50-56: Palmeri and Milligan, French for Reading Knowledge (2nd ed)

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  1. empêcher
    to prevent
  2. quelconque
  3. demeurer
    to remain, to live
  4. moindre
    least (lesser)
  5. à l’egard de
    concerning, with regard to
  6. Quel dommage!
    What a pity!
  7. jaune
  8. s’il vous plaît
  9. la nouvelle
    short story
  10. pourtant
  11. la mort
  12. manquer
    to be lacking, to be missing
  13. garder
    to keep
  14. il est
    there is, there are (stylistically used for "il y a")
  15. il importe

    it is important
  16. il reste

    there remains
  17. il vient

    there comes
  18. il se produit

    there is produced
  19. il se trouve (il arrive)

    it happens
  20. il se peut (il est possible)

    it is possible
  21. il paraît (il semble)

    it appears, it seems
  22. il est heureux

    it is fortunate
  23. il en est ainsi

    it is so
  24. il en est de

    the same thing is true about
  25. il y va de
    is at stake
  26. au dehors

  27. cependant

    however, nevertheless
  28. au dedans

    within, inside
  29. et . . . et

    both . . . and
  30. espérer

    to hope
  31. falloir
    to be necessary, must, have to
  32. penser à (songer à)

    to think of (=to have one's mind on)
  33. penser de

    to think of (=to have an opinion about)
  34. croire 'a

    to believe in
  35. réfléchir 'a

    to reflect on, to think carefully about
  36. entendre parler de

    to hear about
  37. se souvenir de

    to remember
  38. assister 'a

    to be present at, to attend, to witness
  39. s’intéresser 'a

    to be interested in
  40. tenir 'a

    to insist upon, to be anxious to
  41. douter de

    to doubt
  42. se douter de

    to suspect
  43. convenir de

    to agree
  44. échapper 'a

    to escape from
  45. se passer de

    to get along without
  46. la tête

  47. dire que non

    to say no
  48. jeter

    to throw
  49. lointain

    distant, far away
  50. éclater

    to burst out
  51. la fenêtre

  52. la pierre

  53. se méprendre

    to be mistaken
  54. le verre

  55. le lendemain

    the following day
  56. le feu

  57. rester

    to remain, to stay
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