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  1. Plurality opinion
    An opinion lacking enough votes to constitute a majority of the court, but receiving more votes in favor of the result then any other opinion.
  2. precedent
    A reported opinion of an appeals court that establishes for a particular jurisdiction the legal rule on the same legal question. The lower ct must follow a precedent ~ stare decisis
  3. Prejudgement
    Occurring before the rendering of judgement
  4. Prima facie
    Latin for on its face; evidence that is sufficient to establish a fact or create a presumption that a fact exists
  5. probate
    The process of proving a will is valid and thereby administering the estate of a deceased person according to the will.
  6. pro forma
    Latin for the sake of form
  7. pro tanto
    latin for only to that extent
  8. proximate cause
    An event, that in continuous, unbroken sequence produces an injury, without which the injury would not have occurred.
  9. quasi
    Latin for almost, as if
  10. quasi in rem
    Jurisdiction based on a person's interest in property located in the jurisdiction
  11. quid pro quo
    Latin for something for something
  12. quorum
    The number of people that must be present in order for business to be conducted at a meeting.
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