SOG (exam)4

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    • Managing risks of disease
    • Proceedurs for cleaning and disinfecting equipment
    • Compliance with laws
  2. BSI ___ beyond universal precautions
    BSI considers ___ to be infectious
    • Goes a step
    • All body sustances
  3. Use barrier techniques to
    Prevent skin and mucous membrane exposure
  4. In case of needle stick or other skin puncture
    Scrub with soap warm water asap and rinse w/ 1:100
  5. Soiled/contaminated clothing shall be placed in ___ and delivered to either stations___ and be placed in the extractor ___
    • 2 red bio bags
    • 5,21,24,28,32,59 or T.A.
    • 1time on a 30 cycle for decon
  6. Areas invloving public domain or thoroughfare that have been contaminated by blood or body fluids must be....
    Cleaned prior to leaving Unless scene is to be processed by evidence tech
  7. The majority of the fluid should be absorbed and then rinsed with...
    1:100 solution
  8. The FS defines a significant exposure as:
    • 1.Exposure through needle stick, intrument, or sharps
    • 2.exposure of mucous membranes to
    • Blood, semen, pussy juice, CSF,synovial fluid, pleural fluid, peritoneal, pericardial, amniotic, lab specimens w/ AIDS
    • 3. Exposure of skin to blood body fluid with skin chapped
    • Abraded or afflicted with dermatitus
  9. Life-threatening infectious diseases include
    • HIV
    • TB
    • HEP A,B,C
    • Meningitis
  10. A source Pt is
    Py to which JFRD have had a signifficant exposure
  11. If source Pt is not transported the OIC shall
    Obtain name, phone #, address, and other pertinent information
  12. If source Pt blood is unavailable...
    Contact the H&S officer for follow-up
  13. Any employee knowing or suspecting another employee of having an infectious disease shall report this to ___who will
    • CO
    • notify the H&S officer. He will notify the director/fire chief
  14. Personnel exposed have the following rights
    • 1. Follow-up and eval
    • 2. Screening result for pt
    • 3. Diagnosis of any pt treated and diagnosed after trans
  15. Procedures following an exposure CO will
    Contact FRCC and then the H&S officer
  16. Procedures following an exposure
    H&S OFFICER (6)
    • 1. Meet and accompany them throu procedure
    • 2. Initiate treatment ASAP can be within 72 hrs
    • 3. Initiate source tracking
    • 4. Coordinate w/ infectious control nurse/employee health nurse
    • 5. Notify personnel and risk management of source pt results
    • 6. Advise if further med eval is needed
  17. EMS SOG
    • Maintain O2
    • If substance identified contact poison control
    • (1800-2221222) for assistance
    • All pt info requested must be given
    • Request haz-mat team for air monitoring and expertise
  18. EMS SOG
    organophosphate exposure-
    Wear appropriate PPE incuding mask,gloves and eye protection
  19. EMS SOG
    organophosphate exposure-
    Decon pt
    • Remove clothing
    • Irrigate with NS; may use soap and water
    • Contain runoff
  20. EMS SOG
    organophosphate exposure-
    Decon equipment including...
    • Transport vehicle
    • Haz-mat team will when they haxe been deconed
    • No equipment or transport vehicle will be used for any pt until free from contamination
  21. Once large red bio-bag is full it shall be...
    TSF shall...
    • Lableled with work location and date
    • Be requested via helpdesk to pick up
  22. Request for pick up sable be submitted when...
    Large storage container is full or 1 month since last pick up
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