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  1. What is task No.1
    Identifying Rock Textures
  2. What is task No.2
    Interpretation of sedimentary rocks.
  3. What is task No.3
    Interpreting grain size of sedimentary rocks.
  4. What is task No.4
    Fossils and palaeoenvironments.
  5. What is task No.5
    Grain Size and Mineralogy of Igneous Rocks
  6. What is task No.6
    Relating grain size and banding to metamorphic rock formation.
  7. What is task No.7
    Where do rocks come from? The rock cycle.
  8. What is task No.8
    Measuring the background radiation count
  9. What is task No.9
    Measuring mean background counts and accounting for error.
  10. What is task No.10
    Radioactive rocks: Granite
  11. What is task No.11
    Radioactive (Uranium rich) mineral.
  12. What is task No.12
    Measuring radioactive counts through an absorber (Pb).
  13. What is task No.13
    Plotting a graph to determine half thickness of absorption.
  14. What is task No.14
    Measuring the radioactive count from Barium-137 in an excited state.
  15. What is task No.15
    Plotting a graph to determine the half life of the excited state of Barium-137.
  16. What is task No.16
    Discussion on Radiogenic heat production within the Earth in light of what has been done in tasks 1-15.
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