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  1. make a believer out of SO
    • It was an interesting discussion, but it did not make a believer out of me.
    • to convince someone decisively about something.
  2. make a big deal about STH
    • I only stepped on your toe. Don't make a big deal about it.
    • to exaggerate the seriousness of something.
  3. make a break for it (or SO/STH)
    • Max made a break for the door.
    • to run suddenly toward someone or something; to seize an opportunity to run toward someone or something.
  4. make a run for it
    • When the guard wasn't looking, the prisoner made a run for it.
    • to run fast to get away or get somewhere.
  5. make a bundle
    • John really made a bundle on that deal.
    • make a lot of money
  6. make a killing
    • Bill made a killing at the racetrack yesterday.
    • to have a great success, especially in making money.
  7. make good money
    • I don't know what she does, but she makes good money.
    • to earn a sizable money
  8. make it big
    • I always knew that someday I would make it big.
    • My brother made it big, but it has just led to tax problems.
    • to become successful, especially financially.
  9. make out like bandit
    • Mary made out like a bandit, playing twenty-one in Las Vegas.
    • to make a large profit.
  10. make a check out to SO
    • Would you make the check over to my bank?
    • to endorse the back of a check, making it payable to someone or a group
  11. make a clean sweep
    • The boss decided to change the direction of the company, so he made a clean sweep and fired all the top management.
    • to do something completely or thoroughly, with no exceptions.
  12. make a comeback
    • You're never too old to make a comeback.
    • to return to one's former (successful) career.
  13. make a day of it
    • We went to the museum to see the new exhibit and then decided to make a day of it.
    • to spend the whole day doing something.
  14. make a night of it
    • I did not want to make a night of it, so I left early.
    • to spend the entire evening or night doing something.
  15. make a dent in
    • Look at what's left on your plate! You hardly made a dent in your dinner.
    • to use only a little of something; to make a small amount of progress with something
  16. make a headway
    • Talks between the two countries are making very little headway.
    • to make a progress
  17. make a face
    • Mother, Billy made a face at me!
    • to show a funny or distorted expression to someone in ridicule.
  18. make a quick buck
    • Times are hard - you have to make a fast buck wherever and however you can.
    • to earn money quickly and often in a way that is not honest
  19. make a fool (out) of SO
    • John made a fool out of himself at the party.
    • to make someone look foolish.
    • I made a fool out of myself by drinking too much at the party.
  20. make a big fuss over STH
    • 1.Why do you make a fuss over a problem like that?
    • to worry about or make a bother about someone or something.
    • 2. Please don't make a fuss over who gets the last cookie.
    • to argue about someone or something.
  21. make a habit of doing STH
    • I make a habit of counting my change.
    • to do something so often that it becomes a habit.
  22. make a life for oneself
    • She made a good life for herself in New York City, working as a freelancer.
    • to develop and live a particular kind of lifestyle for oneself.
  23. make a living by
    • John makes a living from painting houses.
    • to earn a living from something or by doing something.
  24. make a man out of SO
    • Send Wally into the army. That'll make a man out of him.
    • to make a young male into an adult male.
  25. make amends
    • I will try to make amends for the accident.
    • to make up to someone for something that someone or something did.
  26. make a mental note
    • Please make a mental note of my telephone number.
    • to remember something
  27. make a mockery of STH
    • What a mess. You made a mockery of the task.
    • Foreigners would take advantage of this politeness and makes a mockery of the Japanese people's intellect.
    • to make a deliberate parody or a poor imitation of something.
    • ちゃかす、台無しにする
  28. make a move on SO
    • Was he making a move on me? I think he was.
    • to attempt to seduce someone.
    • seduce: to persuade SO to do STH, especially to have a sex, by making it seems extremely attractive.
  29. make a pass at SO
    • Can you believe it? Larry made a pass at me!
    • to flirt with or suggest sexual activity with someone.
    • flirt with SO: to consider doing STH but not be very serious about it
  30. make a name for oneself in
    • She would have done well in any sport, but Virginia ended up making a name for herself in soccer.
    • to become well known and respected for doing something in particular
  31. make an appearance
    • We waited for thirty minutes for the professor to make an appearance, then we went home.
    • to appear; to appear in a performance.
  32. make an entrance
    • She made her entrance too early and threw everyone into confusion.
    • to enter [a place], in some formal or special way, as onto the stage in a play or opera.
  33. make an exception
    • Please make an exception just this once.
    • to suspend a rule or practice for someone in a single instance.
  34. make a good impression on SO by
    • Tom made quite an impression on the banker.
    • to produce a positive memorable effect on someone while one is present.
  35. make an offer one can't refuse
    • He made me an offer I could not refuse, so I sold him my car.
    • a very attractive offer.
  36. make a note of it
    • You want to be considered for promotion. I'll make a note of it.
    • Please make a note of it.
    • to remember something both literaly and figuretively
  37. make an uproar
    • The dog got into church and made an uproar.
    • to cause an outburst or sensation.
  38. make a point of doing STH
    • She makes a point of sending thank-you notes
    • to be certain to do something that you think is important
  39. make a point
    • You made a point that we all should remember.
    • He spoke for an hour without making a point.
    • to state an item of importance.
  40. make a scene
    • Don’t make a scene when you go to the dance floor tonight!
    • to be loud and rude with other people or in public
  41. make believe
    • Claude made believe he hadn't heard what she said.
    • to pretend
  42. make cracks about SO
    • Stop making cracks about my cousin.
    • Ken made a few cracks about the movie.
    • to make jokes or smart remarks about someone or something.
  43. make demands
    • Please don't make demands of everyone in the shop.
    • The boss is making a lot of demands on the new machinery.
    • to expect someone or something to do something or act in a particular way.
  44. make do with STH
    to do STH as well as possible with STH such as limited resourses
  45. make good time
    • On our trip to Toledo, we made good time.
    • to proceed at a fast or reasonable rate.
  46. make a good out of STH
    get a lot of miledge out of STH
  47. make it to STH
    • She made it to the airport just in time to catch her plane.
    • to get to somewhere on time
  48. make it snappy
    • Andy: Make it snappy! I haven't got all day.
    • Hurry up!; Move quickly and smartly.
  49. make life miserable for SO
    • I wish you would stop making life miserable for me.
    • to give someone misery; to be a great nuisance to someone.
  50. make lite of STH
    • I make light of my problems, and that makes me feel better.
    • to treat something as if it were unimportant or humorous.
  51. make my day!
    • Move a muscle! Go for your gun! Go ahead, make my day!
    • Make my day. Just try it.
    • Go ahead, do what you are going to do, and I will be very happy to do what I have to do!
  52. make no difference
    • Pick whom you like. It makes no difference to me.
    • not to matter to someone.
  53. make no mistake (about it!)
    • I'm very angry with you! Make no mistake about it!
    • Do not be mistaken! You can be certain. (勘違いするなよ!~)
  54. make yourself at home
    In response: "don’t mind if I do"
  55. make yourself heard
    • I had to shout to make myself heard.
    • to speak loudly so that one will be heard above background noise.
  56. make oneself a laughingstock of STH
    • Laura made herself a laughingstock by arriving at the fast-food restaurant in full evening dress.
    • to make oneself a source of ridicule or laughter; to do something that invites ridicule.
  57. make oneself scarce
    • Tom is mad and is looking for you. Better make yourself scarce.
    • Make yourself scarce! Here comes the sheriff.
    • [for someone] to become difficult to find; [for someone to] go into hiding.
  58. make one's mark
    • Perry made his mark by inventing a special kind of holder for a cell phone.
    • to do something that allows one to receive appropriate recognition.
  59. make your peace with SO
    • Melanie knew she had to go back into the house and make her peace with her parents.
    • to stop arguing with someone
  60. make one's way back
    • I went for a walk and got lost. It took hours for me to make my way back.
    • to work one's way back to something or some place, to backtrack
  61. make one's way in the world
    • I intend to prepare myself to make my way in the world by getting a college degree
    • to succeed in the world independently
  62. make one's way through STH
    • 1.When the grandchildren visit, I have to pick my way through the toys on the floor.
    • to move along a route full of obstacles; to travel, usually on foot, through an area of heavy vegetation or through a crowd of people or things.
    • 2. My teacher said he couldn't even make (or pick) his way through my report. It was just too confusing.
    • to work slowly and meticulously through something.
  63. make or break SO
    • The army will either make or break him.
    • It's a tough assignment, and it will either make or break her.
    • to bring success to or improve, or ruin, someone.
  64. make out
    • 1. The lost hiker thought he’d never make it out of the jungle.
    • to exit a situation or place.
    • This is the only one that can be split, and always has the word “it” between make and out.
  65. make out with SO
    to french kiss, to have a sex
  66. make out with STH
    • How did you make out with it?
    • My cousin invested in technology stocks in the 1990s and made out like a bandit.
    • How did you make out at the casino last night?
    • getting positive results from a situation or transaction
  67. make SO/STH tick
    • I don't know what makes it tick.
    • What makes John tick? I just don't understand him.
    • to cause someone or something to run or function.
  68. make SO over
    • Sally's mother made (or did) Sally over for the play tryouts.
    • The designer made over Sally completely. --> this works only one time.
    • to buy a new wardrobe for someone; to redo someone's hairstyle, makeup, etc.
  69. make SO's blood boil
    • It just makes my blood boil to think of the amount of food that gets wasted around here.
    • to make SO very angry
  70. make SO's blood run cold
    • I heard a scream which made my blood run cold.
    • if something makes someone's blood run cold, it makes them very frightened
  71. make SO's skin crawl
    • Just thinking about the way he had touched her made her skin crawl.
    • if something or someone makes your skin crawl, you think they are very unpleasant or frightening
  72. make SO's hair stand on end
    • The horrible scream made my hair stand on end.
    • to cause someone to be very frightened.
  73. make SO's head spin/swim
    • 1.Riding the merry-go-round makes my head spin.
    • Fig. to make someone dizzy or disoriented.
    • 2. The physics lecture made my head spin.
    • Fig. to confuse or overwhelm someone.
  74. make SO sick
    • I am really tired of your vile talk. You make me sick!
    • to disgust SO
  75. make SO's position clear
    • I can't tell whether you are in favor of or against the proposal. Please make your position clear.
    • to clarify where someone stands on an issue.
  76. make SO stir crazy
    • I am going to go stir-crazy if I don't get out of this office.
    • make someone crazy from being confined.
  77. make SO the scapegoat for STH
    • They made Tom the scapegoat for the whole affair. It wasn't all his fault.
    • to make someone take the blame for something.
  78. make some sence out of SO/STH
    • No one can make sense out of Tom's story.
    • to understand SO/STH
  79. make a party, meeting etc.
    to attend
  80. make STH at SO
    make signal, sign to SO
  81. make STH of STH
    • What do you make of this news? What do you make (sence) of it?
    • to interpret as the meaning of
  82. make/put/set STH right/good
    • I know I owe you some money, but don't worry, I'll make it good.
    • to correct something; to alter a situation to make it more fair.
  83. make STH to order
    • The tailor made the jacket to order for me.
    • to custom-make an item
  84. make up
    • 1. tell a lie,
    • 2. redo STH,
    • 3. to assemble
  85. make STH up to SO
    to compensate STH to SO
  86. make the best of STH
    • I don't like it, but I will try to make the best of my summer landscaping job by getting a good tan
    • to do as well as possible with something that is not too promising.
  87. make the most of STH
    • They designed the advertisements to make the most of the product's features.
    • Mary knows how to make the most of her talents.
    • to make something appear as good as possible
  88. make time for
    • On the flight back to Washington, the president made time for reporters' questions.
    • to allow time for something in particular
  89. make trouble SO
    • I don't want to make trouble, but I have a few suggestions that could make things work more smoothly.
    • to cause trouble or additional work.
  90. make up for lost time
    • We drove as fast as we could, trying to make up for lost time.
    • to catch up; to go fast to balance a period of going slow or not moving.
  91. make up with SO
    • We kissed and made up.
    • To resolve a quarrel, to be reconciled with SO
  92. make way
    • Is this project making way?
    • A sailboat can't make way if there is no wind.
    • to make progress; to move ahead.
  93. make way for SO/STH
    • Make way for the stretcher. Here comes the doctor—make way!
    • to clear a path for someone or something.
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