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  1. get down
    to feel blue
  2. come and get it!
    'come here and eat dinner, lunch, breakfast…'
  3. Do you get my drift?
    If you get someone's drift, you understand what they are trying to say.
  4. Do you get the picture?
    If you get the picture, you understand a situation fully
  5. Don’t let SO/STH get you down
  6. Flattery will get you nowhere
  7. get a kick out of SO/STH
    to get excited about SO/STH
  8. get a laugh
    The NIGHTS always gets a lot of laugh (ウケを取る)
  9. get a load of SO/STH
    • 'Hey, take a look at SO/STH!',
    • 'Hey, listen'
  10. get a lot of miledge out of STH
    to make the best use of STH
  11. get a move on
    go to get a hurry on
  12. get a rise from/out of SO
    to make SO angry
  13. get a/the say
    to find an opprotunity to say something.
  14. get a word in edgewise
    • Bruce talked so much that nobody else could get a word in edgewise.
    • to find an opprotunity to say something.
  15. get ahead of yourself
    • When he bought a new little bicycle before the baby was born, he was getting ahead of himself.
    • I think we are getting ahead of ourselves here.(先走りしてしまいましたね)
  16. get to someone
    • annoy, irritate.
    • Don’t let her get to you, she's just in a bad mood.
  17. get at
    • 1.His boss is always GETTING AT him for arriving late
    • criticise
    • 2.What do you think she's GETTING AT? I've no idea what she wants.
    • mean
  18. get away with murder
    • Not get caught, criticised or punished for doing something wrong
    • get away with STH
  19. get away with STH
    Achieve something, despite not doing it correctly or properly
  20. get back to STH
    • It took me ages to GET BACK TO sleep after the phone rang
    • Start doing something again after an interruption
  21. get between SO/STH and SO/STH
    Erika gets between me and my business. (E keeps me from doing business.)
  22. get busy
    • The boss is coming. You'd better get busy.
    • to start working; to work or appear to work harder or faster
  23. get by (on a small amount of money)
    to survive even though having a little money.
  24. get carried away
    • Take this money and go to the candy store, but don't get carried away.
    • to be overcome by emotion or enthusiasm (in one's thinking or actions).
  25. get cracking
    • Let's get cracking!
    • to get to work
  26. get down to the facts
    • Let's get down to the facts, Mrs. Brown. Where were you on the night of January 16?
    • to begin to talk about things that matter; to get to the truth
  27. get down to nitty-gritty
    to deal with things in details
  28. get down to bolts and nuts
    to deal with things in details
  29. get enough nerve up to do STH
    to have enough courage to do STH
  30. get into one's stride
    • When I get into my stride, I'll be more efficient.
    • to reach one's most efficient and productive rate of doing something
  31. get into the swing of things
    • I hadn't worked in an office for a few years and it took me a while to get back into the swing of it.
    • to become familiar with an activity or situation so that you can start doing it well or enjoying it
  32. get it together / get one's act together / get one's stuff together
    • I hope he gets it together soon. His life is a mess.
    • to become fit or organized; to organize one's thinking; to become relaxed and rational.
  33. You've get it all wrong
  34. get laid
    have a sex
  35. get lost!
    get away!
  36. get nowhere fast
    • I can't seem to make any progress. No matter what I do, I'm just getting nowhere fast
    • not to make progress; to get nowhere.
  37. get off easy
    • The Midwest got off easy with little snow this winter.
    • to receive less punishment than expected
  38. get off one's ass/butt
    • Get off your ass and get busy! It's time you got off your butt and started to work.
    • to get up and get busy; to stop loafing and get to work
  39. get off scot-free
    get away with murder
  40. get off someone's tail
    to tailgate SO
  41. get on with STH
    • She told us to GET ON WITH our work.
    • Continue or start doing something
  42. get one's ass in gear
    • Come on, you guys. Get moving. Get your ass in gear!
    • to get moving; to get organized and get started
  43. get one's duck in a row
    • Jane is organized. She really gets all her ducks in a row right away.
    • to get one's affairs in order or organized
  44. get one's hands dirty
    • You have to get your hands dirty if you expect to get the gutters cleaned out.
    • to get closely involved in a difficult task.
  45. get one's head above water
    • I can't seem to get my head above water. Work just keeps piling up.
    • to manage to get oneself caught up with one's work or responsibilities
  46. get one's just rewards/deserts
    • You'll get yours!
    • to get what one deserves
  47. get sink one's teeth into STH
    • Up till then she'd only had small parts in films and nothing she could get her teeth into.
    • to start to do something with a lot of energy and enthusiasm
  48. get SO onto SO/STH
    • Get someone onto the injured man in the hall right now
    • to assign someone to attend to someone or something
  49. get out of a jam
    to escape from trouble
  50. get out of town
    • Go away, you bother me! Get out of town!
    • Beat it!; Get out of here!
  51. get out of breath
    • I ran so much that I got out of breath.
    • breathing fast and hard; gasping for breath
  52. get out while the going is good
    • If you are unsure about marrying him, get out now while the going is good.
    • if you do something while the going is good, you do it while it is still easy to do
  53. get out with it!
    tell me!
  54. get past SO/STH
    get over
  55. get rolling
    get the ball rolling
  56. get screwed
    to get cheated
  57. get smart with SO
    to talk back to SO
  58. get SO going
    • I guess I really got him going on the subject of politics.
    • Don’t get me going.
    • to make SO get excited
  59. get SO into something
    to enroll SO into school, club,…
  60. get SO/STH together
    • Let's see if we can get both sides together and discuss this.
    • to gather people or things together.
  61. get STH together
    • I'm sure we can get something together.
    • to arrange a party or other gathering for a certain time
  62. get SO through SO/STH
    • I will do what I can to get you through the front office.
    • to manage to help someone move through some kind of barrier or tight opening
  63. get tough
    • The teacher had to get tough with the class because the students were acting badly.
    • to become firm with someone; to use physical force against someone
  64. get under SO's skin
    to make SO annoying
  65. get under STH
    to go under
  66. get up on the wrong side of the bed
    to seem grouchy on a particular day.
  67. get wind of STH
    • The police got wind of the illegal drug deal.
    • to learn of something; to hear about something.
  68. get with the program/picture/it
    • Come on, Mark. Get with the program. Do what you are told.
    • follow the rules; do what you are supposed to do.
  69. get your ass/buns over here!
    • Get your butt over here and help me move this trunk.
    • Get yourself over here, now!
  70. get your nose out of my business!
    Don't be nosy. Mind your own business
  71. What's gotten into SO (you)?
    You look bombed today, what wrong is happening to you.
  72. What you see is what you get.
  73. You don’t get STH from nothing
    You can't expect anything out of thin air.
  74. you got me beat!
    you beat me! You won the game, you got the jop instead of me.
  75. you got me there!
    you won the debate I've run out of the idea.
  76. you gotta do what ya gotta do.
    One has to do whatever it is that one feels obliged to do.
  77. you just don’t get it
    you miss the point, you don’t understand the whole story, you don’t understand me at all.
  78. you'll get into it
    Let's see, you'll love it!
  79. you've got another thing coming
    • If you think you can easily beat him, you've got another thing [think] coming
    • You will have to rethink your position. You're wrong.
  80. you've got me stumped
    you confuse me a lot by a tough question.
  81. You're out of your mind!
    Are you crazy? Seriously?
  82. get the jitters
    • I always get the jitters before an interview.
    • to be nervous, upset
  83. get the gist of STH
    • I got the gist of his speech.
    • to understand the point of STH
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