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  1. DEA Controlled Drug Prescriptions Must contain at least
    • Date of prescription issue
    • Patient's name and address
    • Practitioner's name, address, and phone number Drug name
    • Drug strength
    • Dosage form and instructions
    • Exact quantity prescribed
    • Complete directions for use
    • Number of refills authorized
    • Have a valid DEA Number
  2. Schedule II drug prescriptions must
    • be manually signed by the practitioner. No exceptions.
    • not be Faxed or Called in, except for a valid
    • not have any refills.
  3. DEA Sch II Expiration and refill limit?
    • No Expiration
  4. DEA Sch III thru V Expiration and refill limit?
    • 6 Months Expiration
    • up to 5 refills, (but only 5 times*)
  5. Legend Drugs Expiration and refill limit?
    • 12 Months Expiration
    • up to 12 Months supply
  6. what are Oral Solutions
    drugs that dissolved completely into a liquid form
  7. what are Oral Suspensions
    drug mixed with, but not completely dissolved into a liquid. It needs to be shaken before administration in order to suspend the drug particles evenly.
  8. what is Syrup
    a high concentration of sucrose or sugar to sweeten, for ease of use
  9. Elixirs contain how much alcohol
    between 5% and 40% alcohol
  10. Tinctures contain how much alcohol
    as little as 17% alcohol or as much as 80% alcohol.
  11. what is Emulsions?
    a suspension involving one liquid in a second liquid with which the first will not mix.
  12. what are Oral powders
    Drugs which are in a powder form and are usually dissolved in juice or water before administration
  13. what are Lozenge and Troche
    drugs that are meant to be dissolved slowly in the mouth and generally have a local effect.
  14. what are Rectal Suppositories
    Solid or semi-solid bullet shaped dosage form medication that melt at body temperature, dispersing the medication.
  15. what are Enemas
    Drugs that are suspended in a solution and infused into the rectum.
  16. what are Transdermal patch
    adhesive patch applied directly on the skin to deliver a specific dosage of a drug. They have systemic effects and should be rotated to different sites on the body.
  17. what are Inhalation drugs
    drugs Inhaled through the mouth or nose and usually act directly on the respiratory system before entering into the bloodstream. They are often used to treat respiratory diseases, but gases are inhaled for general anesthesia as well.
  18. what are Epidural injection
    Injections into the dura matter (epidural space) of the spinal cord.
  19. what are Intravenous injections
    Injections into the vein. This allows for immediate adsorption. Intravenous includes IV push, IV piggyback and IV infusion or drip.
  20. what are Intramuscular injections
    Injections into the muscle.
  21. what are Subcutaneous injections
    Injections into the fatty layer under the skin
  22. what are Intradermal injections
    Injections into the top layer of the skin at a slight angle
  23. what are Intracardiac injections
    Injections into the heart.
  24. what are Intraocular injections
    Injections within the eye.
  25. what are Intrathecal injections
    Injections into the space surrounding the spinal cord.
  26. what are Intra-articular injections
    Injections into the joint.
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