NR 435 Chapter 10

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  1. Aquifers
    Porous, water-bearing layers of sand, gravel and rock below the earth's surface; reservoirs for groundwater.
  2. BOD
    Biochemical compound
  3. consumption
    The water lost from the system throgh evaporation, absorbtion or contamination.
  4. eutrophic
    Rivers and lakes rich in organic material.
  5. flux
    The amont of material transferred between compartments per unit time.
  6. groundwater
    Water held in gravel deposits or porous roch below the earth's surface.
  7. hydrological cycle
    The natural process by which water is purified and made fresh through evaporation and precipitation.
  8. infiltration
    The process of water percolation into the soil and pores and hollow permeable rocks.
  9. oligitrophic
    Condition of rivers and lakes that have clear water and low biological productivity.
  10. oxygen sag
    Decline in oxygen downstream from a pollution source that introduces materials with high biological oxygen demands.
  11. transpiration
    The evaporation of water from plant surfaces, especially throught stomates.
  12. residence time
    The length of time a component, such as an individual water molecule, spends in a particular process or cycle.
  13. runoff
    The excess of precipitation over evaporation; the main source of surface water and in broad terms, the water available for human use.
  14. watershed
    All the land drained by a stream or river.
  15. water table
    The top layer of the zone of saturation.
  16. withdrawal
    The total amount of water taken from a water supply.
  17. zone of aeration
    Upper soil layers that hold both air and water.
  18. zone of saturation
    Lower soil layers where all spaces are filled with water.
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