NR 435 Sample exam qestions

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  1. The average American eats how many kgs of meat and dairy per year?
    90kg per person
  2. Most of the increase in agricultural productivity since 1950 (a two-fold increase) has been due mostly to_?
  3. The major problem with DDT is
    biomagnification and bioaccumulation
  4. A major problem with heavy metal problem is their
  5. The internation agreement to roll back carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxid emissions to about 5% below the 1990 levels by 2012, signed by 160 nations in 1997 was...
    Kyoto agreement
  6. Fossil fuels currently provide what percent of the world's energy?
    80 to 90%
  7. We currently produce what percent of US energy domestically
    about 70% (mostly from coal)
  8. Fuel cell efficiency is about?
    40 to 45%
  9. The country that is the biggest producer of hydroelectric energy exported to the US
  10. In 1950 the percentage of the world's population living in cities was
  11. When a factory pollutes a river, the costs and losses that affect people downstream are called
    external costs
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