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  1. software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network
    web service
  2. a collection of services that communicate with each other
    service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  3. provides a service interface for a software asset that manages a specific set of tasks
    service provider
  4. a network node that discoversand invokes other software services to provide a business solution
    service requester
  5. network node that acts as a repository, yellow pages, or clearing house for software interfaces that are published by service providers
    service broker
  6. the 3 basic SOA participans and their basic operations
    service provider, requester, broker. publish, find, bind
  7. the essential part of web services
    bind relationship between a service provider and service requestor
  8. acts as a cloud
    service broker
  9. computer programs allowing website visitors to submit and retrieve data to/from a database over the internet using their preferred web browser
    web applications
  10. data is presented to the user within the browser as information and is generated dynamically in html using?
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