NR 435 Chapter 8

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  1. acute effects
    A sudden onset of symptoms or effects of exposure to some factor.
  2. allergens
    Substances that activate the immune system and case an allergic response.
  3. antigens
    Substances that stimulate the production of and react with apecific antibodies.
  4. bioaccumulation
    The selective absorbtion and concentration of molecules by cells
  5. biomagnification
    Increase in concentration of certain stable chemicals in successively higher trophic levels of a food chain or web.
  6. carcinogens
    Substances that cause cancer.
  7. chronic effects
    Long-lasting results of exposure to a toxin, can be a permanent change caused by a single, acute exposure or a continuous, low-level exposure.
  8. DALYs
    Disability-adjusted life years. A health measure that assess the total burden of disease.
  9. emergent diseases
    A new disease or one that has been absent for at least 20 years.
  10. endocrine hormone disrupters
    Chemicals that interfere with the function of endocrine hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, etc.
  11. LD50
    A chemical dose lethat to 50 percent of a test poplation.
  12. morbidity
    Illness or disease.
  13. mortality
    Death rate in a poplation, such as the number of deaths per thousand people per year.
  14. mutagens
    Agents, such as chemicals or radiation, that damage or alter genetic material (DNA) in cells.
  15. neurotoxins
    Toxic substances such as lead or mercury, that specifically poison nerve cells.
  16. pathogens
    Organisms that produce disease in host organisms.
  17. POPs
    Persistant organic pollutants. Chemical compounds that persist in the environment and retain biological activity for a long time.
  18. teratogens
    Chemicals or other factors that specifically cause abnormalities during embyonic growth and development.
  19. toxins
    Poisonos chemicals that react with specific cellular components to kill cells or alter growth and development in undesirable ways.
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