Inheritance Patterns

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  1. Autosomal Recessive
    • Can skip generations (affected indv can have unaffected parents)
    • Number of affected males is roughly equal to females

    • Unaffected Genotype: AA, Aa
    • Affected Genotype: aa
  2. Autosomal dominant
    • Does not skip generations (affected indv must have an affected parent)
    • Number of affected males is roughly equal to females
    • An affected parent passes trait to either all or half of offspring

    • Unaffected Genotype: aa
    • Affected Genotype: AA, Aa
  3. Mitochondrial
    • Maternal inheritance
    • Affected female has all affected children (Unaffected female cannot have affected children)
    • Affected male cannot pass the trait onto his children

    • Unaffected Genotype: a
    • Affected Genotype: A
  4. Y-linked
    • Affects males only
    • Affected father has all affected son (Unaffected father cannot have an affected son)

    • Unaffected Genotype: XYa
    • Affected Genotype: XYA
  5. X-linked recessive
    • Can skip generations (affected individuals can have unaffected parents)
    • Tend to affect males more than females (only 1 X)
    • Unaffected female can have affected sons
    • Affected female has all affected sons, but can have both affected and unaffected daughters

    • Unaffected Genotype: XAXA, XAXa, XAY
    • Affected Genotype: XaXa, XaY
  6. X-linked dominant
    • Hardest to identify
    • Does not skip generations (affected individuals must have affected parent)
    • Unaffected Genotype: XaXa, XaY
    • Affected Genotype: XAXA, XAXa, XAY
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