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  1. a stressor that forces an individual to respond and /or adapt in some way
  2. when a perosns protection against crisis is weak what can it lead to
    mental illness
  3. how does the oxford english dictionary define crises
    turning point of a disease
  4. example of a crisis that poses a threat or challenge. ex injury, employment loss, death
    situational crises
  5. example of crisis where a persons life needs adjustment of adaptation; ex. moving/midlife crises
    maturational crises
  6. culture shock
    cultural crises
  7. effeecting entire community; earthquake. typhoon
    community crises
  8. crises phase that involves situation or threat involving anxiety
    first phase
  9. crises phase where anxiety is not reduced
    2nd phase
  10. crises phase where anxiety continues to escalate
    3rd phase
  11. crises phase of panic
    4th phase
  12. what are symptoms of panic
    • frank psychosis
    • depression
  13. milestone in which the infant comes to see the animate and inanimate worlds as consistent and trustworthy
    basic trust
  14. milestone in which the infant differetitates itself form the mother
    self differetination
  15. milestone where child grows adn develops persoanlity and aspiration
  16. how do individuals respond to crises
    through own personal development
  17. before establishing interventions what must a nurse do first
    assess clients focus and needs
  18. stimulus that an individual percieves as challenging or harmful, intimatly involved with crises
  19. who is the originator of stress theory that suggests that people have different ways to respond to lifes stressors
  20. allows a response to any stressor
    adaptive energy
  21. selye's system that involves an alarm reaction, stage of resistenceand stage of exhaustion
    general adaptation syndrome
  22. what is the result of drain of adaptive energy
    illness, disease, death
  23. this type of intervention is used for emergency personnel
    critical incident stress management
  24. theory that health is defined in terms of equilibrium or balance between parts that promote harmony or adustment
    adaptation theory
  25. 3 states of eriksons adaptive potential assessment model
    • arousal (has coping resources)
    • equilibrium (attempt to balance)
    • impoverishment (depleted resource)
  26. who developed the cultural care theory
  27. who developed the caring theries
    • watson
    • peplau
  28. when all sources are sed up in the stress theory what state is the person left in
  29. theory that points out that a crisis cannot be understood without knowledge of the clients culture
    cultural care theory
  30. how long does crisis intervention therapy usually last
    1 month
  31. what is the goal of crisis intervention
    return client to normal life
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