Vertebrate Classes Characteristics

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  1. Agnatha
    • jawles fishes, similar to ancestral vertebrates
    • Ex: lampreys
  2. Chondrichthyes
    • cartilaginous fish; not our ancestor (side branch from Agnatha)
    • Ex: shark
  3. Osteichthyes
    • bony fish, ancestors of amphibians
    • Ex: tuna, bass
  4. Amphibia
    water-dwelling larvae, land-dwelling adult, respiration: lungs and/or skin, ancestors of reptiles
  5. Reptilia
    • land-dwellers with 4 limbs, respiration: lungs, embryo surrounded by amnion, born in shelled egg or live, ancestors of birds and mammals
    • Ex: lizards, snakes
  6. Aves
    • 2 wings + 2 legs, respiration: lungs, endothermic, shelled amniotic eggs, descended from reptiles
    • Ex: birds
  7. Mammalia
    • descended from reptiles in a separate branch from Aves
    • hair, 4 limbs, 4-chambered heart, diaphram for respiration, mammary glands, internal fertilization, some have placental development
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