Self Defense

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  1. Who killed Magellan?
    Chief Lapu Lapu
  2. What was the date this Occured?
    April 27 1521
  3. What type of society are the Philippines?
  4. Why are they type of society?
    They use blades in everyday life
  5. What is Great Grandmasters Name?
    Ernesto Amador Presas
  6. What Island in the Philippines did he come from?
    Negros Occidental
  7. What region of the Philippines is that?
  8. Name three contol points that were used in this course?
    Wrist, Elbow, Chin
  9. Name the 5 strike point that were used in this course?
    Threat, Eyes, Ears, Joints, Grain
  10. Name the Footwork pattern used Here?
    X Pattern
  11. Weight distribution is ___% in the front and ___% in the back foot.
    40, 60
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