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  1. jurisprudence
    The entire subject of law
  2. justiciable
    Capable of being judicially decided according to legal principles
  3. legal fiction
    An assumption by the ct., made to help achieve a desired result, that may not be reality.
  4. legatee
    A person that takes anything pursuant to the terms of a will
  5. lien
    Any official claim against property or funds for payment of a debt.
  6. loss of consortium
    The inability of one spouse to have normal marital relations, a claim found in wrongful death or personal injury.
  7. magistrate
  8. mandamus
    An extraordinary writ issued by a ct. compelling performance of an act.
  9. mediation
    An attempt to settle a legal dispute using a (3rd party) mediator.
  10. ministerial act
    An act that is performed according to statute, rule, legal authority ect., w/o exercising individual judgement
  11. misdemeanor
    A lesser crime punishable by fine/jail time for up to one year.
  12. mootness doctrine
    The principle that says that ct.s will not settle anything unless there is an actual controversy at the time of the decision.
  13. motion to suppress
    A motion, usually made by defendant, to disallow evidence in the upcoming trial.
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