Heraldry Vocab

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  1. lance
    the mounted knight's weapon of choice
  2. jousting
    favorite sport of the medieval age
  3. heraldry
    coat of arms
  4. motto
    a short phrase on a scroll
  5. wreath
    attaches the mantle
  6. tinctures
    metals and colors
  7. helmet
    used for protection, denotes social rank
  8. shield
    most important part of the armament
  9. mantle
    sun protection
  10. parting of the field
    lines of division
  11. charges
    symbols and figures
  12. crest
    decorative ornament
  13. surcoat
    outer garment
  14. middle ages
    4th to the 14th century
  15. chivalry
    practice of knighthood by the nobility
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