Chapter 8

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  1. The most comprehensive interest in real property that an individual may possess is a:

    A. estate for years
    B. remainder estate.
    C. fee simple estate
    D.l ife estate
    C. Fee Simple Estate
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  2. Physical components of real property do not include:
    A. surface
    B. air space
    C. equitable rights
    D. subsurface
    C Equitable rights
  3. Fixtures are items that:
    A. are fixed, or attached, to real property
    B. were once personal property but are now real property
    C. have been incorporated as a part of real property
    D. all of the above
    D. all of the above
  4. Frank and lucille decide to get a divorce. In addition to their Florida homesteaded property, they own a vacent lot in the same subdivision acquired in both of their names during the marriage. How will the lot be distributed?
    The lot is a marital asset and will be distributed equitably
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