NR 435 Chapter 15

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  1. adaptive management
    A management plan designed from the onset to 'learn by doing' and to actively test hypotheses and adjust treatments as new information is available
  2. arbitration
    A formal process of dispte resolution resulting in a legally binding decision that all parties must obey.
  3. case law
    Precedents from both civil and criminal court cases.
  4. citizens science
    Projects in which trained volunteers work with scientific researchers to answer real world questions.
  5. environmental law
    Legal rules, decisions and actions involving environmental quality, natural resources and ecological sustainability.
  6. legal standing
    The right to take part in legal proceedings.
  7. lobbying
    Using personal contacts, public pressure or political action to persuade legislators to vote in a particular manner.
  8. mediation
    An informal dispute resolution process in which parties try to reach an agreement throgh discussion and compromise.
  9. NEPA
    Law that established the Council on Environmental Quality.
  10. NGOs
    Nongovernmental organizations such as pressure and research groups, advisory agencies, etc, concerned about environmental or other issues.
  11. policy cycle
    The process by which problems are identified and acted upon in the public arena.
  12. precautionary principle
    The rule that we should leave a margin of safety for unexpected developments.
  13. SLAPP
    Lawsits that have no merit but are broght merely to intimidate and harass private citizens who act in the public interest.
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