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  1. negligence
    Failure to exercise the care toward others that a reasonable person would exercise
  2. negotiation
    (1) A transfer of payment for goods (2) A give-and-take discussion to settle a dispute
  3. noscitur a sociis
    A rule stating that an unclear word can found through context
  4. obiter dictum
    Language in a case that is unnecessary
  5. penal
    Referring to punishment, penalty or criminality
  6. pendente lite
    ct. orders that are in effect until the case has concluded
  7. per curiam
    An opinion of an appellate ct where no individual judge is identified as the author
  8. perjury
    Intentionally making a false statement after taking an oath to tell the truth
  9. personal jurisdiction
    The power of a ct. over the parties before it to make binding decisions against them. 
  10. petitioner
    One who presents a petition
  11. plaintiff in error
    A person who proceeds by writ of error
  12. plea bargain
    In a criminal case, a negotiation between the defendant and the prosecutor.
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