HWST Midterm II

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  1. Mea No'eau
    aesthetic + function
  2. Trade winds
    prevailing winds
  3. How many H-bombs & A-bombs have been exploded in these islands?
  4. Why was the depth of the Loko'ia no more than 2 - 3 feet?
    sun could penetrate that water to grow Limu (seaweed)
  5. Lei Hulu
    feathered lei
  6. hula
    form of story telling
  7. mauka
  8. kapa
    • wauke
    • (clothing)
  9. lua
    • pit
    • **bathroom
  10. pu'u
  11. 'Ahu'ula
    cloak, feather cape
  12. What county is the island of Kaho'olawe in?
    Maui County
  13. What is a native Hawaiian's spiritual belief of Pele?
    living deity
  14. Half life is the story of what Pacific Island group?
    Marshall Islands

    (**half-life = 30 years)
  15. At one time there were kalo patches throughout the Ahupua'a of?

    (**moku o’ahu, ili manoa)
  16. 2 native hawiians who lost their lives protesting the military on Kaho'olawe?
    • George Helms
    • Kimo Mitchelec

    (**Harry Mitchel = Kimo Mitchel's father)
  17. highest point on Kaho'olawe
    Moaula (Pu'u Moa'ulanui)
  18. Code name for Hydrogen Bomb
  19. "This energy of geothermal belongs to a deity that has lived for hundreds of years and is very much alive, very much visible, very much respected."
    Pualani Kanahele
  20. wetland v. dryland cultivation of kalo?
    • taste
    • wet = 5% more than dry
  21. Hihiwai
    opihi (mollusk)
  22. Both Kaho'olawe and Lana'i were used as a ____
    Penal Colony

    ** Kaho'olawe / Lanai
  23. directional point for navigation on Kaho'olawe?
  24. What grows in Lo'i?
    • O'ohu (fresh water fish)
    • Opai (fresh water shrimp)
    • **Crayfish
  25. KONA
    • dry side
    • (LEEWARD)
  26. name of the crater created by a 2000 lb. bomb?
    Sailor's hat
  27. Where was Bravo first used and when?
    • Bikini Atoll
    • March 1, 1954
  28. water in Loko'ia?
    • Brackish water
    • (mixture of fresh and salt water)
  29. most popular fish raised in the Loko'ia?
    Grey Mullet
  30. Ko'olau
  31. What other food source was grown in the Lo'i?
    • Opai (fresh water shrimp)
    • Hihiwai (fresh water shellfish/opihi)
    • O'opu (fresh water fish)
    • Crayfish
  32. Ahupua'a
    Division of land that goes out to, and includes, the sea
  33. Loko'ia
    fish pond
  34. By Martial Law, when was Kaho'olawe taken over by the military?
    • DEC. 8, 1941
    • ** 1 day after Pearl Harbor
  35. Besides the U.S. what other countries were involved in the bombing of Kaho'olawe?
    Japan, Australia, Canada
  36. Function
    • Anything that can be used
    • (tools, fish hooks, weapons, pottery, kapa, canoe)
  37. Makaha in the Loko'ia used for?
    • Controls the flow of the water in and out of the Loko'ia
    • **traps fish
  38. O'opu
    fresh water fish
  39. What year was Kaho'olawe turned over from the military to the state of Hawai'i?
  40. Aesthetic
    • visual
    • beautiful, precious, man made
  41. Why are 'Auwai systems so important to the Lo'i, besides watering?
    • Circulate the cold water around the kalo
    • **
  42. Hale Mau Mau
    Pele's home
  43. what does Mea No'eau mean?
    skillfully created work
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