. Simba: No. It's me.
  1147. Sarabi: {Delighted} Simba? You're alive? {Confused} How
    can that be?
  1148. Simba: It doesn't matter; I'm home.
  1149. Scar: {Confused} Simba...? {back in form} Simba! I'm a
    • little surprised to see you, {giving the hyenas above
    • him an angry look} alive...
  1150. {On the word "alive," Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed gulp audibly
    and slink into the shadows.}
  1151. Simba: {As Sarabi looks on with some pride} Give me one good
    reason why I shouldn't rip you apart.
  1152. Scar: {Backing into a wall, apologetic} Oh, Simba, you must
    understand. The pressures of ruling a kingdom...
  1153. Simba: ...Are no longer yours. Step down, Scar.
  1154. Scar: Oh, oh, ye-- Well, I would, heh, naturally, heh--
    • however, there is one little problem. You see them?
    • {pointing to the horde of hyenas on the rocks above}
    • They think I'M king.
  1155. {Nala appears with the rest of the lionesses.}
  1156. Nala: Well, we don't. Simba is the rightful king.
  1157. Simba: The choice is yours, Scar. Either step down or
  1158. Scar: Oh, must it all end in violence? I'd hate to be
    • responsible for the death of a family member. Wouldn't
    • you agree, Simba?
  1159. Simba: That's not gonna work, Scar. I've put it behind me.
  1160. Scar: Eh, but what about your faithful subjects? Have they put
    it behind them?
  1161. Nala: Simba, what is he talking about?
  1162. Scar: {Delighted} Ahh, so you haven't told them your little secret.
    • Well, Simba, now's your chance to tell them. Tell them
    • who is responsible for Mufasa's death!
  1163. {Scar's last line causes the lionesses to start. All are
    concentrating on Simba.}
  1164. Simba: {Steeling himself, then taking a step forward} I am.
  1165. {Sarabi approaches her son.}
  1166. Sarabi: {With much grief} It's not true. Tell me it's not true.
  1167. Simba: {Regretfully} It's true.
  1168. Scar: You see! He admits it! Murderer!
  1169. {Lightning crashes behind Scar's head to punctuate the line.}
  1170. Simba: No. It was an accident.
  1171. {Scar walks around and around Simba as he accuses him; very nicely
    done animated rotation.}
  1172. Scar: If it weren't for you, Mufasa would still be alive.
    It's your fault he's dead; do you deny it?
  1173. Simba: No.
  1174. Scar: {Severely} Then... you're... guilty.
  1175. Simba: No. I'm not a murderer.
  1176. Scar: Oh, Simba, you're in trouble again. But this time,
    • Daddy isn't here to save you. And now EVERYONE.. KNOWS...
    • WHY!
  1177. {Scar has been backing Simba up the length of Pride Rock.
    • After his last sentence, Simba slips over the edge and is
    • clinging to the ledge by his forepaws. Lightning strikes
    • below, igniting a fire.}
  1178. Nala: Simba!
  1179. {Scar sits back and pretends to think.}
  1180. Scar: Now this looks familiar. Hmm. Where have I seen
    • this before? Let me think. Hmmm... hmmm. Oh yes,
    • I remember. This is just the way your father looked
    • before he died.
  1181. {Scar grabs Simba with his claws as he did Mufasa. He
    whispers into Simba's ear.}
  1182. And here's MY little secret: I killed Mufasa.
  1183. {Simba has a quick memory flash back to that fateful
    • instant. His voice blends with his younger voice in the
    • scream of when his father died. In one giant leap he
    • lunges up and pins Scar on his back. Scar is caught completely
    • by surprise and is understandably very nervous and shaken.}
  1184. Simba: NoooooOOOO! ...Murderer!
  1185. Scar: No, Simba, please.
  1186. Simba: Tell them the truth.
  1187. Scar: Truth? But truth is in the eye of the beholdllgkkk!
  1188. {Simba starts to choke Scar.}
  1189. All right. All right. {quietly, venomously} I did it.
  1190. Simba: So they can hear you.
  1191. Scar: {Grudgingly, but clear} I killed Mufasa!
  1192. {Nala starts towards Scar, the hyenas attack Simba in a
    • wall of teeth. The lionesses join in. We see Pumbaa and
    • Timon come in. Pumbaa is charging with Timon riding him.
    • Hyenas are flying everywhere.}
  1193. Pumbaa: Heeeyyyy-yaaaaah!
    Timon: 'Scuse me. Pardon me. Comin' through. Hot stuff. Whoo!
  1194. {Bowling strike sound effect as hyenas fly. Rafiki whacks a
    • hyena off Simba. Camera switch to him; with a battle scream,
    • he joins the fray. As a bit of comic relief, Rafiki is fighting
    • in kung-fu "B-movie" style, complete with cheesy sound effects.}
  1195. Rafiki: {As he hits various hyenas} WwwA! Hozah! Hazoww!
    Yaa! Yah! hhyEEOOWww!
  1196. {Camera switch to Timon running from Shenzi. He runs into
    • the cave. Zazu spots him. Timon runs into his cage for
    • safety from the hyenas.}
  1197. Zazu: Let me out! Let me out!
  1198. Timon: Let me in! Let me in! {To the hyenas, pleading}
    ...Ple-he-hease don't eat me.
  1199. {Pumbaa appears at the cave's entrance.}
  1200. Pumbaa: Problem?
  1201. Banzai: Hey, who's the pig?
  1202. Pumbaa: Are you talking to me?
  1203. Timon: Uh oh. They called him a pig.
  1204. Pumbaa: Are you talking to me?!
  1205. Timon: Shouldn't 'a done that.
  1206. Pumbaa: ARE YOU TALKING TO ME?!?
  1207. Timon: Now they're in for it.
  1208. Pumbaa: They CALL me... MIIISTER PIG! AAAAAHHH...
  1209. {Pumbaa charges and drives the hyenas off.}
  1210. Timon: Take that! And that! {etc.}
    • Banzai: Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ...
    • Pumbaa: Take that! And that! {etc.} You yellow belly...
    • Zazu: Take that, you stupid... {etc.}
  1211. {They start the Arsenio Hall "Ooh, ooh" chant. The scene
    • switches to Simba chasing Scar up to the high point of
    • Pride Rock. Scar runs up to the edge and sees the sheer
    • drop. Simba leaps up to confront him at the cliff-like
    • edge. Scar is very apprehensive, seeing he is cornered and
    • at Simba's mercy.}
  1212. Simba: {Quietly, severely} Murderer.
  1213. Scar: Simba, Simba. Please. Please have mercy. I beg you.
  1214. Simba: You don't deserve to live.
  1215. Scar: But, Simba, I am... ah... {unsure of his tactic} family.
    • It's the hyenas {regaining composure} who are the real enemy.
    • It was their fault-- it was their idea!
  1216. {Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed are in the background. They
    overhear and back away growling at Scar's betrayal.}
  1217. Simba: Why should I believe you? Everything you ever told
    me was a lie.
  1218. Scar: What are you going to do? You wouldn't kill your old
    Uncle...? {ingratiating grin}
  1219. Simba: No, Scar. I'm not like you.
  1220. Scar: {Greatly relieved} Oh, Simba, thank you. You are truly
    • noble. I'll make it up to you, I promise. How can I, ah,
    • prove myself to you? Tell me; I mean, anything.
  1221. Simba: {Gravely, with deep anger} Run. Run away, Scar. And
    never return.
  1222. Scar: Yes. Of course. As you wish... {looking down and seeing
    • a pile of hot coals} ...your Majesty! {Scar swipes the coals
    • into Simba's face. With a cry of surprise and pain, Simba
    • paws the coals away as Scar leaps and attacks.}
  1223. {There is a fight in slow motion. Both Scar and Simba land heavy
    • blows. Simba gets knocked on his back. Scar leaps through the
    • flames at him. Simba gathers courage and uses Scar's momentum in a
    • "throw" similar to Nala's fighting tactics to send him flying over the
    • edge. Scar tumbles to the bottom. He weakly gets up. He sees Banzai,
    • Shenzi, and Ed approaching and smiles. Ed has a very angry look on his
    • face.}
  1224. Scar: Ahh, my friends.
  1225. Shenzi: Frie-he-hends? I thought he said we were the enemy!
  1226. Banzai: Yeah, that's what I heard.
  1227. Banzai and Shenzi: Ed?
  1228. Ed: {Laughs evilly}
  1229. Scar: {Very nervous} No. L-L-L-Le-Le-Le-Le-Let me explain. No.
    • You don't understand. No! I didn't mean for... No, No!
    • Look, I m sorry I called you... No! NOO!
  1230. {The camera moves away and we can only see the shadows as
    • the horde of hyenas closes on and devours Scar. Rain opens
    • up and douses the fire. Simba comes down and greets his
    • mother and Nala. Rafiki motions for Simba to ascend Pride
    • Rock as king. Simba starts up and pauses to hug Rafiki as
    • his father did.}
  1231. Rafiki: It is time.
  1232. {Very majestically, he ascends through the rain. Music is strong.
    • Through a hole in the clouds we can see a patch of stars. One bright
    • star shines out briefly.}
  1233. Mufasa: Remember . . .
  1234. {Simba's expression gains confidence and strength. He roars.
    • The lionesses roar in reply. Time switch to the savannah in
    • full bloom again. Cue "Busa" theme:}
  1235. BS: Busa le lizwe [Rule this land]
    • Busa le lizwe [Rule this land]
    • Busa le lizwe [Rule this land]
    • Bus-busa ngo xolo [Rule, rule with peace]
  1236. {Obscured verse}
    • MS: Se-fi-le
    • Baba ti-tabo
    • Maye babo
    • Busa lomhlaba [Rule this land]
  1237. BS: {Obscured verse}
    • MS: He!
    • Se-fi-le
    • Busa Simba! Busa Simba! [Rule Simba! Rule Simba!]
  1238. Ubuse ngo xolo [You must rule with peace]
    • Ubuse ngo thando [You must rule with love]
    • Ubuse ngo xolo [You must rule with peace]
    • Ubuse ngo thando [You must rule with love]
  1239. Ubuse ngo xolo [Rule with peace]
  1240. {Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, and Nala are on Pride Rock. Zazu flies
    • up to the point. Timon, of course, is shaking his arms in the
    • classic victory sign. All the groups of herds are there and
    • making noise as in the presentation of Simba.}
  1241. BS: Ingonyama nengw' enamabala
    • Ingonyama nengw' enamabala
    • MS: (ngw' enamabala-wa)
  1242. Full Chorus:
    • Till we find our place
    • On the path unwinding
    • In the Circle
    • The Circle of Life
  1243. Circle of... Liiife
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