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  1. SI unit for Current
    Ampere (A); 1 ampere=1 coulomb per sec=1 c/s
  2. Current Density
  3. Conductivity (rho)
  4. Electron current
    ie=Ne/(delta) t where Ne=#electons
  5. Electron Current in Wire
    ie=neAvd with SI unit s-1
  6. Electron Drift Speed
    vd= (e (gamma) /m) E
  7. Energy Density
    uE=uc/Ad=(Epsilon not)/2 x E2

    units (J/m3)
  8. Dielectric- insulator inside a capacitor
    Kappa==(Epsilon not)/E
  9. Potential Difference w/in Dielectric
    (delta) Vc=((delta) Vc)0/Kappa
  10. Capacitance
    C=Q/(delta) Vc = (epsilon not x A) / d
  11. Charge on Capacitor
    Q=C delta Vo
  12. Parallel Capacitor
    • Ceq=C1+C2+C3=...
    • Greate than single
  13. Series Capacitor
    • Ceq=(1/C1+1/C2+1/C3+...)-1
    • Less than single
  14. Energy stored in capacitor
    Uc=Q2/2C = 1/2 C(deltaVc)2 = epsilon not/2 (Ad) E2
  15. Capacitance
  16. Potential Difference
    delta V = Vf-Vi= - (from i to f) E X ds
  17. Potential (electric field comp in s dir)
    Es=- dV/ds
  18. Kirchhoff's Loop-sum of all potential differences in a loop/closed path
    delta Vloop=sigma ( delta V)= 0
  19. Capacitance
    C= Q/detla Vc=Epsilon not x A / d

    SI unit= farad
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