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  1. What structures attach at the Calcaneal tuberosity?
    • Flexor retinaculum
    • Plantar fascia
    • long plantar ligament
    • quadratus plantae
    • abductor digiti minimi
    • abductor hallucis
    • Flexor digitorum brevis
  2. What attaches at the anterior calcaneal tubercle and where does it insert?
    • short plantar ligament
    • insert: cuboid
  3. What attaches at the fibular tubercle on the calcaneus?
    Inferior fibular retinaculum
  4. What is another name for the plantar calcaneonavicular ligament?
    Spring Ligament
  5. What is Boehler's angle?
    • Normal: 18-40
    • Average: 30-35
  6. Name the three STJ articulations?
    • 1) Anterior
    • 2) Middle
    • 3) Posterior
  7. What does the Anterior Tibial Artery feed into at the ankle?
    Med & Lat malleoli
  8. What two arteries make up the artery of the sinus tarsi?
    • Lateral Tarsal A of Dorsalis Pedis A
    • Perforating br. of Fibular A.
  9. What does the spring ligament support?
    • medial column
    • * Plantar calcaneonavicular ligament
  10. Navicular articulations!
    • Talus
    • all 3 cuneiforms
    • Cuboid
  11. Talar articulations!
    • Calcaneus
    • Navicular
  12. Calcaneus articulations!
    • Talus
    • Cuboid
  13. Med Cun articulations!
    • 2nd Cun
    • 1st met
    • 2nd met
    • navicular
  14. Int Cun articulations!
    • 1st Cun
    • 3rd Cun
    • Navicular
    • 2nd Met
  15. Lat Cun articulations!
    • Int Cun
    • Cuboid
    • Navicular
    • 2nd Met
    • 3rd Met
  16. Cuboid articulations?
    • Lat Cuneiform
    • Calcaneus
    • Navicular
    • 4th Met
    • 5th Met
  17. Os tibiale externum (os navicular, cornuted (gorilloid) navicular tuberosity) muscle association?
    Tibailis Posterior
  18. What attaches at the fibular promontory?
    Long plantar ligament
  19. functional movements of Talonavicular joint?
    • Abduction & dorsiflexion
    • Adduction & Plantarflexion
  20. What is another name for the midtarsal joint?
    Sima Line
  21. Common shape ID for medial cuneiform?
    Kidney (renaform) shape
  22. common shape ID for medial talar dome?
  23. Common ID shape for lateral talar dome?
  24. Which bones have an inverted L-shape articulation?
    Medial & intermediate cuneiforms (at joint)
  25. What is the Lis Franc's ligament?
    interosseus tarsometatarsal ligament b/t medial cuneiform and 2nd met
  26. Is the MTP joint synovial or not?
  27. Shape of 1st met base articulation with medial cuneiform?
    Kidney (renaform) shape
  28. What do the cristae of the 1st met head hold?
    Sesamoid bones
  29. Two ligaments on lateral 1st metatarsal?
    • 1) collateral metatarsophalangela ligament
    • 2) suspensory metatarsosesamoid ligament
  30. T/F: There is no intermetatarsal ligament at the 1st and 2nd met base area?
    T (no dorsal or plantar)
  31. where is the 1st Met Nutrient foramen?
    Lateral side
  32. What is the most common site of calcaneal fractures?
    Neutral triangle (lateral middle part) due to less trabeculation
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