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  1. Go full circle
    • The family sold the house generations ago, but things have come full circle and one of their descendants lives there now.
    • to return to the original position or state of affairs.
  2. Slow STH to a trickle
    • to keep STH from going, growing, advancing quickly or in large amount
    • trickle: a liquid flows slowly in a drop
  3. turn STH on its head
    • 1.The basic problem is that your report turns history on its head.
    • to use something in a completely wrong way
    • 2. I really hope that doctors and nurses can pull together and turn the system on its head.
    • to change something completely
  4. pay through the nose
    • I paid through the nose for my new work suit.
    • to pay a high price for something.
  5. Break The Bank
    • If I bought a new car now, it would literally break the bank.
    • to be left without money.
  6. Penny For Your Thoughts
    • I’ll give you a penny for your thoughts.
    • When you use this expression it means you are curious about what a person is
    • thinking.
  7. Have More Money Than Sense
    • Michael has more money than sense.
    • This means that someone is foolish with their money and doesn’t have the
    • intelligence (sense) to manage it properly.
  8. draw a line in the sand
    • President Obama has to draw a line in the sand against further extortion.
    • Todd drew a line in the sand by giving his roommate an ultimatum about his sloppiness—he had to start cleaning up after himself or move out.
    • Fig. to create or declare an artificial boundary and imply that crossing it will cause trouble.
  9. kick in the pants/ass/butt
    • A kick in the butt will get her moving.
    • Besides the range, the Leaf delivers a one-two punch of pleasure. First is its kick-in-the-pants acceleration from a standstill
    • Fig. Inf. a strong message of encouragement or demand.
  10. shoot the breeze
    • We spent the entire afternoon just shooting the breeze.
    • It was good to shoot the breeze with you, Mary.
    • Fig. to chat casually and without purpose.
  11. it takes two to tango.
    • Alan: You're always arguing! Stop arguing all the time. Jane: I can't argue all by myself. It takes two to tango.
    • Prov. Some things cannot happen by one person acting alone.
    • (Kenka Ryo Seibai)
  12. Lo and behold!
    • Lo and behold! There is Fred! He beat us here by taking
    • a shortcut.
    • Cliché Look here!; Thus! (An expression of surprise.)
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