SP151 Chapter 11

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  1. public speaking
    teachable, learnable process of developing supporting, organizing, and orally presenitng ideas
  2. audience centered speaker
    considers & adpats to audience at all times
  3. speaker anxiety
    stage fright
  4. illusion of transparency
    mistaken belief that nervousness is apparent to audience
  5. habituation
    becoming more comfortable as you speak
  6. systematoc desensitization
    • anxiety management
    • relaxing method
    • visualize success
  7. performance visualization
    watchign video tape and imagine it being you ?
  8. general purpose
    • broad reaosn for presentation
    • to inform/ persuade/ entertain
  9. specific purpose
    concise statement of what they want of listeners afer presentation
  10. central idea
    definitive point about a topic
  11. declarative statement
    sentence statement, as opposed to question
  12. main ideas
    • sub divisions of central idea
    • +detailed points
  13. supporting material
    verbal and visuals that help clarify, amplify, and rovides EVIDENCE
  14. directory
    internet site more specific categpories for searcg
  15. search engine
    like trad. card catalogue. brows by keyword
  16. vertical search engine
    indexes info in specific area
  17. boolean search
    ties words together for search
  18. hyperlink
    link to site
  19. stacks
    collection of books in library
  20. call #
    how books are identified
  21. Library of Congress classification system
    most commonly used. call #'s
  22. card catalog
    info of books in library
  23. periodical
    pop magazine or professional journal
  24. peroidical index
    bibliographic data for magaines or ournal given a time peroiod
  25. full text database
    biblipgrapihc info + full text
  26. newspaper index
    biographical data for news articles over period of time
  27. reference resources
    encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs etc.
  28. government docs.
    materials published by gov.: speeches, pamphlets etc
  29. interlibrary loan
    availability between libraries
  30. ilustration
    anecdote, story that provodes example of an idea, issue, or problem
  31. hypothetical illustration
    example or story thsat hasnt actually occured
  32. description
    word picture
  33. explanation
    statement that makes clear how or why something is done
  34. definition
    what something means
  35. classification
    places term in general class and differentiates form other classes
  36. operational definition
    shows how a term works or what it does
  37. analogy
    comparison between two ideas, things or situations. similar/ dissimilar
  38. literal analogy
    comparison between 2 similar things
  39. figurative analogyy
    comparing 2 unlike things
  40. statistics
    # evidence
  41. compacting
    braking down a statistic & giving meaning
  42. expert testimony
    opinion of expert/ professional
  43. lay testimoniy
    by poeple
  44. literary quotation
  45. oral citation
    oral presentation say source, author and publication date
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