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  1. 調べる
    • しらべる
    • to examine; to investigate; to check up; to sense; to study; to inquire; to search
  2. 上る
    • のぼる
    • to ascend; to go up; to climb
  3. 大切
    • たいせつ
    • important; valuable; worthy of care
  4. 花瓶
    • かびん
    • (flower) vase
  5. 割る
    • わる
    • to divide; to cut; to break; to halve; to separate; to split; to rip; to crack; to smash; to dilute
  6. 入れる
    • いれる
    • to put in; to let in; to take in; to bring in; to insert; to set (a jewel, etc.); to admit; to accept; to employ; to hire
  7. 落とす
    • おとす
    • to drop; to lose; to let fall; to shed (light); to cast (one's gaze); to pour in (liquid); to leave behind
  8. 汚れる
    • よごれる
    • to get dirty; to become dirty
  9. 今朝
    • けさ
    • this morning
  10. 会議
    • かいぎ
    • meeting; conference; session; assembly; council; convention; congress
  11. 冷房
    • れいぼう
    • cooling; air-conditioning
  12. 片付ける
    • かたづける
    • to tidy up; to put in order; to straighten up; to put away
  13. 其の儘
    • そのまま
    • without change; as it is (i.e. now)
  14. 出る
    • でる
    • to go out; to exit; to leave
  15. 湿る
    • しめる
    • to be wet; to become wet; to be damp
  16. 亡くす
    • なくす
    • to lose something; to get rid of; to lose someone (wife, child, etc.)
  17. 現金
    • げんきん
    • cash; ready money; mercenary; self-interested
  18. たいてい
    mostly; ordinarily; usually; generally
  19. 新幹線
    • しんかんせん
    • bullet train
  20. 荷物
    • にもつ
    • luggage

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